Under the Moon of Night

August 17, 2010
A young girl walked down a quiet promenade, holding tightly onto her skirt. She looked upon the 19th century English style homes with confusion. Though she had problems seeing in the dim lighting of the propane street lamps, she could make out shadows moving about in the houses.

The street was silent and the lamps seemed to do more harm than good for the girl for the flickering light of the lamps made the shadows dance around her causing her to be even more frightened on this unfamiliar road.

She looked down at her trembling hands trying to ignore her surroundings the best she could. It was a bad habit or so people told her that made her look more frail and shy, but it was a habit she was trying desperately to break.

As she tried to gather her courage to face her situation she spotted something unusual. On the palm of her left hand, a mark of a small clover glowed a sickly black-green. "What?" the word fumbled from her shaky lips.
Disregarding the odd mark, she managed to draw up enough courage to look around once again. All she could see were still buildings and lamps a few signs she could not make out, but no people. No police officer to help her find her way home. No random passerby walking to some place after hours. She did not even see a homeless or suspicious character in the alleyways she had walked past. It
was completely deserted.

Fear gripped her tightly, but she forced herself to keep looking. Tears swelled into her eyes as the realization of being able to find her way home tonight was looking very thin. When the first tear slid down her cheek, she heard whistling. Her head turned so fast she thought it might snap, but she didn't care. She saw a figure leaning against one of the buildings she had past not too long ago. She was not capable of making any details out, but who cared! As long as it was a person, it was better than being alone right?

She ran toward the figure as fast as her legs could carry her.
As she got closer her footsteps quickly came to a stop. The figure had an outline on its back which looked suspiciously like a very large sword. That alone was enough to discourage her, but the figure was also polishing a knife with a clean white cloth. Saying she was having second thoughts of approaching this figure would be an understatement. She was having third, fourth, fifth, and sixths as well, but no one else was around. And if this person was dangerous, she assumed that the figure would come after her anyhow and there was no place to hide in this strange town. It was better to get her demise over with. That is what she thought, but it did not make her feel any better. On the contrary she was sure she was going to die of fright but that little ray of persistent optimism that maybe it was just a friendly person who like to keep his sharp object collection on him at all times kept her going no matter how ridiculous it sounded.

Cautiously, she approached the figure. She stopped at what she considered safe distance which was about 10 feet. She cleared her throat to gain the figure's attention. It apparently worked because the whistling stopped and the hands of the figure stopped their fixated cleaning of the knife.

Taking a deep breath she managed to get her question out. "E-excuse me, do you know where we are?"

The figure got off the wall and walked a little more into the light. The shadow of the building hid most of her face but her physical appearance made her look barely more than 11 or 12, but her silver almost white hair added a couple more years to her appearance.

Her hair was a little more than chin length, it complimented the loose black jeans, black t-shirt, and grey jean vest she was wearing. "Maybe, maybe not, depends where you are trying to go." Though most of her face was not visible her big cat like grin was.

The other girl squeaked involuntarily. That mysterious, mischievous grin made her feel like a mouse caught in a trap. "I dunno where I'm trying to go. I just ate this apple, and I got dizzy. Next thing I know, I'm here," she spilled out quickly. She could feel the girl's intense gaze and made her feel as if she was going to be killed if she didn't give all the information she knew.

"Here, there, it's all the same. How do you even know if there is not here or if here is not there?" The mysterious girl twirled the knife in her hands as she spoke. Her voice matched her appearance. She sounded like a child, high and light and friendly, but Cisele could tell she held a lot of knowledge in her voice alone.

"W-well. . ." she sighed, hoping to expel some of her nervousness. She held up her head with a small smile then extended her hand. "I'm Cisele Chiratsuku."

"Names are of no significance. Names bind one to things or creatures you have no idea that existence. Worst off a name is made, so its owner can lose to themselves. Without a name one can be free from everything. But if you must know what I am called, it's Yoru of Spades, or was it Spades of Yoru? Maybe Mika? I don't really remember?" the girl looked deep in thought as she finished as if she really was trying to remember her name.

"Is that what this is?" Cisele once again held out her hand but this time to show the girl named Mika the glowing clover.

The girl looked at the clover on Cisele's hand and her grin widened.

Cisele could finally make out the color of the eyes of the girl called Mika. They were a crimson red, and they seemed to glow in the darkness like a hunter of the night. "Well your highness, this is a surprise to meet you in such a place, or is it really a surprise that I was drawn here tonight. Is it fate or is it coincidence. So many questions that hold all the answers I seek within them."

She blinked and cast her eyes downward making a mental note not to look this girl in the eye. "Your . . . highness?" she asked, grasping onto the part she understood.

"Your kingdom is up ahead and it is behind. Either way will lead you to your destination. Whether the path will lead you astray or lead you to a haven is up to the darkness you are and what you do with it. Embrace it.
Detest it. Love it. Torment it. Depend on your weaknesses." Mika put the knife in a small sheath and turned away from the girl and made her journey down the deserted road.

