street rats

July 25, 2010
By logan455 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
logan455 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Taking the first shot is an advantage in any battle situation but combining that with the element of surprise is even better. Amgon, Eulan, and Kitra knew this well; they had used the creed many times but never in the heat of battle only on unsuspecting patrons. The night was muggy like that of which comes after a rain, like wise the ground was muddy meaning not as many people would come threw the street passing the group by. They were on the north side of town where all the nobles and rich lived they were hiding under a raised porch most of the homes on the north side were built raised to keep the mud from damaging there woden homes.

Soon a large drunken noble came stumbling threw. The group wanted until he was about 10 passes ahead then they stated stalking him some might think the mud might be a disadvantage because less people were walking about with there fine shoes molding in the rain (on the north side at least,) but really it was a blessing from which ever god was looking out for the children because there were less people so they would have less chance of being caught and the mud would muffle their footsteps. If you were caught thieving especially as a child with no means of defending yourself it would be certain death maybe it was the alcohol, the mans ignorance of thieves, or a another blessing from a god, but the drunken man decided to walk into the ally of two homes making it the perfect time to strike, because no one would see them the houses were long, wide, and tall on the north side. There was no reason to put windows on the sides of the houses because they were so narrow. The fat nobleman had fit only with about one or two feet on either side of him he was in finely crafted clothing and had a sword at his side he probably wasn’t a swordsman of any sort and just held it for imitation purposes. Eulan made a motion with his hand instructing the others now was the time to strike; they did the usual heist Kitra being the smallest and fastest disarmed the man, taking his sword. He was dumbfounded he was just about to yell at the girl when Amgon and Eulan tripped him. Amgon being the strongest and heavyset of the grouped jumped on the mans back holding down his face down into the mud, so that he wouldn’t be able to make noise Eulan grabbed one arm while Kitra held the other before he was able to throw Amgon off his back. Soon he stopped struggling the mud had suffocated him rendering him unconscious, though he wasn’t dead. The group of children soon took anything of value off his body coin purse, clothing the sword and the bottle of wine that he had dropped when the boys had tripped him. Amgon tipped his head so he could breath some one would find him soon enough. The children didn’t hate the rich just stole from them it wasn’t out of dislike it was out of the fact that they had needed the money, and the items they could sell to stay alive. Maybe in a week or two when the group needed more money the man would “provide” for them again or perhaps another street rat gang. Soon the group was off as quickly as they had came running to one of the safe houses on the southern part of town to live and to fight to survive another day.

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