Family SUCKS

August 26, 2010
By NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
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The more you wait, the more it sucks.

I stalk this road. I've always hunted on this road. This road where my enemy changed me into a monster, this road where I killed my first kill, this road. I look around my eyes searching for a human a human that I can easily kill... I spot a man around 20 i suppose and I walk to him. I brush his shoulder in the passing making him stop and say "oh, sorry...excuse me." He turns to face me and right before he screams I slice a deep gash into his neck with my fingernail. Humans know vampires exist. He knew I was one. Humans think they exist, don't know for a fact. And those one's who refuse to believe in us, they scream the loudest. The man falls to his knees but I pick him back up effortlessly put him on my shoulder and I'm gone in a flash. In my living room I set him down and examine the cut. He's not dead, I muse to myself. Just passed out. I sigh and walk to the kitchen. I grab a knife and through it behind me barely looking as it hits his head and pierces straight through to the other side. Blood leaks down like a faucet. I wash my hands in the sink and walk back into my living room with a damp towel. I start to clean the blood off of him when my doorbell rings. I sigh and look behind me, sure enough jewel stands there inspecting me with a casual expression. "May i help you?" I ask standing up straight. She strolls past me to the edge of the sofa where the mans lifeless head hangs down like a leaf of a tree that's about to fall to the ground. SHe places his head in between her palms and tilts him upwards to make him face me. His expression is still of the look of shock and horror. She looks at me as she takes her finger now dripping blood from touching the mans head and puts it in his mouth. She moves his jaw as she speaks so its looking like he's talking to me. "Why'd you kill me, Nikki? Oh, why?!" She says in a low horrified voice as she stares at me. I shrug and squint at her. "Very funny." I say and I walk to the man and pick him up and taking him away from her and setting him on my other sofa. "Knock it off, Jewel." I command. I hear her sigh. I turn to face her. "So, why are you here?" I ask and cross my arms. SHe shrugs and walks to me and stands in front of me mimicking my action and crosses her arms. "Just wanted to drop by and say hi." She lies. I glare at her. "Hi. Now leave." I say pointing to the door. She laughs and lowers my hand down. "Not quite." She remarks. I sigh and shift my weight to my left foot. "Then, what is your true purpose of being inside my house?" I ask letting hatred slip into my voice and coating my words. "To see my baby sister, of course. I was just checking in and-" I interrupt her, "Don't call me your baby sister. We both know that I am older than you." I correct. "Yes, it would seem that way. But I am so more powerful, brighter, and quicker than you." She replys twirling her blond hair. I glare at her. "Moving on..." She whispers picking up a glass from my coffee table and sipping it slowly, "I have come here to take you to father. You have been naughty." She says with a wink. My whole body freezes and my heart slams against my chest as I become numb from my feet to my head. I open my mouth to say no but I choke on the words and close my eyes as my head shakes and my breath becomes short as I feel my body tilting backwards as and I let my body collapse to the floor. Oh god, was my last thought before I fainted. Over dramatic? If you think this. You haven't heard of my dad, lucifer, devil, the big red guy. The real deal.

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