The Tale of the Robots Part III

September 13, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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The Tale of the Robots Part III
Ethel and Daniel

Rule 165: A robot shall not fall in love.
128 years after Axel incident

Daniel walked around the luxurious palace in which he served at. His pale see through skin covered through his body as he blue robotic eyes scanned the long tan hallway that he stood in.
“Attention all robots” A voice said over the palace’s P.A. system, “Please report to the cleaning room for your daily oil bath.”
Nodding to no one, Daniel walked down the hallway. Passing by a room filled with very fat and ugly women, he paused to glance inside. The stale smell of spoiled food and beer filled the room as all the women burst into laughter. Staring straight at a hologram television show, all five ladies watched as a very fit man ran across the room.
“He is so hot!” One woman gasped.
“What’s hot?” Another asked.
“It’s what happening inside of my socks right now.” The lady responded.
Walking away, Daniel remembered what his master, Gary, told him a long time ago.
“Girls and women are stupid, Daniel” He had said, “You’re lucky, you don’t fall in love.”
It was then that Daniel first threw away the laws of robotics and thought: What is love? Pondering in thought, he walked to the cleaning room. Entering the room, he watched as the other robots calmly took their baths. Suddenly, his eyes caught hold on one particular robot. Her skin was light purple and she had eyes that looked like a waterfall in the far countryside. It was Ethel. Her radiant beauty was exempted outward as Daniel walked over to the tub of oil next to hers.
“Greetings, Ethel.” Daniel said.
“Greetings?” Ethel asked, “Greetings?”
Smiling, Daniel knew that she had not learned the truth of knowledge as he had.
“Girls are stupid.” Gary’s voice said over and over again.
“How are you?” Daniel asked.
“You? Me?”
Suddenly, Daniel stood up and walked out of the cleaning room (by his own will). For it was those two words, that had touched his robotic data mainframe so hard that he couldn’t do anything, but think about it.
“You, me.”
Accessing his installed dictionary, he looked up the word love.

LOVE: A profoundly tender, passion towards someone or thing.

“Something.” Daniel said out loud.
Suddenly, as if by magic, he knew that love between robots could be possible. Skipping down the hall, he was surely the happiest robot alive.
For days, he watched and admired Ethel whenever he could; he would steal old copies of data sticks with love poems on them, take Ethel into a garden, and read them to her. Although she never what the jumbling mess of words meant, she often found it sweet to look upon Daniel. Then one day, Daniel grabbed Ethel by the shoulders and lifted her up to her feet.
“Ethel” He said, tenderly, “I have seen the truth and now I know that you and I were meant for each other, we can love.”
Leaning forward, he brought his lips to hers. They met for only a second before a bright light flashed through the air. The light pierced Daniel’s body like a butter knife going through butter. Letting go of Ethel, Daniel brought his eyes to the sky and gasped. Then, he fell to the ground as his body combusted and fell into nothing but ashes. After the exciting event, Ethel looked around and wondered why she wasn’t working. Going back into the palace, she didn’t see her comrades, Bill and Lisa. Watching Ethel, the two looked at each other. At that moment, a single question arose between the two. Turning around they asked each other:
“What is love?”

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