The Love Song Prophecy: Danger, Blood and M+Ms 3

September 6, 2010
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I shivered; afraid of how hard it is to hate this perfect animal, “You. You’re the Annacaa.”
The Annacaa agrees with me, “Yes, although the tiny one’s codename for me was the messenger. It a sublime feeling for my name to match the perfection of my being again.”
I shake my head, “You would be perfect if you had a heart.”
It cocked its head, “I care about you Elaine. I care about the earth. Even these three far from perfect children will be remade.”
“So they’re dead?”
“No. Four lives are in your hands.”
I sigh relief before curiosity burns through me, “Four lives?”
The closet door flopped open, and I saw Jamais, bloody and broken. He stirred. I almost wished he hadn’t because he –his ugly blotchy body-disgusted me.
His voice crackled, “The thing is not strong enough to remake the planet. His plan is to-
He paused to vomit up blood
The Annacaa growled, and the way that scared me, well-Dr. Cazi has her work cut out for her, “Get on with it, lazy. You’re wasting her time”
“No, let him puke,” I said, “The man looks like he needs it.”
Jamais hung loosely for a second, and then his red lips began moving again, “He wants to go back in time and change our world. Enslave us all, we can’t let him.”
“And yet, “replied the Annacaa cryptically
“What is this all about?”
It explained, “Your love song would kill me, Elaine. The world could not manage without my perfection.”
I know I was an idiot for saying this, but I had to know, “Why not kill me?”
The Annacaa grimaced, “I would love to, but you are protected by something I cannot penetrate. So I must make you a deal.”
“Don’t make a deal,” cried Jamais.
The creature ignored him, “I don’t suppose you would agree to become a mute, ,leave your friend dead, and join me to help rule the earth?”
It chuckled, “So quick to decide your future? Alright then, two other choices: You to mute yourself, and you, your friends, and Jamais join me to help me rule the earth. The other choice, of course, is you are muted, your friends die, and the world survives.”
“My family?”
“They will die whatever you choose.”
This is when I start, sobbing, screaming and sniffling, “This is horrible.”
The Annacaa growled again, “Choose.”
“The second option.”
The Annacaa strode over to Charlton, and laid a paw on his back. Charlton awoke.
“What did she pick?” the boy asked.
“The transfer,” said the Annacaa, “You will have to sacrifice yourself.”
“My duty,” he said, but he was trembling. He turned to me, “I am going to use my life force to mute you. The protections will swallow it up, but you won’t be able to sing.”
I look to the Annacaa, “What will it take to save Charlton too?”
The creature shrugged, “You would have to commit suicide.”
I nodded, seeing the fear in the boy’s eyes, and I look at my hands. I won’t have much of a life in the future anyway, having his death and the enslavement of mankind and Carlton’s death on them. But the boy’s future…
I nodded, “Then I will die for him.”
Charlton’s eyes widen. He looks at me, then the Annacaa, and the next thing I know the arrogant beast has been slaughtered.
I look up at the boy, and he shrugs, “The Annacaa once told Jamais that the master has almost unlimited power. I am the master.”
I blink.
“Your family will live,” Charlton says, “And your friends will wake up soon.”
And then he was gone. Soon didn’t come as soon as I hoped, so I had some time to think. I didn’t know why Charlton gave up his vision for me. I don’t know why I gave up my life for him, either.
As I took down Jamais’s injured but alive body from the closet (He was hung on a huge coat hook) I figure out what the love song that killed the Annacaa was.
When I’d said
“Then I will die for him.”
That was the end of the monster’s life.
That was love I guessed.
But I’m not thinking of that when Nagan wakes up and I tell him what happened. He grimaces at the end.
“Does that mean you and Charlton are…
He trails off because his lips are now slammed against mine. What was it like?
I don’t kiss and tell…much.
But I can tell you about how I shook my head when I finally pulled free, “With a hottie like you for competition? Not a chance.”

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thepreechyteenager said...
Sept. 17, 2010 at 3:04 pm

Ok, overall, good.  I liked the very, very ending a lot, but before that it was very, very confusing to me.

When you said, "As I took down Jamais’s injured but alive body from the closet (He was hung on a huge coat hook) I figure out what the love song that killed the Annacaa was."  I got super confused/suprised.  When you said she 'figured out what the love song that killed the Annacaa was' you made it sound like the Annacaa was already dead, because you used th... (more »)

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