Silver Eyes

July 22, 2010
The room was dark and horrid. Her body was strapped to the florescent table. Tubes and plug-ins were wrapped around her, connecting to her body. She was perfect; strong jaw, high cheekbones, slightly turned up nose, curved, black eyes brows, and long, black hair that was slightly curled but not frizzy. Her body was long and lanky but graceful and mature.

“When will she wake up?” asked the detective. He was short and old. Grey hair shadowed his face; a thick, white beard forming on his chin. He wore a silky, black suit and comfortable shoes. Next to him stood the doctor who was transfixed on the patient.

“Soon. She will wake up soon.” He was beautiful. His face, like the girls, was perfect with long angles and smooth skin. He was just like the girl. They were of the same species.

Just then, her eyelids flickered and the silver eyes gazed around the room. The iron color hardened into steel puddles of confusion. “Where am I?” she asked in a metallic voice.

“You are in the lab of human advancement. We are here for the enhancing of human thoughts and structures,” the doctor answered; his voice, like the girl’s, metallic and sharp.


As the detective watched her fearfully, she had realized what had happened. She had run out of time, and he was here to see the first “test.” She had heard of this place as a child. Doctors and scientists took humans with uncured disabilities, removed their brains, disposed of their bodies, controlled their movement and thought and created a better human. These “humans” were brilliant and beautiful; cunning and strong; they were the future of mankind and could save the world from themselves. She, like the other disabled children in the hospital, had been one of the many first batches to be worked on. She was no longer a human.

“But…you’re the same as me…” she whispered.

“We needed a willing object. But, that is besides the matter. You are here for a reason entirely your own.”

“By my own, you mean…?”

“You can live forever and still do no harm to the earth. You are the future of this world and universe! Think of all the wonders you alone could do,” exclaimed the doctor. He pulled out a small, computerized handbook. Using his index finger, he traced circles on the holographic screen. “Now,” he continued, “it is time for you to work the wonders of your immortality.”

With the press of the holographic screen, the girl’s body twitched and stilled. She could not open her mouth to her mind’s wishes. She was being controlled. The doctor typed in a code and she sat up. Pleased with himself, he ordered more commands and she had nothing to do but his will.

“Welcome to the new world, Esclava,” spoke the detective as he exited the room. She could not speak back. Her body had no feeling and her thoughts weren’t her own.

The doctor typed in one last code and smiled at the girl. “Let us see the potential of the lives on earth.” With his demand, he walked her out into the streets and left her in the road. One of the old WRXs that were almost forty years old drove nearby on the ground as everyone else flew above with jet packs and hover cars. The WRX, manually driven, smashed into the girl’s side, crinkling like a piece of paper and instantly killing the driver. She stood in the street, unharmed as fire, smoke and shards of glass rose to the polluted air.

Yes, welcome to the new world indeed.

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FantasyAuthor said...
Oct. 28, 2010 at 11:00 am
wow!!! wowy wow wow... u r good at writing, but this kind of reminds me of stephenie meyers book host except for the smashing of the car that was weird but cool lol write more!!
mudpuppy said...
Aug. 6, 2010 at 8:44 pm
The removing of the brain reminds me of Frankenstein a bit.
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