Destiny: Mignight Moon Ch.1-7

July 23, 2010
By Ary707 BRONZE, Vallejo, California
Ary707 BRONZE, Vallejo, California
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Chapter 1
I never wanted to be different; I never even wanted to have friends. I never believed in love because it felt impossible, to see it before my eyes. Because my whole life was based on lies of fake love instead of true love you read in fairy tales. Lies that led me to trust no one not even myself. My name is Camille Garcia and this is my lie of a life. It all started before I was born, my mom thought she was in love but my father wasn’t. He abandoned her after hearing she was pregnant with me. He lied to her by saying “I’ll be right back I need to think about this, I’m going for a walk.” My mom waited three days; straight for him to come back. He never did and to this very day I’ve never met him. After this she went into shock and changed from being kind and caring to deceitful and hurting.
The day I was born she lied to me and told me, my father was her current boyfriend named Cole Johnson. He hated me and probably still does. When I was five my mom lied to Cole saying she was going to the bank. From then on she went everyday to the bank years later I understood. I found out the day when my mom couldn’t go to the bank cause of me. So that day, after Cole left for work, a man came over. Mom said it was a friend and told me to tell Cole if he asked me that we played games all day. But in reality she made me stay in my room, all day. This is what she told me “I have business to take care of so stay in your room til I say so”. After awhile Cole found out about the man. And on that day Cole did two things he hit my mother and told me about my father. After that I never saw Cole again and his place was now John. But he was the same he lied and before long he left.
Now I’m 16 and it’s the same with every guy my mom has ever dated. I’m a high school student who’s called the loner because I’m too scared to trust anyone to have friends. I’m bullied a lot but hardly do anything to stop it because there’s no point in trying. This soon changed after they came to my school the most amazingly talented guys I ever saw. They each had their own trait that made them stand out above the whole school. The tallest one is Jake he always had a book with him. The youngest and shortest is named Caleb he was great at every sport in the school. The one that looked my age is named Zac he looked like he was going to run out at any second, the first time I saw him. Then his bright green eyes drifted towards me. The three of them became the idols of the school they had one flaw though they hardly talked to any one besides each other. And for some reason they tried to get close to me.
Two weeks after two girls transferred in. One named Cathy the other no one knows her real name but we nicknamed her V. As time went on me, Cathy, and V became friends for some reason. We got to know each other really well and as time went on I felt like I could trust them. They felt sorta familiar in a way I don’t know how to describe besides the feeling of familiarity. A couple weeks after; Zac, Caleb, and Jake got close to me and my new friends.
Then I noticed it I changed from being the beat up loner to one of the idols of the school. And I liked it.

Chapter 2
After a couple months I found out Zac liked me. When he told me I said he was cute and nice in all but no. To tell you truth he wasn’t the first person to confess to me. There were quite a lot of them who tried to protect me and be my knight in shining armor but all failed. Expect Zac. He changed me and people didn’t dare try to hurt me. Then it hit me I’ve been running away from love. I think to avoid my mother’s mistakes by never following my heart always going for the easy way out.
After a while we all got invited to a special party by Mr. Lucas Geneavile. Before that I never had heard of him. Supposedly he is a famous photographer known all over the world, well that’s what Cathy told me. And when we called to RSVP he told us he wanted to scout us for his new models. It was held on the 24th of February my birthday. Not like anyone would remember. It was so weird for me when we went all together as a group. It completely surprised me when they came over to pick me up.
We walked in to find Mr. Lucas standing next to a young man about our age. “These are my sons Nick and Matt” Mr. Lucas said looking at me for some reason. “Nice to meet you, I’m Nick” Nick said moving kindly towards us to shake hands. Matt a small kid, I hardly didn’t noticed was clinging on to Nick. He said “Hello” I think but it was to low for me to hear. Or anyone else. And for some reason when he looked at me he looked terrified like something bad was going to happen. Then he spoke this time just loud enough for me to hear.
”Who are you?” Matt said in low voice. “I’m Camille, it’s nice to meet you” I said bending down to get better look at him. He was the most beautiful 5 year old whose beauty surpassed many people I’ve seen.
Then Mr. Lucas brought us to a big room with camera equipment every where, facing a big couch. I guessed we’d be photographed now and here. But I felt something tug at foot. Then it grabbed me. It pulled me til I heard something fall. And as everyone was about turn around, then the lights went out.
And when I could see again I was alone, and tied up. And when I tried to untie myself I started to feel sore. My body felt like it just got tackled by professional football player five hundred times.

Chapter 3
I felt too sore to even keep my eyes barely open. I noticed I wasn’t alone someone was coming toward me. Then I felt a urge of fear and power, come over me. And before I knew it that person came so close that I felt their heaving breath on me. And when I gained just enough energy to open my eyes, I woke up. My eyes were wide open and burned at sight of a bright light. Am I in heaven? Am I dead? Nope I’m in a bed to extravagant to be my own. Oh I’m probably still in Mr. Lucas’s house. Then I realized that the light was my phone lying next to me.

