The Vaccine 2

July 27, 2010
By saiiryjoan BRONZE, Red Deer, Other
saiiryjoan BRONZE, Red Deer, Other
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She didnt recognize me. Josh came to the door i grabbed his face and he wasnt high i looked straight into his eyes and he backed up and asked "What?" i reply "Whell you know shes high, thought you were too" i shove the bag pkayfully into his stomache and gawck at him "Are you trying to tramatize me didnt need to see that bud" he smiled and hugged me goodbye. i went home and as i pulled into the drive way James was knocking at the door and no one was home of course dad is supposed to call in 15minutes to check in on what we are doing tonight and mom is at another convention. I walk up behind him and stick a key into the locked door and smile at him, "well hello James!" He laughed and said "Heey Erawin" He walked in behind me and i locked the door behind him. "Sorry dont need stupid high kids getting in the house or people breaking in" And i took off my black brand name shoes. I looked up at him "My Mom ain't here Bud" and then i realised and asked myself as i zoned out on his answer Do i say bud alot? i came back into focus, he looked at me im like "Wow, Sorry zoned. What did you say?" "I came to see you" He said not blushing or anything. i said "oh my, kay im so sorry i got plans with a friend i was supposwed to already be at his house" then i knew i said something wrong. "No not like that" he gave me a sad face. "Jared Marks hes like my best friend" and he said "Oh i know Jared. Actually i live with him, he said he was having a girl and i thought probly some ugly girl friend, but never mind" i realised that Jared was at the door -Four letter word that ryhmes with Mhit-****! i said below my breath. "What did you tell him?" "I was going to a girls of course and he wrapped an arm around my waste. I shooed him away as i answered the door the phone rang i let him in hid james in the pantry and told my father what i was doing the night i said i was going over to jareds wich by thew end of the night is were i plan to be not in my house with an 18 year old boy that workwed for my mom. i told jared to go up and wait in my room i had to talk to my dad. i told James i was REALLY SORRY and that he had to go and twenty minutes later i found jared crying up in my room. i sat next to him, it had been at least 4 years before he cried so much in 2 days. He wasnt really the crying type. But then i thought in these circumstances.. The world is colapsing to its core about this stupid disease. It killsa you from the inside kills every organ then your heart, slowly and makes your skin green. He looked up finally and noticed me he whiped under his eyes and said, "Hey, Striker. Whats new?.. Sorry" i didnt kow whjy he was opoligizing but all i knew was i wanted to get out of my house. my moms lab door annoys me everytime i walk by knowing she is not in there trying to find the drug to fix this huge mess of a disease, like i know that she
was some what involved in the vaccine. But really she needs to
be involved FULLY in this soltion. "Can we leave my house?"
He slips his jacket on and i do the same as he fixes his hair.
I walked onto the street and got into his jeep. It was still
pooring but it was at least midnight. So we went to the one
place that i really did want to be His House. I Walked in the
door and James was sitting on the coach watching
tv and he stood up and gave me a hug and to my surprise kissed me
gently on the cheek and i wondered what is Jared doing right now he
was standing there still his jaw wide open. and i stepped back into
him and grab him, i felt bad after because i realised i made it look
like i didnt want or even make him do that. James saw Jareds face too
and said "Sorry" to us and went up stairs i didnt see him for awhile
untill i got up off the coach to get a drink at about 4. Jared was asleep,
and i was dying of thirst. He had his bags packed and was telling me that
when i came over earlier that i didnt let him finish and that he was moving
out though that night, into her house. And he was surprised when her dad
didnt say anything about it, but i guess that he thought that james had
already told me. I gave him a hug, and i went back to the coach. Jared
was still asleep and i layed my head against him and slowly fell asleep.
All i could think about is if i really did like James. Cause i know that
i dont really like anyone right now. In The morning i woke up to a really
warm blanket over me Jared was folding clothing and talking on the phone.
