New Soul Chap.2

July 26, 2010
By huskiebaseball101 BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
huskiebaseball101 BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
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Blurriness.Dizziness.I feel like I'm about to throw up. I feel drained of strength. Everything is so confusing. A distant voice trying to talk to me. A searing liquid being poured down my throught. all comes into focus. I'm on a hammock, with alec sitting next to me ruffling his jet black hair looking worriedly at me. Another boy I recognized from........last night?the night before that?a week ago?a month?a year?I have no idea. But anyway he stood at the edge of my hammock with his hair shockingly like Alecs. And the next to him........a girl. Beautiful with her bronze hair in curly ringlets. Her emerald green eyes stared hopefully at me. All way to fast i sat straight up and looked only to get dizzy and fall down again.The girl shrieked in delight and both Alec and the other boy took a deep breath.I looked around franticly trying to look for something to help me. Alec stood and held me down. "Lay there Cacey you need you rest. You have gone through quite alot in the past 24 hours." he said reassuringly. I was at lost for words. I had way to many questions to be ignored."I...but you....last night....the were there helping me....HUH?"he blurted louder than he intended to, nut it looked like he had made his point for Alec looked at his friends and they both nodded."Cacey everything you know has been a lie and everyone you know is not exactly who they say they are. Me, I'm not what you think I am.I'm..........." he faltered and looked worried. But the girl apparently couldnt take the secret anymore because she rolled her eyes and smacked Alec. As she smacked him I glimpsed the hilt of a curved sword at her belt. The same sword I held in my hand that night. It all rushed back to me all at once. The woman in the dark cloak, me stabbing her on instinct the red flash of light and then whisps of smoke and a horrifieng scream echoing from where the woman had stood. Alec looking at me before I fell from the excrushiating pain as I dropped the sword as if it was on fire. And then blackness in my memory. Out of instinct I shot out bed and looked at Alec."It wasnt a dream it was all real.But how? Who? What?"I finally remembered. Flashes of everything replayed in my mind. Alec looked at me as did the other two. The both looked confused on how I remembered but the girl layed a hand on my shoulder. "Yes Cacey. You are right it wasnt a dream at all but rather a horrible nightmare in real life. You, me Alec and Bryant here are all alike. We are the same race,we are kin, and we are some of the last remaining.....................elves.

The author's comments:
The revealing second chapter of the thrilling story.

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