July 30, 2010
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Evil and Good. Light and Darkness. Ice and Fire. Imagine if there was excessive Darkness and Evil? If the two Evil forces collided, causing extreme damage to our worlds?
My name is Aliya. I am 14 years old And I'm here to tell you there is no "Good and Bad". There is Light, and there is Dark. The last time the two forces collided, it was worse than fifty times your average hurricane. It killed all civilizations, Light, Darkness and everything in between. Here I am, 700 years later, and this is my story. My mortal enemy is Layiza Luna. She is the leader of the Dark forces. She must be destroyed. Once and for all.
My story starts in the Palace of the Moon, Artemis' sacred home. My mother, Athena, stands by the door, waiting for the arrival of my sister Isis.
She turnes my way with her brunette - red tinted hair swishing, when I walk forwards.
"You must listen to the Oracle Aliya", she spoke softly.
Last month, I had to visit the Oracle. The shriveled mummy had told me something I hadn't expected.
She said, "You and Layiza are rivals, you will fight to the death, and only one will survive." she continued with, "On the other hand, a repeat of an ancient disaster will happen soon"
She must have been talking about the collision of the forces, 700 years back. No one could possibly survive that. After that, I was sent out of the room, feeling astonished. But, my mother was right. I must at least try to defeat Layiza. She couldn't win, if she did, our civilizations of Light and Dark, would be crushed once again.
Isis stepped into the palace in amazement as my butler Xanthos served her a drink. I forgot, she had never seen the Palace of the Moon. The Palace was huge. It had long white stone pillars everywhere, and it was like a museum. If you looked up, you saw a ceiling that looked like the night sky. You could see the moon in the center, and the stars, just making out the constellations. It was a sight to see. Isis was looking in every direction, until Artemis' other guest Ahimsa walked out. So, I turned my head.
"What are you staring at creep?" she said.
We used to be friends. But Ahimsa changed. I walked outside before I could get steamed up. Artemis had a very large backyard, with a water fountian in the center. I walked to the middle of the field.
I was shooting arrows at targets in the backyard. Artemis backyard was my favorite. So many ways to train. Ahimsa was my best friend months ago. We shared our secrets, all of them. She was so nice. But she changed alot. I thought about all of this as I shot arrows at their targets. I was doing very well, until one came sailing back at me, full speed, aiming for my head.
I ducked just in time, and landed in a backbend. I looked at the arrow that had just struck the ground. It wasn't one of mine. It was black with silver sparkly stripes. And had the letters L.L on it. I started to freak and I think I had a half-second heart attack inside. Then I saw part of the bottom of the arrow start to slide off. There was a note rolled up inside. It read:
Hello Aliya, Miss me? Yes, I know where you are. I also know about the prophecy. You haven't got a chance, so just give yourself up now. See you soon! P.S. you might want to tip the godess of healing now, your going to need it. ~Layiza Luna
I wasn't sure what to do. Layiza knew everything I didn't want her to. How could she have found out? I showed my butler the note. My butler Xanthos has been with me forever. He is the best. I thought as I realized something important. Someone is a spy for her. Someone..... who has been with me the whole time, and knows lots of information...... Who? I was so confused, that I went up to Artemis' guest room to figure things out in quiet.
The guest room was beautiful. And big. It was the size of a master bedroom, with a royal red bed that had gold silk sheets, with curtains on the perimiter of the bed. It even had a red vanity/desk. There were white columns there too. And Artemis also put a magic charm on the room, where she locked anyone else but her guests for the day to enter the room. I was safe there. I changed into a black T-shirt and white silk pants. I slid my soft slippers that looked like sneakers on. Then I sat in the royal chair by the desk and opened the drawer. I was amazed to see gold paper and a quill pen inside. I didn't find out until later, that Artemis charmed the drawer to have whatever contents the user needed. I picked up the quill, took the paper out, and began to write.
I wrote a list of who could be the spy for Layiza. None of it seemed true. Many questions ran throught my head. Did I trust people too much? Is all of this my fault? Could I have stopped this? Little did I know, soon, my future would change forever. I started to get a headache, so I kicked off my slippers, and went to sleep in the royal bed. I didn't know then, that my slippers would lay there, untouched, for much longer than intended.
I woke up to my mother shaking me awake, throwing a suitcase at me.
"Its time to GO, NOW!! No questions!!!" She yelled panicking.
I emptied my drawers, throwing my clothes into the suitcase, wondering what was going on. I thought I was missing something when I remembered the golden paper. I ripped the drawer open, and dumped the contents into my bag. I was so lost in my thoughts that I forgot about all my shoes. I ran to my bed and took the shoes from underneath it. Athena grabbed my arm and I snatched away grabbing my two only pairs of silk pajamas. She grabbed me again, this time with more force, rushing me out the door, with Isis and Xanthos behind us, everyone carrying siutcases.
Instead of my mom snapping her fingers to get us to where we needed, she used a car. It was nice, but very small. I got in, to see an inside the size of a house. It had beds, a refridgerator, and everything a house had. I walked around, and saw six bedrooms. Each bedroom had one of our names on the door. I walked into my room. It was just like Artemis' guest room. Everything was there. Wait... what was missing? My slippers were still at the Palace. Oh well. I walked to my bed, and fell asleep.
