August 7, 2010
By skatergirl13 PLATINUM, Woodbridge, Virginia
skatergirl13 PLATINUM, Woodbridge, Virginia
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" your heart is the most valuable thing I have I don't want to lose it"

There is something that I have always feared.What I always feared was death.Yes death happens to everyone;and yeah its a way of life.The Thing about death is that it can happen any time or anywhere.I guess I can't say much because I'm only ten.
For a ten year old people think i'm every smart.I know more then a normal 14 year old would know.The thing with me is that I can see death and see spirits.they call out to me sometimes;but there not all good happy spirits.There are angry spirits too.I see them a lot.
Sometimes I channel there anger but taking in all negativity is bad.When you take in a lot of negativity it can become your emotion as long as the spirit is in the room.
Right now i'm stuck in the spirit world and all these spirits are coming after me.I can't see anything because it pitch black.I feel a bunch of people around me.There so much anger and negativity in this room that it could possibly kill me.
As of now no one knows where I am and as I said in the beginning,I fear death and right now I think that what is coming for me.I'm not ready to die i'm only ten I still have a life to live,but as of right now I can't get out of this place I don't even know how I got here.
I try to move around but I can't because every time take a step forward I get tugged a couple steps back.These spirits aren't letting me go and I just don't know why.All the sudden light went on.All I saw was a little girl standing across the hall.
I walked toward her and felt nothing no happiness and no anger.So I walked toward her and ask how she got here.She didn't say anything.I taped her on the shoulder and asked her again:nothing happened.
I taped her shoulder again and she turned around.I was gone.I woke up and found my self looking at my body.I started to cry.It was devastating to see my dead body on the ground.
I feel like my life was over.Death is more than a fear it's a way of life.People shouldn't fear it like I did.Maybe I am dead but i'm not completely gone.I still see the people that i love.Even though i'm dead I feel like my life it restarting in a way.I just know my spirit will always stay with my friends and family.

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