New Soul Chap.4

August 18, 2010
By huskiebaseball101 BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
huskiebaseball101 BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
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It was an attack. Screams from the ones before me and laughter at the oncoming creatures coming from the forest. Many tried to ddefend themselves but were quickly overwhelmed by these monsters. I turned to Alec but he was no where to be found, along with the other two. My first thought was to run back into the tent but then I saw a sword a few feet away laying next to its fallen wielder. And everything after that was blur. Some monster with horns charged me and i turned to the side grabbed the sword and stabbed its unprotected back. Countless amount of monsters came at me each falling next to the first. Then I saw her. The same woman I saw that night. She was laughing menacingly as elf after elf charged and fell at her hand. Then our eyes met and something inside of me took over my whole body. Her face became scared and distressed.She turned and fled yelling gibberish at her monsters, but strangely enough I understood ever word she said."Retreat,retreat, the boy has changed.He is one of them now.".I didnt know what she meant but all of the monsters fallowed her. I fell then right next to the lake.I looked at my reflection in the water and gasped.My image was sharper and stronger looking.But my eyes were glowing gold and orange. And I./..............blackeed out.

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