Bliss (Part 1 - Intro)

August 1, 2010
By Noel-Natale SILVER, Rison, Arkansas
Noel-Natale SILVER, Rison, Arkansas
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Black screen. White text fades in [Seattle, WA] below that, [Thursday, July 28, 2011 10:23 p.m.]
Black fades to
Man walks into a bar, sits at the bar
[Mal] What’ll it be, son? (Scottish accent)
[Wolf] Jagermeister.. –puts 20 in bar- (German/Bavarian accent; speaks slowly, as if recovering from recent pain)
[Mal] –puts drink on bar- What’s wrong, Wolf? Did you—
[Wolf] Yes. [angrily] Please, don’t.. don’t talk about it.
[Mal] Fine. –raises hands in defeat- Just remember. It’s a slow night; which means I’m available for talking. All night.
[Wolf] Thanks.. You’re a good friend, Mal.
Mal sits down, getting himself a beer.
[Mal] So. Have you found yourself a lady, yet?
[Wolf] -smiles- You know I haven’t. Who’d want to kiss this. –brushes hair out of eyes with remaining two fingers on left hand- Besides.. I’ve nowhere to put a ring should I find one. –indicating his missing ring finger-
[Mal] Really? A pretty German lass came in earlier.. asking for you. See said she’d wanted to say something to you for a while.. I just thought..
Wolf blinked.
[Wolf] I’ve no idea who she could be.. You’re really the only person in town I’ve talked to, so.. Unless it’s a fan who tracked me here.. Yeah.
[Mal] She was a lycan.
[Wolf] Really, now? Those.. are getting common in Bavaria, though.. aren’t they?
[Mal] No. They aren’t.
[Wolf] It.. couldn’t be her.. No.. How many recorded are Bavarians?
[Mal] Who? What are you..?
[Wolf] How. Many. Bavarians. [sternly]
[Mal] Like.. 30, I don’t know. What the hell are you talking about?
[Wolf] Damn. It could be her.
[Mal] DAMMIT, WOLFRAM! EXPLAIN YOURSELF! –slams hands down on the bar, knocking Wolf’s bottle of beer off the bar-
Wolf leaps back as the glass shatters on the floor and the liquid spreads in a small puddle. The few people in the bar get silent, some slink out of the building.
[Wolf] Easy, man! Calm down! If you want the story, I’ll tell ya.
Mal takes a deep breath and slowly nods his head his head.
[Wolf] Now.. this happened back in Bavaria. In, uh.. 98? 99, maybe? Eh, it was about ten years ago. Anyway. We’d just played a match—I was on Bayern Munich; youngest player they’d ever had, too...


The author's comments:
This is the very first piece of a script I am working on. I wasn't sure what section to put it in...

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