Untitled Love (Chapter 1)

August 3, 2010
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Another town, another school, today we start our new lives in Somerset Texas.
My two sisters, brother and I, We like all vampires have great talents and inhuman good looks.
My name you ask. Well, you can call me Chloe. I am 5’ 3” yes I know I am short. I have striking silver eyes and dirty blond hair. I have the power to manipulate love. Although I do not use it very often, I know its great power.
Most vampires are human first but a few like me were born that way. My mother was as most are human at first she was changed by my father whose undying love pushed him to want to be with her forever.
When I was three my father began teaching me. I was taught the history of all vampires. I was told that I would grow up the same way as a normal child with the exception of needing blood to survive. I was also taught that I could choose to stop my growth and ageing when I felt. He told me that if I wanted to age again I would just pick up were I left off.
My mother gave me the choice to either go to school or not. I went to school until my 12th grade year.
As a graduation present, my father gave me his mother’s amulet. He said it was to protect me form the sun. That this way I would not have to be trapped buy the sun and could live a semi normal life. Using it I could be in the sun 24 seven and not have to worry. Back then, we had lived in Somerset and the sun was a problem. Before then I had used special ring that didn’t work as well as the amulet. With it, I had only minutes in the sun before I had to get inside.
We were traveling home by foot when we took a wrong turn and were caught in the middle of an attack on an outsider vampire. He was being torn to bits by a local pack of werewolves.
They turned on us and as they jumped at me my mother had pushed me out of the way, they ripped her to peaces right there in front of me.
My father looked at me and told me to leave I backed away slowly. As I ran home, the image of my mother was playing in my head. I made it home and waited.
When my father didn’t come home, I assumed the worst. I packed my stuff and left.
That was the day I stopped my ageing and stayed 18 forever.
My father was over 300 years old and had accumulated quiet the stash of money. I would be fine but it was not until 2 years later when Victoria joined me.
She was not born a vampire like me but she is still as inhumanly beautiful as I am and just as talented. She is 5” 4’ with bright violet eyes and dark (almost black) hair. She has the power to enter and change any dream of her choice.
I found her in the middle of the street dying she had been attacked by a vampire and had lost a lot of blood.
When she finally came to I told her what had happened and that she was now a vampire.
She looked at me with her big eyes and smiled “that is…..so cool!” she exclaimed.
We were joined again about 3 years later by Shay. She is much taller then us. She is 5” 9’ with ice blue eyes and jet-black hair. She has the power of telepathy she can read minds and control others but only mortals. She also was born a vampire and was very upset when we had fond her.
She told us that she had never known her mother or her father she had been living on her own since she was 14.
Before then she had been living with a group of vampires who were very vicious and they had left her because she hadn’t followed there rules of living.
She didn’t want to kill when she fed. We gave her the comfort of the family she never knew. As time went on, she fell in love a lot but never actually found the right person.
We were joined buy James a year later when we were in Daytona Beach Florida. We met him when we were on the beach. He and Shay had hit it off and when she told him he confessed that he too was a vampire.
It’s been 6 years since I lost my parents and we have decided to move from Florida to Somerset where I could get a hold of three more amulets for the rest of them. So we can all roam freely and go to school on a regular basis.
Tomorrow will be our first day and I’m sure no one will remember me, and if they do ill just erase there mind.

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