i pretended no tto wake4 up all i could hear was him talking quietly about
a wedding, probably his moms. And then i heard well its kinda an invite
wanna go as my date. I was happy it was a girl but i was unhappy when it
was a definit no from the other line. I pretended to just have woken up
then i yawned, "Who was that?" He replied "Michael he was just wondering when i was heading over to his house." It was a cute lie i thought to myself. I got a text from Jackson's Phone, he was a friend from when i was little he went to the other high school. It said "Hey, this is Aaron i was just letting everyone on jackson phone now he is in the hospital room 245 floor 2." I looked over to Jared and said in the sweetest voice i could come up with this early in the morning "Jaiiry" I smiled real big "Caan you doo mee a faaavor?!" He looked at me and was puzzled "Sure, what would you like me to do?" "Can you drive me to the hospital my friend Jackson has the stupid virus, and i need to talk to him, Ive known him for like a really long time?" He nodded his head happy to help me he changed his clothes and so did i His sister had extra clothes here and she never was home and she knew that i used them, if they are in her basket of give aways, wich she always has something in there. We hop in the car and we are off to the hospital. The city relocated there Hospital awhile ago so everyone can make it there. The radio was on a sappy lovey dovey countruy song was on, i shut it off and smiled at Jared, and he asked. So why havent i heard of this Jackson fellow? And i thought carfully and answered family friend ex boyfriend, really close. We go up to the room and i only go in and he is laying the bed I have never seen his hair undone it usually spike in the front and short all around. But now its just a mess on the top of his head, his skin was the normal colour so he still has awhile but i could tell in his surged eyes they were going greenish. He turned back and noticed me standing there i ran over to him and gave him a hug, and i asked him "Is Gaby okay?" HJe shook his head and i could see the sadness in his eyes. "Is anyone okay?" And once again he shook his head. "Tracy?" Again he shook his head and i said "C'mon Beautiful lets hear your voice." He said "Im Sorry, Its amazing to see you again" His voice was deeper then i remembered it. But i guess it had been a long time since i talked to him. He said "Jenny is next door." I Excused my self and booked it next door hopped on her bed and saw her green skin and knew it wouldnt be long until she was gone. She looked at me and the biggest smile was plastered across her face. She was so happy to see me i almost started crying thinking that it had been forever just seen i talked or texted her. And i remembered Jared i walked out and he was gone. What ever i thought seriously they are going to be gome soon. Then i went back into Jenny's room, and i thought of that saying you dont know what you got til its gone and aparently i said it as i thought if because when i looked back to her she was crying, i said "Im Sorry." then her eyes went wide she covered her mouth and asked me "Did you get vaccinated or something?" and i said "Yes?" She looked at me and asked "Rich?" and then i laughed wich i should have done and said "My mom helped create the vaccination." By the end if the night that was full of memories they were both gone. And i hadno way home i called mom and told her the news she came and picked me up and I was crying, and all i could think about is why cant everyone get the vaccine then i thought, why is the vaccine so much? So they think that people should die rather then them make money, no. This will not do, i got home and told my mom iwas going to Jansee's but really i am on my way to the office that runs my mother work. It was only 4:00 p.m they better not be closed, and they werent. I walked in the office fearless of what ever might come from doing this. I asked the lady at the desk, may i speak to someone that has great power in the industry of how much the vaccines are?" The lady gave me the evilest look ever like she was discusted "YOU CAN NOT COME IN HERE IF YOU DONT HAVE THE VA-" i interupted the blonde bimbo with 5 words "I AM SAMANTHA JEPSONS KID!!" She looked at me like i was a brat and she hit 7 buttons and called a room and said "Dr.Saptra theres someone here to see you." i walk to the room marked with Dr. Benjamin Saptra on it. I walk in and with no surprise i see his face surprised i sat down at the other end of the long confrence table and speak clearly.
"People are dying, if i can raise money for immunizations and make a big event and get you more money WILL YOU PLEASE!!!cut back the prices!!"
