The Tale of the Robots Part II Jack

September 8, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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The Tale of the Robots Part II

56 years after the Axel incident

The tapping on Edward’s fingers on the table made Jack wince. With every single tapping, he felt his blood beginning to boil with anticipation.
“Violation of code number 65” He told himself, “Do not get angry with a human.”
The 65 laws of robots, he knew them all and he knew them all well. The first 64 clearly state that a robot cannot harm, attempt to harm, or try to steal from a human; but if another human is attacking another human, than the robot can defend the victim (without killing the attacker). Rule number 65 was a new one that was added two years ago it states: A robot shall not get angry with a human. So he’ll have to deal with the tapping.
“Jack!” Edward shouted, “Go and fetch me some water!”
“Yes sir!” Jack responded in a high pitched voice.
Smiling at his owner, the robot walked over to the tiny spigot on the side of the room’s wall and turned it on. Instantly water began to flood into a tiny cup that Jack had picked up from a pile of cups on the side of the spigot. Bringing the water back to his owner, Jack heard the tapping again. TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! His hands began to tense up as he approached his owner. The tapping continued even though Edward had stopped.
“Thank you, Jack.” Edward said.
Nodding at his owner, Jack looked around.
“You may go, Jack” Edward said.
Walking out of the room, Jack looked out the large window to his left. The blood red Martian landscape surrounded the house with mountains far as the eye could see. Jack looked around and smiled softly. Suddenly, the tapping erupted inside his head. Every stroke was more powerful than the last. Grabbing at his head, Jack felt his circuits beginning to rip and tear.
“Jack. Jack, Jack” Edward seemed to call.
“Stop it.” Jack whispered, “stop it.”
“Jack!” Edward called.
“Leave me alone!” Jack called.
Silence. Looking around, Jack felt himself beginning to malfunction.
“I must tell Edward.” He said out loud.
Running back into his master’s room, Jack began to look around.
“Edward” He called.
Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, Jack saw a figure. Quickly turning, he saw the lifeless figure of his owner, Edward. In the boy’s cold hands, he held a cup. Running over, Jack looked around. Tilting back the boy’s head, Jack saw that the boy was passed out. Laughing, he patted the boy’s arm.
“You are clever, Edward.” Jack spoke.
Suddenly, he heard an electronic hum. Looking up, he saw a hole appear in the roof.
“You have violated code number 66” A machine spoke, “you shall be replaced.”
When Edward woke up, he was surprised to see a list of rules that he had to go over with Jack in his hands.
“I’m sure I told him all 66” The boy said, “I’m sure I did.”

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