That dream it was so real yet weirdly familiar in a way. It felt noglastic like it actually happened to me before. I tried to remember who was that person? No matter what I tried I couldn’t remember who it looked like, but I knew I’ve known that person.
Then I noticed my arm was bleeding like crazy. I was surprised I didn’t notice it before, but it didn’t hurt one bit. The smell overwhelmed me, it was so intoxicating. It was all over the bed it surprised me I was still alive. But I knew the wound was fresh cause I heard the window break when I woke up. I found a piece of glass still stuck in my arm and to my surprise; there was actually glass all over the bed.
The window looked as if someone fell or was fighting not to; because there were flowers drenched in blood right next to the window as if they were for me. This gave me a chilling feeling. I didn’t feel like me anymore, cause blood never bothered me before but for some reason. I felt like I was different, changed.
My cell phone light got to bright to bear I picked it up to find that my mom was calling. And when I answered it she started yelling at me saying “Where the f*** are you ungrateful b****? Why aren’t you home?”
“I fell asleep, I’ll be home soon” I said just barely getting my voice out, now noticing that my throat burned with thirst.
“You better be, what will people think if my daughter comes home after three weeks?” mom said thinking about appearance for some reason now.
“Three weeks, are serous how long have I been sleeping” I said wondering what actually happened.
“SLEEPING? What are you talking about one your friends called me telling me you were sick and they were gonna take care of you for couple days. But that was two weeks ago” my mom said confused and angrily.

“Really, but hold on I never told you about my friends,”
“Yeah, why I didn’t I”
“I’ll see you soon bye”
“Wait, I’m not done why……… beeeeeeep” I hung up knowing that I would get killed for that later I thought to myself.
Chapter 4
I got up feeling like the room was spinning but then I heard the door open. I looked up to see a girl that reminded me of Cathy looking worried and frightened, standing in the doorway. “Are you okay, what happened to your room?” the Cathy like person said in worry. “I’m good I just gotta go my mom’s mad” I said trying to walk straight; without stepping on any glass not even remembering getting up. “Sorry we can’t leave; well you can’t right now” the Cathy like person said looking around at the damage and in the end closing the curtains to get rid of the destroyed window.
“What are you talking about? We can’t leave yeah right sure we can’t” I said sarcastically.
“We can’t go outside til we’ve gotta accustomed to our changes”
“Hold on, what? Are you saying we are different then we were than before? What’s wrong with me? I don’t even know you” I said questionably as I heard someone walk in but couldn’t see them.
“They’ve tricked us we have changed” Zac said as his voice echoed throughout the room said. “What are you saying; are you alright?” I said starting to get wierded out by the both of them. He looked at my arm as if he knew it got hurt. Then I looked down at it, it was healed. “How’d you do that” I said now confused by how dark it was. The only light was the moon light coming from the other window and a little light from the hallway for the door was left open. I was amazed I wasn’t able to see him almost at all usually I could see great in the dark. “I didn’t, you did” Zac said looking at my face as if I was someone else.

“Your lying” I yelled at him running out into hallway to find a bunch strangers surrounding me. But they all felt so familiar like we were best friends. “Who are all you? Three weeks what the f*** happened to me and where are my friends?” Then I noticed Mr. Lucas was staring at me as if I was a monster. And when I walked up to him he didn’t say a word and just handed me this big book. That big book looked as if it weighed 20 pounds or more and smelled like no one had opened it in ages. When I tried to open it I noticed that it was locked.

Then finally Mr. Lucas said “You can’t leave until you are ready”
“What is up with everyone saying that we can’t leave. Stop lying to me. I hate when people lie to me.”
“We aren’t lying” Mr. Lucas said looking more worried than before.
“We aren’t lying, Surrrrre, you aren’t then you’re messing with me.” I said sarcastically. “No, we aren’t lying or messing with you.” Then he told me to put my hand on anywhere on the cover then it opened. Just like that weird. Huh.
Chapter 5
I got so freaked out by it that I dropped the book and it landed on a strange page of a beautiful man that gave me a nonglastic feeling to it when I saw the man then it hit me. “What is up with this book, why is a picture of my dad in this book.” I said picking up the book to make sure it is my dad and for sure it was him.
Though I never met him I use to look at old pictures of him and mom all the time so I was sure it was him. She looked so happy in those pictures compared to now she always has this fake smile that only I knew the truth of.
“What is this, why does this book have a picture of my dad here?” I said “Calm down, and read the whole page” Mr. Lucas said. I looked down to read it and it said that my father was a part of an experiment.
He was supposably experimenting with vampires. Yeah right. And then it went on and on about the vampires’ reactions to whatever he did. But when I got to the bottom it told me he found a way to change vampires into humans. “I know it sounds weird but you and your friends are involved in this” Mr. Lucas said.
“What do mean I thought it was only me and my dumb father, and what did Zac mean when he said we’ve changed? And by the way where is he and the rest of my friends” I said feeling a sense of power trying to overcome me. “You have changed you and all your friends” Mr. Lucas said “What are you saying I don’t feel any different than before” I said. “You felt it before when you were asleep you took the longest to wake up” Mr. Lucas said then looked at me intently looking at me like he was trying to figure out a complicated math equation.
“Look at this it should help” said one of the strangers closest to me pulling out mirror. I shot a confused look at the stranger this person reminded me of Cathy. Cathy was always pulling out a mirror to do my hair so I could see what she was doing with it. She loved to play with my long brown hair and I never would mind. She wanted to open her own hair salon. And always told me I would be a great model, if I wasn’t so unaware of the fashion industry.
I looked down at the mirror to see my hair and skin color had changed I was much more lighter than before. And my hair was changed from being long, brown and straight to long, black and wavy. “What happened to my hair and skin?” said freaked out by how much better I looked.
Than it hit me these aren’t strangers there my friends. The one holding the mirror is Cathy. “That’s all you see that’s changed” Jake said I could tell it was him, he got annoyed easily and it showed in his voice often. I looked back at the new me in the mirror to see my eyes had changed too. They had changed from jet black to dark brown.

