Black and White, Chapter One: The Bird

August 2, 2010
By Kutiefun BRONZE, Mulvane, Kansas
Kutiefun BRONZE, Mulvane, Kansas
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"What a strange looking bird." Violet stared at the bird. It had long black feathers and strange white eyes. The feathers on the bird seemed much too long for its little body. She had a good view of the bird, since it was at eye level and didn't seem at all afraid of humans.
Violet was in the forest outside her home near the coast. She had run off from dinner when she could take no more of her Aunt and cousins, who were much too obnoxious. Her uncle was too quiet to tell his wife about how some topic should be left alone. Topics that Violet wished to forget since they involved the cuts on her face, arms, and legs.
Violet walked back to the cold, English coast. She stood on a small cliff that over hung the deep blue waters, and watched the gulls fly happily in the gray sky.
Violet flung around quickly when she saw the bird from before standing there. It began to peck at a stop watch. Taking slow steps, Violet backed away from the deranged creature. The bird leapt forward once more, making Violet step back startled. Once again it jumped forward, but instead of landing on something, she fell into the cold, unforgiving sea.
Violet heard a faint voice in her dream talking to her, as she felt like she was falling in a blank space. The falling that can somehow predict an emotional downfall. A downward spiral to somewhere worse than where you are now.
"Wake up my friend,
This is not your end
At least, not yet
For you haven't set."
It made no sense, but then again, do most dreams make sense?

The author's comments:
this is chapter one, the rest are here:

I'm also currently re-writing it be longer.

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