August 31, 2010
By PrimaryColors SILVER, Tacoma, Washington
PrimaryColors SILVER, Tacoma, Washington
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Sam picked up a piece of paper that read, “2300 New York News.” He ran his finger along the sheet, the paper reacted and all the words moved up, he started reading the new ads. We both were walking along one of the many back alleys of New York. Trash was all over the place. On one of the sides of a trash can I saw a wrecked droid. He had his hand on a battery, one of his eyes was popped out and he was missing the back of his head. He must have been raided for his parts so they can be sold. We made it to a busy street when I looked over at what Sam was reading, “Auto enhancements at half price, never go without a limb again. “This city is full of s**t.” He said as he lifted his arm up to show a metallic hand. He crumpled the paper and tossed it. “It’s better than not having one.” I replied. “That’s not what I was talking about.” I looked at him. He sighed. “What do you see when you look around?” He asked. I looked around. “I see cars, people, droids, trash and buildings.” I replied. “And?” He asked. “And what?” He started pointing in all directions. “Advertisements! You see them all over the city, advertisements, ads, public notice of sale, product promotion, visual vending and marketing, broadcasted commercialization, instantaneous transactions between consumer and provider, selling, trading and purchasing. You can’t walk a step away from your house with out being bombarded with clearance declarations and the promise of a lifetime guarantee.” He paused. “The pigs at the top want to make us feel like we can be more human if we consume the s**t they feed us, like we can better our lives with what ever product that is (next generation).” Just as he finished saying this a large metallic bug flew over from no ware and between its antennas the words “Invest in Girocon’s commercialization manufacturing and distribution” appeared. After the words ended there was a beep in the speaker the bug was carrying and a voice began to speak. “Would you like to make a difference in the commercialization industry?” The man on the speaker asked. “No.” Sam replied. “Are you sure, Girocon is the leading product distributor in the country. Statistics show an increase of seventy percent in stocks over the last four weeks. Investing in Girocon and your investing in the future.” The bug finished. “Is that so?” Sam said sarcastically, but the bug didn't show signs of catching it. “Yes,” the bug continued. “Should you invest now there is an eighty percent chance that stock will increase another fifty percent in the next week.” The bug said as-a-matter-o-factly. “Do you want to know what I think?” Sam said to the metallic bug. “I think it is sad that emotionless machines are being used to advertise the products that are killing the lower life of this city. The pigs themselves shy away from doing it, they can’t handle looking a child in the eye and selling him the candy made from a room full of other children. They use you as a surrogate voodoo doll that can take all the pain this city endures.” There was a moment of silence. The bug grew still, its silver wings moving rapidly and silently as if it was thinking. Then the bug tilted its head. In its eye I swear to you it looked like there was a glimmer of understanding, something that wasn't programed was showing through, it took off silently and disappeared into the darkness. I looked at Sam astonished. “I feel sorry for that thing,” He whispered, “He is about to wake from a terrible dream, only to find out he lives in one.” he turned to me. “I've just begun my magnum opus. Only you will realize the revolution of of this city as it begins to tear itself apart in a desperate attempt to correct itself.” With that he jumped in front of an incoming truck.

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