“What….What happened to me” I said
“What happened to you, look at us.” Jake said

Then I noticed these people are my friends. Cathy’s medium black hair was now burgundy and her eyes had changed from hazel to an almost dark purple. V’s long brown hair was now hazel. And her eyes had changed from black to dark blue. Caleb’s short black hair was now a light brown and his eyes had changed from hazel to a light green. Zac’s short brown hair was now long and dark. And now his green eyes were now a light almond brown. Jake had changed from having a light brown hair to long and black and eyes were black instead of dark blue.
They had changed so much I hardly recognized them if it weren’t for their voices. But our new makeover made us look like super models that could never be touched. We looked like angels that came from heaven to save God’s people. What? I used to be forced to go to church.
Chapter 6
“What happened to us” I said
“We’ve changed” Zac said
“I know that but how and why” I said as everyone turned to look at Mr. Lucas.
“Sorry it’s hard to explain right now” Mr. Lucas said

“Then when?”


“How, soon? Nothing is making any sense”

“Calm down”

“You want me to calm down, yeah right, you really don’t want to get me really mad”

“Cami, you need calm down for a sec” Cathy said. So I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a sec and it helped me cool off a bit. I noticed that a phone was ringing, my phone. Ugh, my mom. Not the best time mom and I ignored it.
“Are you okay now Cami?”
“Yeah I’m alright now, what going on”

“Now that you have settled down follow me” said Mr. not right now walking away toward a long hallway. I became quiet knowing I would probably get angry again. The only sound was our footsteps but not just ours someone was behind us and not far behind. I put my hair behind my ear to take a glance at the person following us. I knew it was not one of my friends though everyone looked different, I can tell. He noticed me and said “Hi, my name is Damien”. “Umm……Hi…..” I said turning to see his beauty. “Why are you following me” I said “How about I get your name first, then I’ll tell you” he said trying to flirt with me.
“My name is Camille now tell me”
“Just wanted to welcome you to the house”
“How’d you know I was new?”
“I’ve heard you so many times”
“Don’t you mean you’ve heard about me many times”
“Nope I mean what I said”
“What are you talking about you heard me”
“I have really good hearing”
“What? When?”
“All the time, you talk in your sleep; you have a really pretty voice”
“Thanks, Are you some sort of stalker”
“No, I’m not”
“Then how”
“You’ll find out soon, I’ll see you later”
Chapter 7

Damien was cute and different but a kinda good different. I started thinking it wouldn’t be bad to have a boyfriend like him. Oh great, I’m becoming my mom. “Camille we’re here” Mr. Lucas said making me just realize he was there, during the whole thing with Damien and we were now in front of door, that was covered with newspaper clippings. He opened the door and I found the wall exactly like the door and the floor was covered with piles of books.

As we walked inside I noticed something about most of the clippings. They had no pictures on any of them. “What do see Camille?” Mr. Lucas said “I see newspaper articles at every inch of the walls and a bunch of books on the ground.” I said questionably. “Do you notice two things that are in common with the articles in this room” He said. “They don’t have pictures on any of them and umm….” I said as I took closer look at all the clippings and sped read about 20 articles to notice the other common thing. “They all have something to do with vampires.”

“That is correct now turn to page 35 and read the whole thing” He said. I agreed incautiously thinking which book and then I noticed the book from earlier was still in my hands. I don’t remember having it with us on the way here. Oh well. Page 35. Page 35. Found it. When I looked at the page it was completely blank so I looked towards Mr. Lucas. He was staring at the book in my hands. I looked down and realized that the words appeared.

I read it aloud “Those who survive are lucky, those who do not vary. If you could not read these words you would not survive more than a day. You have been chosen, your appearance has changed completely and it’s better this way. You will have to choose if you want to start a new life, with the others or go back to your old life and adjust alone. Your choice is up to you but if you choose your old life you will not survive. Many have tried to turn their back on this place and what they have become but all have failed with death. It’s this life or no life.”

To be continued

The author's comments:
I hope u like this story it was one of my first stories. My friends seem to like it i hope u do too. I also was inspired to write this because my love of fictional characters.

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