New Soul Chap.3

July 31, 2010
By huskiebaseball101 BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
huskiebaseball101 BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
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Elves? What? I didn't believe in such fairy tales. But then again there was a small part of me that knew she was right. I was so confused. She came into my life just minutes ago and is already telling me that there were such things as elves. But then a new thought came into my mind.........she was beautiful. Every single aspect. Alec some how saw that I was adoring her and shoved me. "Well......we are elves. But you Cacey you are so much more than just and elf. You are the worlds very first warlock.And you have been ever since you were born. You have certain resemblances with us but there are features that scream warlock." I was still dazed but was able to speak clearly."What?!!! There is no way I'm a warlock or that you are an elf. Warlocks and elves dont exist!" I exclaimed. They just smiled at me. Alec got up and motioned for me to fallow him. I fallowed him all the way out of the huge tent that I was in. And then my jaw dropped. At least 300 people ,resembling the strange trio behind me in some way, were staring at me. All that I could see, were wielding some sort of weapon. Long knives, short knives, curved swords, bows and quivers of arrows, hammers, and so many weapons I have never seen. They all stared at me. Men, women, children. And all of a sudden they kneeled to me and murmered something I didn't catch. I was awestruck. Why were they kneeling to me? I knew now that elves did exist. My eyes wandered behind the hundreds of kneeling elves and saw a gigantic forest with trees that reach to the heavens. Never before have I seen trees so big.Looking around more I saw a lake with beautiful blue water and a waterfall. But then everything went black.

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