Battles of Aura: Chapter Two

September 10, 2010
By Anonymous

“Like, totally. That dress sooooo fits you.” A girl with blonde hair was looking at a girl with auburn hair pulled up in a ponytail and gray eyes.

“You really think so, Brittany?” The girl with brown hair said. She spun around.

“Yeah, you look, like, great in it! From the bottom of my heart. Paul will definitely notice you in it.” Brittany said.

“Great!” The girl said. “Okay, I’m buying it.”

“Great choice, Dawn.” Brittany said. “Now let’s get going. My dad’s probably waiting for us.”

“Okay. I just can’t wait for tomorrow! Finally, the 8th grade dance!” Dawn said. The two girls purchased their dresses and walked out of the store.


Richard felt a soft wind blowing on his forehead. He slowly opened his eyes. He had fallen asleep next to the telescope, and Moonbeam was breathing in his face. She whinnied happily and stretched her feathery white wings.

“Good morning, Moonbeam.” Richard said and stroked her neck. He took a peek through the telescope. The girl was in some sort of enclosure with another girl. They seemed to be moving, though at the same time they were sitting. Maybe they were in a carriage drawn by horses. They seemed excited for something.

“Earth must be an interesting place.” Richard said to Moonbeam. He pulled away from the telescope and opened the door.

“Hello there buddy.” Edmund, Richard’s best friend stood in the doorway. He had long blonde hair that was tied in a short ponytail and blue eyes. He was holding a bottle of beer in one hand and a sheathed dagger in another. He was in his early 20’s.

“Hi, Edmund.” Richard said.

“I heard Althar found somebody.” Edmund said, taking a drink from his bottle.

“Yeah. A girl, my age.” Richard said.

“So, you’ll finally have someone your own age to talk to, eh?” Edmund said. Richard shrugged.

“I guess it’ll be nice, but I can’t let anything distract her or me from our goal.” Richard said.

“Ah, good man.” Edmund said, clapping Richard on the shoulder. “You have great focus. Keeping the eye on the prize, that’s the key to victory. Speaking of the prize....” He took another drink from his bottle and gestured to Mary, a nineteen year old girl with long curly blonde hair and sky blue eyes. “See you later, bud.” Edmund said and ran off after Mary. Richard kept walking down the tunnel to the main hollow, where breakfast was served. It was called the main hollow because the whole hideout was made from an enormous hollow tree. The barracks and main hollow were near the base, while Althar’s study was up near the branches. It was a pretty nifty hideout. They’d been hiding there ever since Richard was three, and the evil king Ignatius still hadn’t found them yet.

“Ah, son. Good morning.” Richard’s father, Azzar, said, coming out of the barracks.

“Hi, Dad.” Richard said, looking up at his father with admiring eyes. Azzar had red hair, just like Richard’s, but unlike Richard, he had deep brown eyes.

“So, you’ve found someone with aura?” Azzar asked.

“Yup......” Richard sighed. He wondered how many people would ask him that question. “From the looks of it, they don’t use it where she comes from, though.”

“Where is she from?” Azzar asked.

“Some place called Earth.” Richard said.

“Never heard of it.” Azzar said.

“It’s supposed to be some other planet.” Richard said. They had approached the main hollow. The enormous room had one long table that had enough space for everyone. There were approximately 100 people living in the hollow tree, and together they all made the Resistance of Ignatius, or RI for short. They were building up their military for when they would lay a siege on the castle. They were all trained in combat, even little Alica, who was six, and the youngest in the RI. She looked like a younger version of Mary, although they weren’t related. She looked innocent, but she was great with her tiny dagger she called “Princess of Death”.

“Attention, everyone!” The leader of the RI, Viktor Laqueur, stood up and tapped his spoon against his glass. He struck an imposing figure with slicked-back black hair, imposing black eyes, and a thin mustache. The hubbub in the room quieted.

“Althar has found someone with aura. It is a girl, about thirteen years old. She will require training in the use of her aura, and most likely some battle training as well. Althar will try to bring her here after we are finished eating.” Viktor said. Althar stood up, and a round of polite applause ran through the room.

“Oh boy! Finally, someone with aura!” Alica said. She was sitting next to Richard, her beautiful blonde curls bouncing in her excitement. Her bright blue eyes shone. “I’ve always wanted a big sister too!”

“She won’t be your big sister.” Richard said, taking a bite of a pancake. “She might be like a big sister, though.”

“Of course, that’s what I meant.” Alica muttered.

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