Battles of Aura: Chapter Three

September 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Dawn ran into her room and hung up her dress. She just couldn’t wait for the dance. She wondered if Paul would notice her. He was a boy with jet-black hair and amazing brown eyes. Dawn sighed dreamily and sat on her bed.

“Do you think he’ll notice me?” She asked her pet cat, Ginger. He was light orange with dark brown stripes. Ginger purred and jumped up onto her bed.

“Dawn! It’s time to go to bed!” Dawn’s mother yelled from down in the kitchen.

“Awww! Okay....” Dawn said. She started getting ready for bed.


“Ah, Richard.” Althar was sitting in his study as Richard slowly opened the door. “It’s time.” Richard nodded and a small smile formed on his face. He walked over to the telescope and took a peek in it. The girl was wearing some strange purple clothing with sheep all over it, and she seemed to be swishing some sort of stick in her mouth. Richard frowned and pulled away from the telescope.

“Stand over here Richard, and watch me.” Althar said. He stood up and wobbled a little bit. Richard was afraid that Althar wouldn’t make it. Althar slowly raised his wand and started chanting something under his breath. A small black, blue, and purple portal opened up in the ceiling.


Dawn was brushing her teeth, wondering what the dance would be like. Suddenly, she fell through the floor. She screamed. She was falling through space. Right past Mars, the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Suddenly, she landed on something very hard and she blacked out.


Richard gasped as the girl he had seen through the telescope fall splat onto the floor facedown.

“Althar, you’ve done it!” Richard said. “She’s here! But I think you knocked her out.” Althar sighed and sat back into his chair, exhausted.

“Get Aunt Goody to take her to the infirmary. I’m going to....take a little.....nap......” Althar closed his eyes and started snoring gently. Richard sighed and stared down at the girl. He gently rolled her over onto her back. Her eyes suddenly fluttered open. Richard jumped back in surprise. The girl jumped to her feet.


“Whoareyou??? WhereamI??? HowdidIgethere????” Dawn said, backing up against the wall. A handsome boy with flaming red hair and verdant green eyes was staring at her. He was wearing something that looked like it was out of a medieval festival or something.

“ name’s Richard......and you’re in the RI fort.......and Althar summoned you here....” The boy muttered.

“What’stheRI? Who’sAlthar? Whyhaveyousummonedme???” Dawn asked, pressing herself even more against the wall.

“The RI is the Resistance of Ignatius. Althar is that old man over there, and he’s summoned you because you can help us.” Richard said.

“Who’sIgnatius?? HowcanIhelpyou??? WhencanIcomebackhome??” Dawn asked.

“Ignatius is an evil tyrant who rules this country. You can help us because you have aura....and as to the last question.....I can’t really answer that.” Richard said. Dawn slowly unplastered herself from the wall.

“This is all a dream....” She said. “Richard, pinch me.”

“Umm...” Richard said.

“Just do it!” Dawn said. Richard pinched her on the arm, hard. “Ow!” she said, rubbing her arm. “So, you’re real?”

“What made you think I wasn’t?” Richard asked indignantly.

“Never mind.” Dawn said. “I’m Dawn.” She held out her hand towards Richard. Richard frowned at it and looked confused. Dawn laughed. “Well, where I’m from, you shake hands when you meet new people.”

“Oh.” Richard said and turned a bright pink. He took Dawn’s hand and shook it vigorously.

“Not....exactly like that.” Dawn laughed. “But close enough. So....what’s aura?”

“Aura is the ability to control elements of nature, like water, fire, and grass. People with aura are much stronger than regular people.” Richard said.

“What? Me?” Dawn asked. “I think you’ve got the wrong person. I’ve never controlled nature!”

“Well, let’s see. Do you recover from injuries faster than normal?” Richard asked.

“Well.....once I broke my arm and it healed in two weeks.” Dawn said.

“Okay. Has strange things ever happened to you when you’re out in a forest or something?” Richard asked.

“Once, a squirrel came up to me and climbed right onto my shoulder.” Dawn said.

“What’s a squirrel?” Richard asked.

“’s a small rodent with a big bushy tail....” Dawn said.

“Rodent?” Richard asked.

“Oh, never mind.” Dawn muttered.

“Do you have any allergies?” Richard asked.

“Nope.” Dawn said.

“Okay, well there you go. You’ve got aura.” Richard said.

“But....I don’t know how to use it.” Dawn said.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Richard said. “So, how about we introduce you to everyone?”

“Well, all right.” Dawn said. Richard opened the door. A whole bunch of people were standing in the doorway. Dawn’s eyes popped wide open.

“You’re the girl with the aura?” A tiny girl with blonde curls and sky-blue eyes pushed fast all the people and looked up at Dawn. “My name’s Alica. I’m sure we’ll be great friends!” Dawn smiled down at the girl.

“My name’s Dawn.” Dawn said.

“Ahhhh, you are the girl with the aura.” A man with slicked-back hair, menacing black eyes, and a thin moustache pushed past the crowds. Dawn
thought he looked very creepy.

“Um, hi.....” Dawn said.

“I am Viktor Laqueur, leader of the Resistance of Ignatius.” The man said. “Ignatius is the evil tyrant of this country. You can help us with your aura.” Dawn glanced at Richard quickly, then back to Viktor.

“What exactly to I have to do?” Dawn asked.

“You must fight!” Viktor said, his eerie black eyes gleaming.

“Um....fight?” Dawn asked. “I’ve never killed anything in my life.....well, besides mosquitoes, black flies....” She stopped listing when she saw amazed looks on their faces.

“Amazing!” A bunch of people muttered.

“Well, really, it’s no big deal.” Dawn laughed nervously. “They’re just bugs...”

“JUST bugs?” Alica said, eyes wide.

“We have a real warrior here!” A blonde man in his 20’s said. A hubbub started to rise in the tiny hallway.

“Quiet, everyone!” Viktor said. “This will continue in the main hollow.” He turned on his feet and everyone followed him except Richard and Dawn.

“What’s the big deal with killing mosquitoes and black flies?” Dawn asked Richard.

“They’re enormous! Very hard to kill too, with their exoskeletons and all that.” Richard said.

“They’re not enormous where I’m from.” Dawn said. “And all it takes is just to slap them against something hard.”

“What a strange place your world sounds like.” Richard said. “Tiny mosquitoes, no battle training, shaking hands when you meet someone?”

“Well, there is battle training but only when you’re going to war.” Dawn said.

“There will be a war soon, and you’ve been chosen to fight in it.” Richard said.

“Great.” Dawn said sarcastically. “Juuuust great.”

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