Love Is Survival

September 7, 2010
By NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
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I wake up something tells me that he's awake. And wants to be fed. I pull the covers off me and sleepily roll outta my small bed and land on the hardwood floor. Its cold beneath my feet and I'm nervous. This is my third day taking care of him. I take a deep breath outside his door and clasp my hand over the chilled door handle turning it right, opening the door to a dark room. I take a step in and reach for the light-switch but immediately withdrawal. I walk slowly towards the crib and look at the beautiful baby boy looking back at me. In these three days he hasn't cried at all. I realize that he's different from most children, but it still seems weird to me. He's about 6 months old in my guess. I reach down and pick him up and cradle him against me. I now see his gorgeous purple eyes. "Are you hungry, Xavier?" I ask the child. Xavier is the name I decided to call him but I have called him Luke, and zero, too. I walk out of his bedroom and into mine sitting on my bed and pulling my feet over still cradling him to my chest. I kiss his forehead and lay him beside me and give him my wrist as memories flood through me. I feel his hands clasp my wrist and pull it to his mouth. I feel a sharp pain but than it goes numb and I start to feel dizzy and disoriented. I close my eyes and think back until I found him on the forest ground all covered in blood and a dead wolf beside him. I sighed and I feel my heart pound. I open my eyes and roll over to look at the child as his eyes steadily focus on me. Such a child, I think in my head and he releases my wrist and I pull the covers over him and his hand curls around my finger and my wound on my wrist instantly heals as his eyes close. "thank you." I whisper and stare at the child. He's only six months old and I fear him. I scoot my body over to him and hold him in my arms as I drift to sleep. Yet I feel an odd connection to him. I close my eyes and drift to sleep.
I awake and open my eyes to see a one year old beside me. I take a deep breath. He's dubled his age again. I sigh and pick him up and take him into the living room where I set him down on the douch and walk into the kitchen. I grab myself a water bottle and a binky for Luke. I shakingly walk back into the living room and set the binky down beside Luke and sit down beside him. I watch as he grabs the binky and puts it into his mouth. I smile and it goes away as soon as the binky hits the floor. I sigh and pick up Luke and put him in my lap. "What to old for a binky?" I ask and Luke smiles. I roll my eyes and smile back. He;s just so adorable. I rub his jet black hair and kiss him. "I love you so much my little Luke." I laugh and smile once his smile appears. I glide his body and press his lips to my neck. Again I feel his fangs entering my flesh and drinking from my blood flow. I wince but once again his saliva numbs it and in one lick I am in bliss, but disoriented. I sway to the side but regain balance and hug him tightly to my body. "Sia." I hear Luke say and my eyes widen as I hear his charming voice in my ear again. "Luke?!" I gasp and from the corner of my eye look at him but only see his jet black hair. Its longer. I clench my jaw and as my wound heals from his touch and he pulls away and stares into my eyes and his purple eyes bore into mine. And I hold the two year old in my hands. "You aged, again." I whisper takeing in his now to tight nightie. Luke nod's like he understands me. I shake my head and set him down. "focus...focus..." I telll myself as my body sways to side to side. He's not normal, I know, but this is all to sudden. I wince as I feel his cold palm press against my hand. "Sia." He whispers again and is intstantly four. I gasp and my body jolts with shock and I take a few steps back and press my back to the wall as Luke takes off his nighty and carefully ties it around his waist covering himself up while he takes off his diaper and throws it away. He walks back to me and takes my hand. "Sia?" He asks questioningly. I take a deep breath and his touch calms me down. "Yes, Luke?" I ask kneeling down and pulling his hair behind his ear. "I'm hungry." He states and my heart skips a beat. "Oh, yeah." I say totallly caught off guard. Luke's eyes trail down my face and to my neck and he steps closer to me and tilts his head side ways. I close my eyes. "Yes, Luke, Go ahead." I try not to feel Luke's insattionably soft press on my face and his kiss on my neck so sweet before the sharp pain. I try not to feel any of this. Somewhere in my mind I think I will just wake up. But I know it's not a dream. I know I won't wake up, just as clearly as I know me and Luke will always share a bond.

The author's comments:
Luke/Xavior/Zero is a Vampire, yes. I just cannot get myself un-hooked on these blood-sucking creatures. I will try to write something else, in the future. So until then, enjoy! And never pick up a baby who is in the forest... BAD THINGS MAY HAPPEN ;)

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