I woke up wondering where the heck I was, then I remembered. I stood up, and walked around to see no one else there. I panicked and ran around the house frantically. Only to realize they were all in Athena's bedroom. My mom walked up to me and explained why we had to leave the Palace. Layiza was building an army, and they were headed straight for us. They were only two blocks away when my mom had woke me up. Thats why she was going so fast. It all made sense, except for the part about Layiza knowing where I was. I had a feeling I would find out in the near future.
My mother said I had to fight Layiza very soon. I wasn't scared, more nervous. I heard the car door open. I turned to see a man who looked like a combonation of Dionysus an Ares. I don't know how, but immediately, I knew who he was, and why he was here. I made a made dash for my room. My mom grasped me from behind and pulled me towards the front of the house.
The man saw me and said "Hello, you must be Aliya."
I tried to pull away, but my mother held me in place. The man didn't seem to notice.
" I think you know who I am" he stated. " I am here on behalf of Layiza" he paused. "You will fight her very soon, and, y - "
I interrupted him "When is soon?" I said annoyed. "Oh, you will know" he stated with a sparkle in his eye. He left after that, putting a note in my hand. It read:
Facial Reconstruction
How did Layiza always know where I was? I didn't understand it. She always seemed to know where I was, every second, of every day. The car suddenly stopped. I looked out the window to see a large open meadow. Everyone got out and stood in the meadow lookinng around. I saw a small pond in the corner of the meadow. I went over to it and looked in. I saw pale green eyes, and brown red tinted hair staring back at me. I leaned forward, not listening to any noise, in my own little world. I don't remember much of what happened, but I do remember feeling the water sucking me in, and screaming behind me. Then it was over.
I woke up in a room similar to Artemis' visitors room, but more sophisticated. A larger desk, and a golden bed. I jumped when I heard a hoot coming from the corner. I turned and saw a majestic glowing gold owl, with some white feathers scattered in the mix of gold.
The other day, my mom had given me a cell phone. We were trying to disguise ourselves as humans. She bought me a pretty cool phone, the LG neon, in lilac. She had bought herself a blackberry curve. I pulled it out, and tossed it from one hand to the other. I walked out of the room and saw my mom waiting at the counter. I walked over to her, and
she said "When are you going to fight Layiza?"
I replied with "I don't know"
She looked at me and said "You will know very soon" Why is everyone so confusing?
I woke up screaming, and gasping for air. There were sharp pains in my head, as if someone had tried to kill me in my sleep. I knew immediately, I don't know how, but I knew. Today was the day. Layiza was waiting for me at her Palace. The Palace of Darkness. I sat straight up and noticed Athena walk in. She handed my my battle gear without a word. I looked up at her, and she just nodded. I left everything in place, but exited the room, and started my journey to the Palace of Darkness.
I was half way there when I started hyperventalating. I saw images flashing before my eyes. I didn't stop walking though, I couldn't. This was my destiny. If I chose to stop, everything would crush beneath me. I had to keep going. I walked slower, but was still going strong. I now had pain in my head, and tried to ignore it, then everything went black. I felt myself being thrown backwards, and realized Layiza was controlling my every move. If I gave up Layiza would win, If I continued Layiza would win. I just kept walking. I saw a cool clear crystal through the mist. I walked over to it without thinking. I picked it up, and saw a bright white flash. Every thing was spinning. I felt myself being lifted. Higher, and higher. Then I fell, hard, into a large black space. I looked around, and noticed, that I was in the Palace of Darkness.
I saw many different hallways. Layiza was sure to be in one of them. I put my hand on my hip, where my bronze celestial sword was, and continued forwards. I reached a room with a huge, 10 foot door, in gold. In ebony, marble letters, was the name L a y i z a L u n a. I opened the door, silently. No one was there. But, there was a giant, black, and silver bed. I walked over to it and saw movement behind me. I spun around to see Layiza, standing before me. Hopefully, today would be the day, I found out who her spy was. On the same second I saw a letter from Xanthos, sitting right on Layiza's dresser. Xanthos betrayed me.
Layiza spoke, interrupting my thoughts, an edgy tone to her voice "Hello, sister"

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Blue4 said...
Aug. 24, 2010 at 1:49 pm

I like your story, the begining caught my attention, your descriptions are great. But, the story seems a little bit rushed to me. Despite this, your story is an enjoyable read... are you going to finish it? You should, it's good.

By the way, can you look at some of my stories, rate, and critisize? I'd appreciate it.

copper~lemon~drop This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 21, 2010 at 7:19 pm
The wording seems very awkward to  me bu the story is interesting.
-Aurora replied...
Aug. 22, 2010 at 6:05 am
Thank you. And it's one of my first long stories I've ever written.
-Aurora said...
Aug. 18, 2010 at 6:32 am
What do you guys think of it? Please post comments, I would love to hear your feedback =)
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