Year 2183

July 23, 2010
By Softballer92 BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
Softballer92 BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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In a mad world only the mad are sane. - Akira Kurosawa

For years we have asked “why do the people in charge seem hell-bent on ruining us and our planet? Why are they so greedy?” Now that we are in charge and are trying to right what they made wrong, we must make the tough decisions. We are the ones that the populace hate.

The old ones' decided to chop down all the trees; any new product made of wood is a black market product. Their insistence on driving everywhere in gas-guzzling urban assault vehicles has left us with little fossil fuel, and our coal mines created too much smog, so now we have limited electricity.

Our world looks like a post apocalyptic movie. What were once beautiful forests, are now dead and burned out. Our lakes and rivers and ponds stink of sewage. Our roads only carry pedestrians and bicyclists, and the occasional unicyclist.

We struggle to keep the public from fighting. With no electricity and no hope for a better future, the people have no inane distractions to keep them peaceful. It came as a shock to most people when the announcement went out, and then the electricity went out too everywhere except hospitals. Hospitals received all electricity from solar, wind, water and nuclear power.

No fiery explosions sent our cities into the sky. There were no alien abductions, and NYC was not blanketed by a glacier. The world went silent as TVs and radios and electric guitars all lost their power, and then they cried out together in anguish. Then a wail went up from everyone who relied on electricity for their comfort; they were sure they could not live without reality TV. They were finally free of the stupidity that it exuded, and all they could do was cry.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a prompt that included a video (probably from the 80s)of a teenage girl talking to world leaders about how we have to inherit what they do.

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