August 3, 2010
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I feel as if my whole body is being ripped apart. I collapse on the ground and scream in agony. What is happening to me?
Suddenly, a dirty hand clutches my shirt collar. The person brings my body up, then slams it to the earthen wall. I wail as I'm being binded by the earth itself, the warm tears now streaming. In the candle light I make out her figure.
"Why....Hello." She sneers, madly grinning. Her dark black hair is knotted and frizzed, her brown eyes ablaze. I pant and struggle to breathe.
"Where's Hailey?!" I demand through clenched teeth, glaring at her. She slowly pulls out a knife, smoothing her fingers over it. I bite my lip to stop myself from yelling out in misery.
"Hailey?" She asks in a mock-baby voice, inching closer to my body trapped against the wall."She's a friend of yours, hmm?" I struggle against my hold, furious. Despite the pain, all I can think about is Hailey.
"Where is she!?" I growl. Esmerelda sneers, wildly laughing.
"A temper temper, you have, honey." She taunts, pushing the cold blade against my stomach. I quickly stop breathing, cold fear bleaching my veins.
"Please, don't do this." I beg in a whisper, pleading into her brown eyes. Esmerelda barks a laugh, her brown eyes on fire.
"Do what?" She asks in a sickly sweet voice."This?"
She digs the knife into my stomach. I scream and feel myself hit the cold stone floor. Esmerelda's cakle is the last thing I hear before I focus on my breathing, now coming in quick short gasps through my quivering lips. I clutch my wound, trying to stanch it on my own. But it's no use. The warm liquid is rapidly fleeing out of my body, and the pain is indesribable. Before you know it, I'm waiting to die. Waiting for this agony to stop.

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copper~lemon~drop This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 14, 2010 at 8:17 pm
Great, but maybe you could tell us a little about the actual plot?
iluvnacho replied...
Aug. 14, 2010 at 10:59 pm
That's the problem. I don't really have a plot. All i know, is hailey was being held hostage by esmerelda for some unknown reason. it's still coming to me i guess...:/
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