Fallen: Breakout (2/3)

August 10, 2010
By Maniacwriter SILVER, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Maniacwriter SILVER, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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Logan and Gwen have been friends for a long time and now after the worst day of their lives they have fallen. Together they must work to find a wizard who is rumored to know how to revive fallen fairy's. With Logan's brains and Gwen's endurance (but somewhat weak will). Will they be able to re-rise to fairyhood?
"Where do we start looking?" asked Gwen looking at her copanion.
"I'm not sure" pondered Logan "But first things first we have to escape the fairy guards who oversee the gate out"
"You know just about everything about this place!" exclaimed Gwen.
"I take pride in that", boasted Logan puffing out his chest.
Gwen laughed as they started to walk towards the gate. As they approached the heavy wooden door Gwen started to get an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach.
She was looming at the armed guards atop the wall with many creel looking weapons. One of them saw her and started laughing histericaly. Gwen felt anger well up inside of her she started to run at the guard who had hurt her mentally. Two fairy's fluttered down and kept he at bay with their crewl spears.
They both retreated into the dark abyss of the forest. What were they goig to do now? The only way out was blocked by guards who would not hesitate to kill to keep the hideous creatures locked up in their prison.
"What do we do now?" inquired Gwen with her Face hurried in her hands.
"Don't worry I have another plan that little test was just to see how strong the guards were", said Logan patting Gwen on the back tenderly trying in vain to comfort her.
"They are very strong, to strong. How are we going to get out with them at the gate", said Gwen now starting to cry.
"Like I said I have a plan", Logan asserted.
They spent the next days preaching to all the other fallen fairy's to unite together to overcome those who have imprisoned them. Together they shouldbhave the power to break out other cursed prison walls. Many agreed with their position and decided to help with the prison breakout if Gwen and Logan agreed to take them to the one who can change them back to their original form.
A suprisingly large group of fallen fairy's agreed to help them. The risk usually would scare a lot of people off. Now they had a strike force.
It was the day before they were to attempt their break out. All of the fallen that had agreed to help were gathered to hear the plan.
"We must do this with precisin it is the only way we will be successful", said Logan in his most regal important voice "I have split you up into three groups. Group one will march right down the path torward the gate your purpose will be to draw the guards away from the wall. Group two you will come out of the trees on the right side of the gate once the guards have been lured out of their hiding places. Finally group three will be in the trees on the left side of the gate. Your main purpose is only to provide support if fighting breaks out. You will however have to help bind the guards up if need arises. But like I said your main role is backup."
The group disbanded muttering excitedly about the major rebellion they were about to stage.
"We better get some rest", said Gwen "We have a big day tomorrow"
"Yea I want to be fully alert when we start to fight our way out", Logan replied
"Do you really think that we will have to use force as a way to get out?"
"I hope not. Hopefully when the guards see the mass number of us they will simply give up. But if we need to fight we will."
The next day came very fast the night seemed like the blink of an eye. The fallen gathered in the same spot Logan had given his speech the night before. Exactly at 9 'o clock they started to march out of their gathering place towards the gate. Just before the gate came into veiw two groups vered of to the left and right. As the main group approached the gates all of the guards fluttered down to block the way just as they had planned. When all ofbthe guard had landed and started shouting at the fallen the second group came out and flanked the guards forming a circle around them. The guards started to raise their weapons but hen they spotted the jird group that could join a fight.
One by one weapons clashed on the ground as the third group started to come out and bind the guards. After all the guards were securely bound the groups formed to togeter and started to charge out of their prison. Out in the open they could once again enjoy the flowered and fresh air even if they were no longer beautiful. Then Logan had the groups sit under a large tree to go over the rest of the plan.
The settled down for a rest after they had traveled well into the night and still woke up early to start moving again. Greuling work began as they tried to avoid the constant seach party movements and find a safe place to make camp every night.
Some of the weak willed got caught after wandering off or quite simply giving up. On the morning of the fifth day they were on the road and one of the ugliest Fallen shouted out in extacy. Up ahead a lonly shaby cabin came into view. An old old man was sleepig in the rocking chair on the rotting porch.
"Mister Flinder", Logan said uncertanly shaking the man gently.
"What is the pie ready oh it's you", said he man with a start What did I tell you about beig careful on the one day humans can see and take advantage of you"
"I know and I am sorry for not being more careful", Logan murmured looking at the ground.
"Never mind appologies" said Mister Flinder "I can see that you and your friends need a spell to rise again"
"Yes we would greatly appreciate that", Logan almost shouted in his excitement
"Well I do not have the ingedients to rvive all of you so you might have to go hunt for my items if you want to rise", said the man solomly.
"Tell us where we can find them and we will get them" said Gwen.
"Very well" said the man as he grabbed a quill and some parchment. Then the map was drawn.

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Friendship is important don't let anyone tell you different.

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