The Downer Family Chronicles Vol. 1 "Bite" Ch. 3: Mission

August 12, 2010
By Robert_Downer SILVER, Springfield, Oregon
Robert_Downer SILVER, Springfield, Oregon
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You know, just because my brothers (and girlfriend) are all vampires doesn’t mean we don’t follow basic human nature. We still have to sleep, eat food, and drink. So much of the crap that you see and hear about is not true. Example, in movies and books, vampires cannot be in direct sunlight or they will die. False. The sun actually helps us. It is essential for our survival and physical strength. Without the sun’s rays, our kind would become extinct. We need it to live because the rays from the sun sort of activate our human nature in a way. It makes us feel like we still have some human qualities left. It helps act human as well.
Sure, we’re dead, only if you think about it that way. The actual process of becoming one of us is actually not so simple. If you go your entire human life without getting bit by one of us, when you die, if you happen to go to Hell, you will encounter what I believe is the devil himself. He will either sentence you to work in the pits of Hell alongside other slaves, or give you the punishment of becoming one of us. Another myth is that you automatically become one of us after you get bit. You cannot become a vampire after a bite if your blood has been drained. You need blood even when you are a vampire, it still need to circulate throughout your body in order for you to think, move, and do all the essential things humans do. The biting vampire chooses to either kill or transform you. The normal bite from a vampire will not affect you in any vampiric way unless the above is chosen. Usually the biting vampire just flat out kills the victim, because a newborn (new vampire) in the city I like releasing a dozen hungry lions in the zoo. As the vampire bites into the flesh, the fangs release a sort of venom which numbs the body, which is why the victim cannot struggle. The venom travels into the blood stream and almost immediately kills the victim unless the vampire forces the venom into the heart. Once the venom has reached the heart, it begins to pump not only human blood, but the vampire’s venom as well. This causes the victim to become a vampire. How the biting vampire can force the venom into the heart, I do not know. I have never transformed a human before so that part is new to me. A human only becomes a vampire whether the biter only so chooses this transformation, or he/she dies and goes to Hell and is rejected. It’s an odd feeling being called a “Devil’s Reject”.

So anyways, we awoke to the natural morning smell of mildew. I hadn’t really thought about what to do today. There’s the mall, downtown, movies, but nothing sounded good. After Jenna’s filling homemade breakfast of biscuits and sausage, Anthony and Jarett left to go spend what they call “bro-time”. I didn’t get it; it was probably some kind of sick inside joke. I honestly didn’t care what they did. Quite frankly I didn’t want to know. After my brothers left, Jenna sat next to me on the couch. She looked concerned.
“Robby, what about our…’Mission’?”
Oh. That. I forgot all about that.
“Do you honestly think that the four of us can actually travel to the Vatican City, locate and kill the Pope, and then become fully human?” Jenna spotted the doubt in my voice.
“What if we don’t? We only have three years to do it Robby.” I never thought about that part. When I encountered “Him” last year, he said my family and I have only four years to take down the Vatican and kill the Pope in which would then make us human again. So far, one year has slipped past so that leaves us with only three years to get it done or we all die. Die for real. I never explained to Jenna or my brothers what would happen if we failed our mission, because they never asked. Well, until now that is.
I sighed and then answered, “If we don’t do it, we die. Jenna, we don’t really have a choice. If you and my brothers want to live as humans again, we must finish this ‘job’. I’m the one who should have to do this, I should have to take this burden, because I’m the one who sinned my whole life, and never asked for forgiveness. I’m the one who died and went to Hell, Jenna. I’m not going to let you and my only two family members die because we all failed to do this.” I had nothing more to say. Jenna hugged me and then we just sat there hugging for a while, not knowing what to do next.
“Let’s talk to Greg.” Jenna said.
What? That was a crazy idea.
“What?! Why?” I asked.
“He needs to know what really happened to Ryan last year.” She was all too serious about this idea. Greg Krisna, the big brother of my first unfortunate victim, and best friend, Ryan Krisna.
“Jenna, Greg is not only going to flip out when he hears that you and I are bloodthirsty vampires, he’s going to open his blabbering mouth and tell anyone who happens to ask! It only takes a few weirdoes to believe him, then we’re all dead, Jenna! Dead forever!”
Jenna came back at me very quickly, “Yes, either he’ll do that, or maybe, just maybe he’ll help us.” She looked enthused about this. She continued, “Greg’s dad is a pilot. He can help us get plane tickets and even a ride.”
This is unreal, I thought.
“Fine Jenna. We’ll talk to him.”
I can’t believe I meant this.

The author's comments:
This is the third chapter of my book, Bite", the first volume of The Downer Family Chronicles.

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