Fallen: Risen (3/3)

September 4, 2010
By Maniacwriter SILVER, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Maniacwriter SILVER, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"it is the way you treat the ones you have never met that define who you are as a person"

Gwen and Logan have been thru a lot together. One day life was great
and the next it was all taken away from them. A human had nabbed them
both and overnight they ware one of the fallen.
Logan had a brave plan to free them and now all of the fallen they
had taken with them were going to find the crucial items they needed
to rise again.

Logan cusulted the map that the wizard had given him. Acording to it
they needed to go and find some unicorn tail hairs.
Gwen knew right where to find them. In the forest where her home
was unicorns romped around and had fun. In the frenzied playing they
would get some tail hairs caught on a branch.
That part or the quest went by extreamly fast. The journey from
where they were to Gwen's house took less that two hours and the only
trickey part was finding enough unicorn hairs for the whole group.
It was dusk before they had the specified amount of hair for the
magical transformation.so they decided to set up camp there in the
woods. A fire started to crackle in minutes and some of the other
fallen had found some berries and nuts to roast. Sleep drifted over
the party and nothing but blackness was seen by anyone. Early in the
morning Gwen woke up with Logan's arm snaked around her. She shook him
awake and told him to get everybody else up so they could keep going.
After a hasty breakfast and, a fast clumsy camp break down, they
were ready to start out again. The next item on the list was a weird
one it was skin from a goblins head.
"where on Earth are we going to find that?" asked Gwen increadulosly.
"I'm not sure",Logan admited reluctantly
"I do", interjected a small and rather the uglyest fallen creature
"Then I beleive it is the time to let you lead us on our way",
Logan said.
Well you will have to stick in a big group because some of the
things that live in the mountains go after stargelers", the fallen
"Oh well that's good news we are all going to die in a forest with
no one to remember us or even care that we died", shouted Gwen
"Calm down please", begged Logan then he had an idea to make her
stop her ranting. He drew her in close and Gwen's heart began to
hammer just as loudly as Logan's was. Then he kissed her. She came
away giggly but quiet. "Lead the way", squeeked Logan in a small voice.
The party of ugly little creatures processed North followig the
smallest creature that was leading them towards wherever the goblin's
At dusk a new camp was set up and now that the party was ready for
camp life they all knew their roles in the camp. A small party went
out for food one for water and one for wood while the other set up the
camp that they would sleep in.
The dinner they had was great it as nuts and berries like the first
night but today the hunting was good. A deer the group had found was
so good the smells made all of their mouths water. Right after the
meal everyone had to crawl to where they were to sleep and instantly
passed out due to their full stomachs.
The next morning they were up nice and early eager to set off
again. The Fallen that was to lead them said to get close togethebas
they were approaching the forest where the goblins (and other
creatures) lived.
The forest itself seemed to suck and extinguish all the light in
the world. The trees were extreamly old and gnarled.
In they ventured and their was light! It seemed that the outside
was a deception to pitch black. However, inside was an eerie green
shade caused by the forest canopy. It as a dime light like that of
twilight but still it was light.
They spotted their first goblin during the first twenty minutes
they were in the forest. They (from the perspective of the Fallen)
were hideous. Little bald heads with sores on top leaking puss. Brown
leathery skin sagged of their arms and legs and their faces were the
scariest of all. They had little black eyes that had something crusty
caked in the corners of them. The nose was two snake like slits in the
middle of their face and their lips were dried and blistered.
The big party split up into smaller ones each with instructions to
go get some skin from the top of any goblins head.
The group that Gwen and Logan were in went to intercept the one
they first saw. Some of the stronger Fallen pined the squirming goblin
to the ground while Logan scraped some of the skin off his head which
fell away in small crusty chunks.
Once they had their bit of skin they went to find and give
asistance to another group. Soon all the groups were together in a big
group again. They were starting to head out when they all heard a
barbaric roar. A colosal bug with large pincers came lumbering out of
some trees just to the left of them.
Gwen hit the ground like a ton of bricks out cold.
"What do we do now?" Logan asked the Fallen who had brought them here
"Grab her and RUN" came the startled reply as he pointed to Gwen.
The whole group ran as fast as their legs would carry them. Out of
that cursed forest the burst panting and gulping down fresh air. Logan
had bad news to report to the party.
"One of the group is missing", said Logan darkly
"No he isn't"said a grim voice from the edge of the forest.
A small Fallen creature emerged from the forest toting the body of
their friend. The thing they were running away from had hit him from
behind and the claw struck one of his lungs it was over in seconds.
They burried the body in a meadow that was a short distance away.
After they stayed in the meadow for the night as was a customary sign
of mourning.
"We must not let this set us back. I know we will miss our dear
friend but he would have wanted us to go on."
"how do you know he would have wanted us to go on?" questioned a
snide voice from the croud
"If you were killed wouldn't you want us to go on", Logan retorted
"Yes" came the dejected reply.
"Very well then we have one more item on our list and I know where
to get it. Follow me", commanded Logan
"Like we have muc choice", said Gwen playfully. Logan cracked a
smile as the walked on.
The last item on the list was a little fairy dust. Logan had found
a meadow one day while goofing around with Gwen. Hundreds of fairy's
flitted around the flowers in the meadow making them grow big and
Over time they had taken to flirting with Logan when he turned up
in the clearing much to Gwens displeasure. Logan played along and
reasured Gwen that they were just bored and needed someone to talk to.
Still Gwen really didn't want to go back there. She just knew the
fairy's would jeer at her. However, since they adored Logan may be he
can stop them from teasing her.
The meadow was just and hours trek away from the cursed wood and ,
after stoping for a midday meal, reached the meadow safely and
The fairy's were flitting around their usual bussiness and when
they saw Logan, even in his fallen state, they flocked around him and
started tittering all the while glaring and laughing at Gwen. As she
had hoped Logan quickly made them stop he asked the favor of them and
they vigorously agreed to give him some fairy dust.
In a matter of minutes Logan had two bags full of the glittering
dust thanking he fairy's they all hurried out of the meadow and in a
full out sprint ran back to the wizards cabin.
"Ah I was begining to think you had abandoned the cause" said the
wizard cheerfully "I presume everybody had a safe trip.
"Unfortunatly no" said Gwen "Ome didn't make it out of the woods he
was killed at the edge of the forest"
A silence fell over the croud as they remembered their fallen
comrad. Then the wizard shattered the silence with a loud clap. Then
rubbing his hands together he said in a pomous voice "Well I best not
be keeping you waiting let's have the ingredients and I will get to
concocting your remody"
It took a lot longer than anyone had expected to get the mixture
ready. Once it was done the tall wizard took a dropper and one by one
he put a single drop into the mouths of the waiting Fallen.
Brigt Flashes of light accompanied each transformation.
They began to take on their former looks and shapes. A roar went up
from the mob of now risen Fallen.
Gwen ran to Logan and hugged him around the neck tightly.
"We did it!" she shouted
"Yes we did", Logan said back
They all returned home with shouts of jubilation from their family
and freinds as hey were welcomed back in. All was well and nothing in
the world could change it.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my love of fantasy. I have always enjoyed writing fantasy. To me it is magical when you turn a dead peice of paper into something alive.

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