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July 24, 2010
By juno16 GOLD, St. Louis, Missouri
juno16 GOLD, St. Louis, Missouri
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“Give it back Nicki, I’m not kidding. Give it back NOW!!!!” Emily demanded. “It’s just a water bottle, calm down Em,” Nicki replied while throwing it in the trashcan. Then some one came over and empted the trashcan. Emily’s face got red with anger. Nicki made it look like she didn’t care at all. Then she started talking to her friend Sam. “I am so going to make a call now. You are sooooooooooo going to get jumped.” Emily said with anger. “Go ahead I don’t care, call someone, call a thousand someone’s. I Don’t Care cause I know that you wont do a thing,” Nicki yelled back. “Oh, I will don’t you worry, I will.” Emily said by the door in the gym. Then she pulled out her cell phone and waked out the door. Gym was over and the kids were talking with each other. Then all of a sudden the door slammed open and a group of 6 guys walked in. They had on an orange and white striped shirts and dark blue jeans. Sam saw them and knew who they were. He went over by Nicki to try to hide her and protect her. Nicki saw them and said, “You here cause of Emily?” “Ya! We’re looking for Nicki. Does anyone know where Nicki is?” One of the big guys said. “Ya I’m right here!! The one talking to you A- hole,” Said Nicki while walking out the door with her friend Liz to the drinking fountain.

“Don’t worry I’ll handle them,” Sam said while walking towards the guys. Nicki and Liz came back in a few minutes later. They saw that the group of guys split up and were talking to other people. There was some people looking under a table, so then Nicki went over to see what they were looking at. She saw two guys acting like they were making out (they weren’t really). Then she found out that Sam got him married for a joke. Then all of the girls went in the locker room to get dressed. Nicki was putting her shirt on and someone brushed her hair. She turned around and saw the group of guys standing around her and blocking the exits. One of the bigger guys grabbed her hair and pulled her on the ground. She hit her head and it started bleeding. They all started kicking her over and over again. She had no idea what was going on. Then they stopedand she thought it was over, but she was so very wrong. “Help someone HELP ME PLEASE,” Nicki screamed. Every one in the room just stared at her. Liz walked towards her and they pulled out a knife and said, “Come close you die and she dies,” Liz backed off, “We know where you all live. Liz lives at 1857 Oak tree Drive. Sara you live at 1901 West View Street. “All the girls believed them so they didn’t say any thing. Nicki was still on the floor looking at every one, “Way wont you help me,” she cried. Then one of the guys kicked her. She stopped talking. One guy grabbed her hand and another grabbed her feet. She tried to kick them back but she knew that wasn’t going to work. She reached out her free hand hoping someone would do the same, would try to help her, but no one did anything. The guy struggled to put duck tap on her hands, feet, and mouth. She tried so hard to fight back, but they were too strong. Then some one kicked her in the head and knocked her out.

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