"Wait- what?! Hey! Wait!" Cisele tried to run after her, but the girl seemed to fade out of sight. Cisele looked left and right but to no avail. "This has to be a dream," she whispered to herself. That girl had been less than helpful and she still had no clue where she was.

"Are you lost?" a voice asked behind her. She spun around and was greeted face to chest of a light blonde man with piercing silver eyes. The man was about six feet tall with a face of an angel. He had porcelain skin and a kind face and lean body and looked about 25. He wore a long white robe trimmed in what could pass for gold with a large red diamond, carved in a shape of a diamond, for a broach. She did not even know red diamonds existed but here it was, and it looked flawless. If she could describe his dress, he was a cross between a mage in videogame and an angel you see in religious paintings. She had trouble deciding which. He was what high schoolers would call a pretty boy.

Cisele literally jumped in appreciation and took his hand in gratefulness. "Oh! Yes, completely!"
"Where are you trying to go miss?" He gave a sweet smile, his silver eyes sparkling.

"I . . . I don't know." She hiccupped, tears forming in the corners of her green eyes. Staring into his eyes made relax, and her built up emotional stress seemed to finally release. She sobbed into her hands. "I was home minding my own business then I woke up here. I don't know what to do-o."

The man gently took her hands away from her face and kissed them then brushed away Cisele's tears with his thumb still smiling gently. He spoke in a soothing voice, "Don't cry. Women are not meant to cry. They are at their best when they smile. As for where we are, this is the Clover District. Unfortunately, the queen has been absent as of late."

"The Clover District?" she looked down at her hand slowly.

The man spotted the mark on her hand and his eyes widened a bit in surprise. "I fear I must revise what I just said. It seems the queen has returned to us."

"Whoawhowhawhehowhuh!" If Cisele opened her eyes any wider, she was certain her eyes would pop right out. Tears forgotten, she attempted to receive this piece of information that was being given. "What do you mean by that?"

"Forgive me for my rudeness. I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Natsume of Diamonds." He bowed elegantly. "If I may, your highness, I would be honored to escort you to your palace."

"H-highness?" she mustered out in her shock. Cisele went pink. She was royalty? This shy, meek girl? Fat chance. "I-I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong person, Mr. Natsume."

Natsume only smiled. "I am not mistaken your highness. Only the queen has that glowing mark on her hand."

"But-but-! That doesn't make any sense! I just got here!" Cisele's head was spinning. She just couldn't comprehend how she went to a lost, relatively normal girl to royalty in 2 seconds.

'Would you shut up and take the position? God you're annoying.'

"What the-" Cisele blinked, looking around. "Where did that voice come from?"

"Your highness? Are you alright?" Natsume asked slightly concerned.

"Y-yeah, f-fine . . . I just thought I heard a voice . . ." she immediately regretted what she said. She sounded crazy, and she knew it. To make things worse, it was in front of a very good looking man.

"A . . . voice your highness?" Natsume did not look at her weird or concerned for that matter. In fact, he looked amused, but none the less kept the question in his voice.

"Yeah . . . a woman . . . she sounded kind of old . . ."

'Excu-se me?! I may be a thousand years old, but I'm not some hag!' The voice replied angrily. 'If you must know, I am the true queen of the Land of Clover. I'll be your . . . ugh, I dunno, a guide or some s*** like that until I take over, anyways.'

". . ." Cisele shook her head. "A woman . . . Never mind. I must be stressed or something. I-I'm sorry, Natsume-san."

"It's fine. I find it quite amusing," he gave a small all knowing smile. Cisele was about to question what he knew, but Natsume spoke first. "Shall we proceed?"

"Damn right we shall. Natsu, you moron." Cisele squeaked and clamped her hands over her mouth. "I'm so sorry. That wasn't me!" The sentence came out muffled through her hand. Apologizing again, she removed her hands and repeated herself.

"It is quite alright. No need to apologize." He gently took hold of her arm and started down the road with her, matching his stride to hers. "It is best if we arrive there sooner rather than later. I cannot leave my throne unoccupied for too long."

She nodded. I-I see . . . but, your throne? I don't understand what's going on."

She looked down at her, staring into her green eyes. Cisele grew flustered, and tried hard not to look away to fidget with her skirt. When Natsume finally turned away to look ahead, she almost sighed with relief. "Well to sum up everything neatly, there are four districts or states as one might call them. Each state has a ruler. Queen Mika Yoru, the queen of Spades. King Sagoda Archaizu and Queen Rei Adogas, the twins, rulers of Heart. I, the ruler of Diamonds. And you, your highness, ruler of Clover."

"Mika . . . is she that girl I met that talked in circles?"

"Did she carry a broadsword and have a Cheshire grin?"

'Ah yes, Mika. She is wonderful. The voice chuckled darkly. Truly some talent in her.'

Cisele tried her best to ignore the voice, but it did not stop the chill from going down her spine. "Yeah, she did."

"That would be our queen of Spades. She tends to ignore her duties and wonder from place to place. She's very intelligent; though, she is very lazy and has a habit of doing what she desires very much like a cat."

