Benighted Essence

July 15, 2010
Chapter Four

I ran past people, people everywhere. Past the library, the cafeteria, and up the stairs while knocking some guy and making him fall with all the books he was carrying tumbling down. “Sorry man, haha I am in a real hurry” I manage to say. I help him up and we both start piling up the books. “Yeah, well you better watch out next time dude.” He replies. I shrug, give him a big smile, and start running again because Professor Marcus must be cussing to himself right about now. When I get to the music room I can see that everyone is in hectic behavior, their all shouting, running, and hurrying around. You could pretty much cut the stress and pressure with a knife.“Look whose here everyone! Our star violin player, who seems to not be able to arrive on time ever, even if his life depended on it. Where in the hell have you been Airell? The show starts in half an hour and you look like s**t.” He replies irritably. “Sorry Professor Marcus, its just that I kind of had an emergency that ran late last night, and well let’s just say my alarm clock was not set.” I reply with a big dumbfounded smile on my face. “ Airell!! Just go get ready for the concert please. I will deal with you later.” He gives me an angered face, the kind of face that says that he is going to kill me later. “You got it professor.” I reply sarcastically. I run down the hall way and into the band locker room to get changed into my black suit. Man I hate wearing formal wear, but I think I better suck it up, and not whine about it to Professor Marcus. I think he has had enough of my recklessness for a year. Once I was done getting ready for the concert, I went down into the instrument room to get Victoria…my violin that is. She’s a beauty, I don’t really know where I got it from, but I feel as if though I have had it forever. It’s a beautiful red mahogany, with my initials inscribed at the back, well at least I hope they are my initials. It reads Airell Castillo, with a small message following it that reads, “Wherever you are, my heart will be with you, always, Acacia.” Without this violin, I would not even know what my name is. All I know is that about five years ago I awoke in the middle of a field in Athens, with no memory of who I was, or of where I belonged. All I knew was that I had to stay here in Athens, and the only possession that was beside me when I awoke was my violin. Surprisingly enough I knew how to play the instrument like if I had been playing it all my life. I wish that I could know who this Acacia is, but the name seemed so unrecognizable to me, yet so beloved to my heart. I start caressing the letters, when Professor Marcus interrupts my train of thought and yells at me once again to get my butt up that stage to perform.

Chapter Five

When I finally get on stage, I could see that we had a full house tonight. It really did not make me nervous, in fact, it exhilarated me. When I sat down at my seat Professor Marcus gave me a look that said that I better not screw this up. I gave him a smirk back, and then began to play the introduction to the song The Sweetest Perfection, by Four Play. It was my favorite song to play, and I had various solos throughout the song. I closed my eyes, and felt as my fingers made beautiful music, my heart slowed down, and my mind felt free. There was no audience in front of me, but just me under the moon, in front of the ocean playing. One, two, three, the rest of the orchestra joins in, and I open my eyes. The music begins to exhilarate me, change me, and makes me feel unstoppable. Then all of a sudden a girl pops into my mind, the room empties, and there is no one there. I am completely alone on stage in the darkness playing. My playing becomes more intense, rapid, and involuntary. There is blood everywhere…and then there is me, but it really is not me. I appear monstrous, and I am attacking the fair girl. Then all of a sudden the girl falls down, and the individual in front of me turns with dripping blood from his mouth, and he just looks at me with pain, with pity, and with curiosity. Next thing I knew a tremendous wave of clapping pulls me back into reality, and I find myself back in the concert as if nothing ever happened. My breath is rapid, and my heart beat is uncontrollable. I could feel sweat on my face and the stare of concern from Professor Marcus burning through me. I quickly stand up, and abruptly leave the stage.

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