The Downer Family Chronicles Vol. 1 "Bite" Ch. 5: Confession to a "Believer"

August 12, 2010
By Robert_Downer SILVER, Springfield, Oregon
Robert_Downer SILVER, Springfield, Oregon
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Jenna and I got up and got ready to go to Greg’s today. This day is going to bite. The weather seemed to only add to the tension; cloudy and overcast. I wanted to look as friendly as possible today; I wore my brand new T shirt that said “I HATE VAMPIRES” just to maybe make Greg laugh. He wasn’t going to laugh about anything we were going to say. Especially the part about what I did to his brother last year.
“Jenna, I’m nervous.” I said. This made me sound like a p****. I’m never scared or nervous.
She grabbed my hand and looked in my eyes. “Me too, Robby. Everything’s going to be just fine.” Her words are comforting, but not comforting enough. Anthony and Jarett were still asleep when we left. Greg’s family lives on the corner of our street, and is the only house on the block that is completely trashed. His house looks like a tornado hit it. Greg’s parents are clutter bugs; they like to keep random things. The house was proof. As Jenna and I walked down the sidewalk leading to the Krisna residence, Jenna held my hand tighter than usual. We were both scared. We stopped at the grass line of the front yard, and I swallowed hard. Jenna looked over to me, “Ready?”
Long pause after that. “Ready.”
We walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Almost immediately Greg opened the door.
“What are you doing here?” He asked, looking specifically at me. This was not going to go good. I can already tell.
“We need to talk to you.” Jenna said. He observed her face then let us in. The house reeked of marijuana and beer. Greg’s parents had gone off to work an hour before. Telling by the smells, they had definitely gotten high and drunk before work. Greg let us to the couch, and moved the load of dirty clothes off the couch onto the floor without any care.
“So, what do we need to talk about?” He asked. He wanted to get to the point and get this over with. I gulped and started to speak. “Last year, uh, when me and Ryan were friends, uh, well, I,” I couldn’t speak normally. I couldn’t make eye contact with him. This is harder than I thought. Jenna took over. “Robert and Ryan were great friends, and you know that right?” She asked Greg. Greg snickered, and said “Yeah, the ‘emo couple’ is what we called them at school.”
“Greg, Robert and I have a secret.” She said. Here it comes.
“A secret eh?”
“Yes. You cannot speak of this with anyone, do you understand?”
He paused. “Sure, sure.” Now he was looking at my shirt.
Jenna paused, and then hesitated. “Robert and I are, well, this is going to sound a little crazy and stupid and very hard to believe.” She looked over to Greg. He was losing patience, “Just spit it out already, guys!”
“We are vampires.” I said. Maybe that was too straight forward.
Greg laughed hysterically. “You guys are vampires? Freaking vampires? Is that the best you could come up with?” Just as I suspected. He didn’t believe a word we had said. I continued to speak, “Greg, Ryan did not die from natural causes or whatever you thought.” He smiled at me. “What the hell did he die from then?” I took my pointing finger and middle finger and poked them into my neck, signifying fangs going into his neck. Greg laughed again. “So what, a vampire got him?” He started laughing again. This was getting annoying. I was going to be very straight forward about this next part.
“Yes, Greg a f***ing vampire, okay? If that’s so hard to believe, then why do you even believe in their existence? And guess what Greg?” I said.
He was getting p***ed. “What?”
“The vampire who killed him, that was me.” Ha ha, take that Greg Krisna.
“Whatever, dude. You guys are both so full of it, you know that?”
Jenna tried, “Its true, Greg!”
“Whatever, get out of my house you lunatics.” He stood up and pointed to the door.
We walked out with shame. Greg slammed the door behind us extra hard to prove his point. This is gay.
“Well, Robert, we tried.” Jenna said as she looked over to me.
“Yeah, well, we didn’t try hard enough.”
That’s when I got it. It was like a light bulb just flickered on in my head. “Jenna, we have to make him believe us.”
She knew what I was saying. “Robert, no.”
I smiled against my will; this was going to be interesting. “Tonight.”

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