"Oh." Cisele looked around her, noticing that they had walked out of the strange town. At the end of the road a large castle stood. The castle was surrounded by greenery. A forest could be seen at the castle's back, while colorful wild flowers surrounded the front. Cisele gasped. "Is this-?"

"You're palace, your highness," he finished for here. "And here is where I leave you."

"What? Why?!"

"I must take my leave before Queen Mika attempts another conquest to take my throne."

"She does seem like the type to try something like that," she said quietly looking down at her feet.
He smiled gently when the girl shifted uncomfortably and looked at the castle. "Do not worry. The guards will escort you in. You will be safe and well taken care of here."

She nodded and looked up at him. "Thanks for your help Mr. Natsume."

An amused smile graced his lips at the small blush on her cheeks. "Don't fall in love with me."

"Wha-wha-what? I would n-never."She stuttered as the other voice cackled in her head.

"It's her, the queen!" Natsume and Cisele looked at the source of the new voice. Several men clad in armor were running towards them.

When Cisele turned to look back at Natsume, he was already half way down the road. "Wait, Mr. Natsume!"
"Good Luck, Cisele," was all he said. He vanished.

Cisele panicked as she looked at the men running towards her ecstatically. "Don't leave me here!"

Natsume walked briskly the red carpet of a large stone corridor. Moonlight shone through the narrow windows as the only light source. The lack of light did not even faze him. He just kept walking to the two large Mahogany doors. As he approached, two guards, who had two diamonds carved into their breastplate, opened the doors. He walked through the doors, giving a wave of his hand to signal the men to shut the doors after him.
They did as instructed, leaving Natsume in the room. He clapped his hands lighting the chandelier that hung in center of the room. The red carpet continued a good 300 feet ending at a large gold chair with red cushions which was occupied by no other than Mika. Her legs were swung over the armrest and her head laid on the opposite end with her broadsword lying against the back of the chair. She turned to look at the intruder.

"How did I know that you would be here?" He sighed.

"Welcome back, Natsume." Mika smiled at him. He walked towards her casually. "But you never really left now did you?" He stopped next to his chair to lean against it.

"Yes, yes. Good job baffling the Clover Queen." He looked down at her. "Did you notice she was possessed by the elder one?"

"I sensed her presence, but she never showed the physical signs of it. What did you think of her?"

"Quiet," he responded. "The older will consume her soon enough, and knowing her, she shall make things more interesting for us." He smirked.

Mika smile widened. "You're so cute when your true self shows."

Natsume frowned. "You should learn when to hold your tongue." His face flushed slightly.

The small girl giggled. She stretched in the chair and looked at the fine surrounding furnishings. The drapes made of fine silk. The wood tables hand carved from her home land, and expensive paintings from all 4 districts. "Your kingdom is so much better than mine. It has more style."

"If you focused more on your own kingdom, then you would not be saying such foolish things."

"I made sure my kingdom can run without me."

"Of course." Natsume yawned. He grabbed the back of his chair and pushed Mika to the floor. "I believe Sagoda will be sent tonight. What a pain new royalty is."

Mika glared at the blonde for a second but then let it drop. "I find them entertaining to say the least. Always making a mess of things." She stood up and wiped imaginary dust off her pants. "I'm going to go raid your kitchen. Then again it could be my kitchen. Have I overthrown you yet?"

"No you have not, and you will not." Natsume sat on his throne and leaned back into it. "You know the consequences as well as I do what could occur if the balance were to tip even slightly."

"Then what if I married you? Then would I have partial control of your kingdom?" Mischief flashed across her eyes.

Natsume's eyes narrowed. "Don't even think about it." He closed his eyes and inhaled slowly. "And to reply to your question, no, because I will not share it."

"But since that asked, didn't that mean I thought of it?"

He opened his eyes and stared at her in disbelief. "Must you complicate everything?" He resisted rolling his eyes.

"You don't like it Natsu?" She smirked. "And here I thought you wanted me." Her face dropped the childlike innocence as did her voice.

Natsume held out his hand expectantly. "Of course I do."

Mika took the hand and sat on his lap. "Really?" she asked as a playful challenge looking at him with doubt.

"Really. Do you not trust me?" He asked playfully.

She pecked his lips. "Not really." She wrapped his arms around his neck. "But I love you cause I cannot trust you."

He chuckled. "Why am I not surprised?" He placed his hands on her side. "And that's enough cuddling." He pushed her back onto the floor. "You need to return back to your own district."

"Hn, I'm leaving, I'm leaving." She turned to leave. "After I raid your kitchen."

"There's chocolate in there somewhere," he called after her absentmindedly, closing his eyes once again.

She stopped. "Strange. I thought you hated the stuff. So You do care after all."

"Just take the damn chocolate."

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RFrocker23 said...
Jun. 13, 2011 at 4:36 pm
I enjoyed the names of the characters. My only thoughts would be to clarify a few parts because it can get a little indirect and hard to discern what you're talking about. Other than that it was good! I liked your variety in word choice, just make sure you have an equal amount of variety in sentence structure. Just picky things really. And if you don't mind, would you please look at some of my work? Thank you!
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