Red Rose~ Chapter One

August 5, 2010
By blu_jay96 BRONZE, Spring Hil, Florida
blu_jay96 BRONZE, Spring Hil, Florida
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Chapter One

I'd had the same recurring dream ,or a nightmare, as a prelude.

The dream was in a desert. It was twilight over the valley and the sun had just set. There were no people in this dream. Just the same small green serpent. He slithered along the place looking, searching for something. Not food. Then came the bird. The bird was white with beautiful patches of black and brown. These animals were the Adam and Eve of the desert. They'd bring life. However, they were of two different kinds.
The finale was aflurry of faces I'd never recognize.
First a blue eyed black haired man
Second, a lanky green eyed man with a mullet
Third, a dark and wide bald man with evil eyes.
Last, a dark golden haired guy with dark chocolate brown eyes.
I did not know these men but I couldn't stop seeing them. Ever.

"Emma. Wake up. You've gotta go home." said a voice. I slowly opened my eyes and around. My friend, Stephanie stood in front of me. I'd looked around at the room in only a few seconds. I was at Steph's house watching 'One Missed Call' in her living room. Well I was now watching the ending credits of 'One Missed Call' .The couch we sat on was against the western wall across from a 42'' Toshiba TV. A bookshelf sat on the opposite wall with a bunch of vampire novels. The hall to the upstairs bedroom and kitchen were on the east side of the small room. " It's only 10:30, Steph. I've gotta be home in an hour. Remind me in another"- I paused to look at my watch- " thirty minutes." I said sleepily. I closed my eyes again. "Emma, I can't believe you made me watch this stupid movie then you fell asleep ," Stephanie said flatly. " Second, you asked me to remind you to wake up thirty minutes ago and I am only following your orders." she continued. I got up and looked at Stephanie. She was tall, thin, with long mahogany hair. She walked across the room and gave me my riding jacket and helmet. " I wish my parents would let me drive or at least ride a motorcycle," she sighed. I'd gotten a black Harley cruiser for my 14th birthday from my brother. My older sister Danielle (Dani) had frowned upon that one but I thought it was pretty cool. I called it ' The Porsche of Motorcycles' because of it's sleekness and how it reminded me of the 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera, my dream car. I went to the bathroom to get my makeup bag and stuff. While doing so I looked at myself.

I was small, short, and slender with night-black hair that covered the left side of my face in a sideswept bang. I had light olive skin and big dark eyes that gave me a sort of puppy dog look. My eyes had dark shadowing around them which gave people the illusion that I was high. I had black eyeliner on which didn't help. Because my lips were a livid natural red my mom gave me the middle name: Rose. My first name Emma after Emma Woodhouse from that old Jane Austen novel. My mom had a habit of naming things after movie characters or personalities. I'd had a dog named Frodo and a cat named Artemis Fowl in the past. My brother Antonio won his name from Antonio Bandaras. My sister, Dani from..well actually I forget the name of that movie. You know, the one with Reese Witherspoon. I ran my free hand through my hair then went out to the living room. " Okay. I'm going to Paris to visit my uncle for a while so unfortunately I won't see you until school starts after spring break, Em." Steph said quietly. " Aww. Okay. Have fun. I'll miss you." I said. I hugged Stephanie than walked out the front door. I climbed on my motorcycle, waved Stephanie goodbye, then sped off into the night.

I loved Detroit. I loved the city lights as well as the woods and lakes. Lake Huron was my favorite. Being a native of Michigan, born in Grand Rapids then I was moved to Detroit, I knew almost everyone here.

I pulled over at Joe and Leonardo's Pizza Emporium. Joe was a man in his mid-40's who used to be in the Air Force but he retired after so many years and he's now working at a fast food place. His brother, Leonardo had died last year. He was a tall, portly balding man with light eyes. I sent in about 40 applications for his restaurant a week but they were all denied. Instead, he hired Nicole Clark who was a 100% idiot. She smugly grinned at me from the oven. I grinned back and made a big show of taking my motorcycle helmet off.

" Hey Joe!" I called. I pretended not to hear " Oh please tell me that's not Emma Sparrow again". An exasperated Joe came to the counter slowly. " Listen Emma, we have no available positions currently but as I said last week I'll keep you updated." Joe said robotically ,swiping his hand across his forehead. " That's quite alright, Joe, my man. Um. Can I have a Medium Sprite and if you give it to me free I won't come again for the next two weeks." I said smoothly. He just said " Nicole! Get me a medium Sprite!" Nicole did as she was told with a baleful expression on her face. " That'll be 2.50, Emma." she said in her 'Gossip Girl' accent. " In order to keep her away from the store I'm giving to her for free." Joe explained. Nicole rolled her eyes, flipped her tawny hair then went back to work. I let out a quiet snicker at her indignant display. Joe handed me the Sprite. " Now please go." he said. I saluted him then headed outside to the seats outside to drink and watch the nightlife.

My cell vibrated when I was halfway done with my soda. It was from Dani..

Emma, come home. Joe called me. Throw out your soda and get
your butt over here.
I rolled my eyes. I threw out the Sprite and texted back:
Yeah yeah yeah. I'm on my way.

Then drove off again.
It was at the fork of 62nd and Lancer Ave. that I first saw him, the most beautiful person I knew.

The men from my dream. Will and Jack were standing on Lancer with two other guys. One average with sandy brown hair and dark eyes. The other dark-skinned and bald. What a motley crew. They each wore jeans and a black tee. Were they in a gang or something? Not watching where I was going, I missed the turn on 62nd. I wheeled around. Doing so, I crashed into a deep alleyway that lead to Yasmine's ( a strip club) and other undesirable places for men without a life or bachelor parties. I tried to stop but it was impossible. The motorcycle flipped throwing me against the pavement.

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