Strength Made The Light

August 7, 2010
“Something’s still missing.”

With the destruction of the Star Clan, the after shock that surrounded the region was said to cause some damage. The people who lived in the clan were only recently discovered, yet within a year created chaos in the world. It was because of this that all others chose war against them, and a select few were able to defeat the Star Clan’s leader. These mysterious heroes were never named, but the reaction of their actions was extreme. The blood of the Star Clan became an airborne substance called “Stardust” which caused unbelievable tragedy amongst the world. Each person was given their own share of the substance, and thus given their own form of a tragedy. The powers of the Stardust was terribly magnificent in this sense, and no doubt would form as a legend for the rest of history. Many were given disease, had loved ones taken away. Houses were destroyed, terrible waves hit sailors on their travels. Whatever horror that could be upon a person has already happened due to the Stardust.

For Sophia, her tragedy was her memory.

It had been a month already, and civilization was beginning to return to normal, yet Sophia’s body ached for the internal piece she had lost.
“Something is still missing!” She told her dear Zadkien in secret.

Zadkien was a fairy godmother like figure for all men and women, each one given at birth. It’s a highly recommended career move for wizards, because they also are fortune tellers and are capable of using the highest level magic. Sophia’s Zadkien was no exception, and though he was strong, even his abilities were limited when out of range. Each one was either designated to a certain area, or reside nowhere as a wanderer. However, when their child needed them, they could communicate through another Zadkien.
“Sweet, I know it must be tough. But these things take time. Nobody knows a thing about this Satrdust, and most just want to move on from the whole war. People want to forget.” The man who was Sophia’s Zadkien was a kind middle aged man, named Michael.

Sophia chuckled at the father -like figure. “At ironically enough, I did forget about it. But the other memories lost from the Stardust are important ones. It feels like a part of me is just a hole now. I don’t like this at all, I need them back.”

The situation was growing fierce, at least within Sophia’s mind it was. The responsibility of all the blood shed she caused within the war as well was one she felt needed to be owned up. More importantly, there was a memory that held a huge part of her heart. A piece too precious lost, Sophia couldn’t wait anymore. She wanted answers.
“I’m sorry, I can’t help you without meeting you face to face. I can’t leave the temple Soph, but even if I could, it doesn’t mean I could really do something about a mystery I know nothing about.” She stared at his lips and tried to change the words he was saying, but knew no matter what that things were how they were.
“So, are you saying there’s nothing I can do?” Her head of black curls tousled roughly as she looked up to meet his gaze. Her body was tense as her eyes wavered a gaze to his.
“I’m powerless?!”
There were few things that fazed the young Sophia. But the feeling of loss hung not only on her shoulders, but in the air as well. Hope was hard to come by in the area.
“Sophia. . .” Michael began, but she stopped him as she stood up, fists clenched.

Her back was turned as she waved the rest of his reassuring words off.
“This is worth searching for. I’m not done yet. Not by a long shot.”

She did not look back when leaving the mystic hut of the Zadkien. Along the path she walked, staring straight yet at nothing in particular. She went past childhood places, mostly in rubble now. In actuality, her hometown suffered only an average amount of damage compared to the completely wiped out sister city only a little farther off from there.

Sophia didn’t bother going home, considering she had most of it destroyed in the war. Only a few things were usable to remake some sense of shelter. Though her mother’s gome was at the other end of the city, Sophia lied and told her that her house was fine. When she stayed that one night, she felt like it was heaven, with sheets and a bed and four walls and comfort. Sophia had to find a way to get some kind of money, to get some kind of insurance, to get some kind of HOUSE.

Much of her week was finding odd jobs for enough money to rent a room at the Inn nearby. Sophia had enough of the rubble that she called shelter, and would be damned if she had to sleep in the rubble that was once memory. Today she just had no momentum for it though. The stubborn feelings she had earlier did not subside, but she was starting to get to the practicality of it all. How am I supposed to find memories? I’ve never heard of anything like an extreme case of déjà vu. . .

Within the rubble of her own thoughts, Sophia was staring at the ground and slammed straight into another person. Her balance was weak from sleeping on a hard rock bed, so she tripped and went falling along with him, down until they were a dog pile in the middle of the dirt pathway.
“Ouch.” The man muttered, who then noticed the attacker.

Sophia was a petite woman who had unusually somewhat course skin. Recently, during the war ironically enough, she had gotten softer skin and gained a little weight. Her complexion was perfect, much improved compared to years past. A real beauty with luscious curves around the hips, she stared at the man who looked mortified to have been tackled by her accidentally.

Did he not get that she wasn’t exactly known as a princess around here? Granted, the beauty could be seen from anyone, but so could the dirt and scrapes and scars and masculine legs. All the locals knew Sophia to be the best fighter their generation has ever had, though they may be biased because that is the girl they watched grow up. Her weaponry was diverse, and the advantage of being ambidextrous helped during the war, though those memories were to vague for Sophia to recall. However, she wasn’t perfect with each weapon, and the process of learning each one was difficult. It took her a long time to earn the reputation as “The Golden Slayer” but even so, many had no clue who she was.

However, this young man did.

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