the world I see has real

August 6, 2010
By skatergirl13 PLATINUM, Woodbridge, Virginia
skatergirl13 PLATINUM, Woodbridge, Virginia
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" your heart is the most valuable thing I have I don't want to lose it"

people never really notice what's true and what's not,They never really notice who they are or what they could have been.At least not in my world. I live in new york city.

I go to town center everyday to write.Writing is one of my best interest.When I write I can go beyond the world and what people believe in.
A lot of people read my work because I post it on the internet all the time.I usually get a lot of comments which is great.I just wish i could go even farther with my writing.

Now bout my family I have a two big brothers and a brother joey is 10 years older then me,So we don't talk as much because he is always busy; but we are really close even though we don't talk much.Now my other brother nathen were very close i hang out with him a lot when he on summer break from college me and him are only 7 years apart.

My mom and dad are usually doing busy together their not around that much because they always have to work,but what can you do about that we need to pay bills some how.Some times them not being around makes things harder tho like the fact that were not really a family it seems like sometime that my brother were the ones to raise me not my mom and dad.

people in my world just don't know what to do in there lives.I'm only 15 and I know where I want to go.I wish half of the stories i wrote would get published;but I know they are not good enough,their are a lot of people out there that are better then me.
One day I will make sure my work gets in,But I'm not the ordinary girl that every body thinks I am because everything I write is true

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