City - Chapter 1

September 8, 2010
By Mykul191 BRONZE, Rome, Georgia
Mykul191 BRONZE, Rome, Georgia
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How come it takes a box of matches to start a campfire, but only one match to start a wildfire?

What if there was a place... A place where everything was perfect. There were no hot or cold days, just perfect temperatures. No more need to learn, just robots. No dangers to worry about. But what if in an effort to make this utopia better, people try to eliminate YOU? What if YOU were the only reason this "utopia" wasn't possible until you were gone? No one to trust. No one will help you. No place to go.
It was a morose day in City. The mayor decided to remove the "Sun" from "Sun City" so there was no reason for someone to get jealous; thus would ruin some of the utopia in City. It was a normal day for Theodore, also called Theo, who was getting ready for the mayor's speech. There was a speech every Friday evening at 5, but it was optional to go. Everyone went, though, so they could get more info about the plans to make City a better place. There was freedom of speech, but no one usually spoke out because there were no words taught to them that could criticize. Throughout the generations, parents would teach their kids about all the good things, and keep them out of public schools so they wouldn't learn otherwise. Slowly, the public schools ran out of money, and closed down. The building remains, with everything still inside it. No one had the time or money to take out everything. No one ever visits it. It's supposedly "haunted" by the principal that got killed in a car wreck that happened right in front of the school. Theo rarely thinks about it, but he wishes to someday explore the 2-story building.

Theo sat down in the front row 10 minutes before the meeting started. The meeting started on time, as usual, and everyone was on time, as usual. Everyone had the same clothing on: Black t-shirt and shorts. Even the elderly were wearing that. No one ever thought of wearing that, but their minds were controlled to never think about differences. All except Theo. Theo was the only person to ever think about these things, and more. You see, you're not really born from a mother. You're actually born from a test-tube. Somehow, they messed up on making him, and he had all the normal thoughts of a regular human being. For only he knew this. If anyone found out, their automatic response would be to tell everyone, and make sure he was “deconfigured.” No one actually knew what this meant, though.

The meeting went on for a couple of hours. Theo almost fell asleep, but that's not what the “normal” person would do. The “normal” person would sit up wide awake, with their arms on their sides, and grinning. The mayor talked about how much his community has grown. He did say “his” a lot, but no one noticed. Not even Theo. For years, the mayor had a way with words. He's 132 years old, and has been drinking certain chemicals to keep him alive and looking young. The mayor always had a way with words. His dad was the first one to try and make City and utopia, and he succeeded. Before his dad was mayor, everything was normal. No test-tube babies, no controlled brains, and no true, pure happiness. Happiness was also controlled at birth. Theo always thought about this. Nonstop. All day, and all night. Forever.

The meeting had finally ended! Theo was free! But, his parents walked home without him, thinking he needed the air. So, Theo took the short route, which passed by the abandoned school. He remembered how every year a couple of kids went missing and found torn apart in the woods. He also remembered when his parents taught him at home. “Normal” people just need to learn a life's goal. To be a test-tube scientist was most kid's goal. The community had over 1,000 citizens, and about 300 deaths and “births” are made everyday. 1% of those deaths were usually deconfigures. Everything Theo thought about the school was wrong. He thought it was all about learning. But, in fact, it wasn't. That “basement” still smelled like a lab. One of those deconfigure labs... But why in a school? Did this have anything to do with the missing kids? Only he remembered this, though, because everyone else's memory of that was erased. Except of the mayor and the employees at the Central Office. He remember hearing them talking about it a few days ago. It was like, they knew every detail on the bodies. He got spooked at just thinking about the mere fact of him getting torn apart. But he also thought about how no one felt pain. No emotions. None at all. Sometimes, it just doesn't seem like it's worth living to Theo. He asks himself that question every night. Is it worth living?

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Chapter 1 of City the book.

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