August 8, 2010
By sgt.johnson SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
sgt.johnson SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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Space, the final frontier.

Space. A mind boggeling concept. The vastness and mysteriousness of what is concealed beyond our planet is something that will most likely never be fully understood. From tiny fragments of rock, to asteroids, to planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies are contained inside what is described in one word. Space. Is there life beyond our planet, our planet which miraculously was able to create an environment perfect enough to sustain life. I believe there is no doubt that among the billions of planets that are in our universe, some of them are able to sustain life. Perhaps life forms on other planets have been able to adapt to what we would consider to be extreme conditions. Some organisms on our own planet, Earth, have flourished at the bottom of the ocean, where there is no light, and very little heat, surviving off of volcanic emitions which release hot steam through cracks in the earth's crust. If organisms on our planet to live under the extreme pressure, darkness and cold that comes with residing on the floor of the ocean, Im sure alien creatures could do the same. The beauty of space is breathtaking, as well. Suspended clouds of floating, neon colored gases created by exploding stars and other space anomolies add a magnifisent, but mysterious feeling to space. Black holes, another mystery in space, actually bend the fabric of time and space and are created by enormous stars being so large that they implode in on themselves. These stars are so big, in fact, that in some cases, one could orbit them for a year, and two years would have gone by in earth time. However, even at a small scale, large objects slow down time. Standing next to a grandfather clock would move time slower that standing next to a soda can. However, the difference in time is so miniscule, so tiny, it isn't worth even noting. This subject brings another to mind, time travel. The most realistic way to time travel would rely on the multverse theory being true. The theory in which multiple universes are created constantly. A personm could theoretically be sent to another universe which is older than ours, by being broken down by incredibly powerful computers so one could travel through wormholes between the multiple universes in question. The vastness and mystery of Space will most likely never be tamed or understood.

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I know its weird and confusing and probably inaccurate, but I felt like saying it. Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, I didn't have any way to spellcheck it.

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