Extra- Sensory- Vi's Story

August 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Violete looked from her mother to her father. He looked so tired. But she couldn't remeber what had happened. Her father looked so different. From the tired man she knew, to a happy, glowing man. He was saying something but she couldn't figure it out. 'Vi, close your eyes.'- he said. 'Why, papa?' You don't belong here. I'll see you when it's your time. Goodbye' and with that, he blew me away.
I woke up with Kade hovering over me. I sat up and looked around and said- 'Where are we?'. 'The lair'- was his simple reply. I got up and dusted myself off. 'Kade, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my gifts. If I had known this would bring so much danger, I would never...'- I started apologizing. Before I knew it, Kade was at my side and he kissed me so hard, I thought I would faint again. I had this gift that allows me to hear extra-clear, see like a hawk and my skin was pale and I could feel everything so well and I was vwery fast. My nerves where also extra-sensory so they pick me up very fast. Kade's kissing made me feel like I was on air. He broke away after a while and zipped back to his former post. He couldn't talk at least I didn't think so. He never hid anything from me. We were best of friends. Just then, he said with a voice dirpping with honey- 'I fell in love with you but we can never be together.' 'You what?' 'You heard me Vi. But I'm a vampire. We're old enough to marry but we can never be with you. My clan would kill you. Skin as pale as snow and your lips are sweet. I would die in your place Vi. I can never change you to a vampire. You know why? Because your skin is too pure for that. I zipped to his side. He was leaning against the tree that shaded us from the suinlight. He was from a different version of vampires. Marpires, they were called. Part- Marrick, Part- Vampires. Kade was more Marrick. Marrick's were like angels. Kade was amazing. Handsome in every possible way. He looked at me by his side and by the look on his face I knew he was going to kiss me. He was saying- don't kiss her- under his breath. But he couldn't resist. He kept on walking toward her until she was backed up against the wall. He kissed her deeply and then she changed the position so quickly, he didn't know how it happened. He was backed against the wall. I whispered- Kade, it's my time to go. 'What?'- was his response. I turned around and took the bullet. The last thing that filled my mind was the vicious screams of Kade and I felt his lips against mine for the last time. I whispered just enough- God and I love you Kade. Just then a hard breeze went by me and I saw my father.

The author's comments:
This is just fantasy. Romantic of course. Rate comment and tell me if I should write more. Thanx!

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