The man looked at me and said 1 happy simple small word that is only 3 letters and should be used way more "Yes." And then i asked him in a determind voice, "Where is this Virus from?" And he answered me the way i wanted him to the truth and i could tell it looked like he really jsut wanted to tell everyone so he would start with me "The Goverment it was supposed to kill these birds called Jansups they are eating all of the berries and stuff of the bushes for the animals all around the world and it got out of hand, people starting to catch it and well all i can say is that I never ment for it o go this far" i didnt say anything I just walked out of the room with a smile and lo0oked over to his assistance and laughed and said "Tell him my people will call his people." i thought about making Jared call it all in. in the morning i was ready to go and go make everything better, i walked around my "rich" Neighboorhood and walked house to house and everyone liked it. The first house was blue it had 2 big front windows and i knew exasctly who lived there Mr.Macknis i stood there and said the truth i am looking for money to help and fixed the goverment generated viruses vaccines prices. i went around for 5 hours and got 1000 dollars but that wasnt enough i had to go to the other side so i called my mom and told her i was staying in a hotel, and then getting up early to canvis. The first house i walked up to i had no idea who lived there and of course with my luck a bed headed james answered the door and my first reaction to seeing him was hugging him. He hugged me back and Whispered "I thought you were mad at me?" "Never, its just i have been friends with Jared a long time and one of our closest friends that happens to be his cousin just died. His mom and her twin sister are devistated because literally he was just going to go get the shot" i rambled on and on and once i said everything i apologized and looked at my watch 11:00pm And i had raised no money i told him why i had to go and he offered to come i couldnt refuse the offer so i went along with him coming along, he actually raised 3000 dollars wich is really good. in total i have 10000 dollars and my feet are very soar, but its still not enough i need 20000$ for them to even think about letting people get the vaccination free. I got home that night and Josh was sitting on the coach with black eyes and my heart felt like it was just ripped right out of my chest and i fell to the floor in tears josh saw me and at once started to cry, i asked "why would you do that josh, your eyes were beautiful?" And he answered me sunserly with sadness in his voice but he sounded proud "I needed a release something i could look at and feel pain deep in my heart." i looked at him and with one word bared my heart "why?" we were both still sitting infront of the door silent. He hadnt answered my question and my Mother walked in the door and she went into cardiac arrest at the sight of her only sons black eyes, they werent all black just the pupil like usual and the iris. My brother was thinking out loud on the way to the hospital, i should have listened to that guy i should have listened he told me my eyes were beautiful, you could see my soul through them, they were so cracked and clear. i should have listened. He went on and on and all i could do is think about mom this has happened to her before, but i dont know how many times she can actually survive. They Wheeled her into a different hospital and i asked "What is this?" and they said "Oh this hospital is different it is for "normal" cases as you could say." And Cardiac Arrest is normal i thought, but no of course not i didnt say that; that would just be horrible.
My mom will be fine, but my brother had a mental break down, aparently they cannot surge his eyes back to crystal blue. only green, so he leaves them he just lets them be black. I still dont understand why.
Its morning and i must have fallen asleep in the car cause i am in my bed. I yawn and get out of my bed walk to the door and glance in the hall mirror quickly. I dont look that horrible. I have a horrible memory as you can proobably can tell so i need to ask my brother to tell his friends to lay of i think it over and over again. I get to the breakfast table and James, My Brother, My Mother, And My Father were all there. I looked at Josh and without anyone else seeing my lips move with no noise "We need to talk." It sometimes seems like we are dating wich is really weird. I sat down and sighed Mom asked me "Whats wrong sweetie?" I took a moment and paused then simply answered "Lexi Died." Dad coughed on his french toast, "But we sent her money to get the vaccination?" Josh coughed and almost chocked "You did what?" Said Dad. James was bafled and my fmaily was argueing, about lexi dying. I shushed them and said " I dont know what she died from i only know that she is not alive anymore." They all knodded and Josh Turned to James who was sitting next to me and him, then i wondered why isnt he sitting next to Mom?And Why is dad sitting next to Josh? Josh and My father do not get along. Josh Said "Lexi was our sister." he nodded his head and said "Oh thats what i thought" He laughed and said "Or maybe one of those african adopted kids" he deepened his voice "Save them for only a dollar a day" My mother took that offen sive and once again my Dad was almost choking on his breakfast once again. And James took the hint and stated to apologize to my family. " Alexing-Jay was adopted" My mother said to James and then it was quiet for the rest of breakfast i could tell he was sorry and now ashamed of doing such a horrible impression. But after we started to get up i started to tell them about my canvising "I raised 9000$" I said to my mother James smiled and said "With my help." wich deifnitly gave my mother the clue. Josh was dumbfownded. And he couldnt believe Jame and me. But whatever i did care what he thought but all i said to Josh after was that i would talk to him later. Because i thought that maybe James was once again here to see me, and when i came back in the kitchen i asked my dad with a big smile on ym face "Where is James?" He said "Who?" and i realised he was just moms assistant to him "I ment Mom's Assistant?" He gave me a puzzleed look and said "I dont know were he went. Maybe hmm i dont know WITH MOM?!TO WORK?!" My dad was getting tfrusrated so i went up stairs and knocked on Josh's door. His room was clean.. weird? His labtop was open on his bed and he asked me "That wasnt very later?" And i started with apologizing "Sorry i thought James was still here." He said "Whatevs, so whatcha wanna talk about?" I breathed deeply and said "Tell your friends to lay off". And all he could manage to say is "Oh?." I started to explain "Whenever you are like out of the room and im there they are all over me and if i see them like inpublic or something and jack and them always callme babe." He got sad. I didnt mean to hurt his feelings

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second part ( not yet done )
but will be soon. ill post it as the vaccine 3

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