Black Rose

September 8, 2010
By Kitara BRONZE, Moerewa, Other
Kitara BRONZE, Moerewa, Other
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It had all began.

The city of Raiyn had been plunged into a record breaking thunderstorm, blasting the buildings with gale forced winds and uprooting trees like little play toys then throwing these almost two hundred year old over hundred s of meters to nearly the opposite side of town. The inhabitants of Raiyn were huddling in there homes, praying that there lives wouldn’t be taken by Isahn, the god of death.

But the Elders knew different. As they created the magical altar where they would receive this child, they knew what this child is. This child was to be the newest Abarox, a protector of the human race against the impending invasion. Foretold many centauries by the Oracle of Helidros; this child would receive the eyes of the Angel Michael, the voice of Gabriel, the wisdom of Uriel and the nature of Raphael. The overhead lights flickered and threatened to blow themselves out, and knowing that they were locked in, they knew that the beings were beginning to descend.

“Mathias, get my husband.” The Queen panted. The Elder nodded and completed his task. Entering the last pain riddled contraction; the Queen heard the first scream of her child. At this moment her husband entered the room, his violet robe billowing as he moved. The scene was truly disturbing. His wife, the beauty she was, was drenched with blood and sweat. He touched her blond hair, which was sticky with sweat. This pregnancy wasn’t the easiest one, for she wasn’t just burdened with a child. But also with an ancient prophecy. He slipped his assuring hand into hers and kissed his wife. Mathias began the blessing ceremony with the child. It wasn’t fully awake yet. He placed the infant onto the pillow surrounded by burning candles, each black and white. The baby whined as it felt the hands disappear. At this moment, they were plunged into darkness; the only illumination was the thin slivers of orange flames that were from the candles and the infants eyes, which burned an eerie violet. The mortals heard a dizzying high pitched scream and they noticed it was the infant had begun to whine, almost at the same pitch as the original scream. Lightening bolts hit the building and the king ran over to his child only to find a hand grasp his arm tightly. He looked back at his wife shook her head.

“What are you doing Jordania?”

“Our child is safe.” The Queen murmured. Again lightening bolds pounded at the tiled roof. One after the other they penetrated the ceiling until a hole opened up to the stormy skies. The King was frozen when three figures appeared around the child, replacing the Elders. They had begun to reply to the child’s scream, and the child was content just to lie there. Another figure approached the pair of parents and materialized as a man. He was tall, athletically built and wearing a business suit. He smiled and kneeled in the front of the Queen.

This child you have given birth to is the one we have waited for. The being said. He looked up at the woman, his eyes the same as the infants, the exotic violet. His mouth had not moved while he had been in the presence of the woman, but she had been able to understand what he was saying. We are grateful for your contribution Jordania…

“To be truthful, it was all my pleasure.” Jordania replied. The being smiled. The woman laid back down, almost at ease. “Now I have done my end of the bargain Michael, you shall do yours.”
Of course…The man stood back up and faced her. He retrieved a vial of smoke and gave it to the woman, who proceeded to inhale whatever the smoke was. The King didn’t know what was happening and when the woman inhaled the smoke, she laid back down onto her pillow and closed her eyes. The life machine began to crash and the nurses rushed over to her side. They pushed him out of their way to try and resuscitate her. But it was no use; the King knew she was dead. Was that her wish? To die? Did he not love her enough to make her love him? Was he that bad? The being turned to the widower and touched his shoulder.

Do not speak such sad things…He said to the King. Jordania was the purest soul I have had the pleasure to ever meet. She loved you Stefano. It just wasn’t her time…

The other being took the child in the safety of his arms and began to walk to the King. It was a woman this time, her long red hair tied into a precise ponytail. She handed the child to its father and smiled.

Take care of this child Stefano. It is needed in the future…

The author's comments:
This is a prologue.

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