Benighted Essence

July 15, 2010
By Goldielocks BRONZE, Colton, California
Goldielocks BRONZE, Colton, California
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Chapter One
The days seem to never end. They are painful and I yearn to leave this wretched world. The night is still, yet it screams with fear. Alone I stand.

“Aghhhh!” Was all I could hear myself say.The voices seem to never end! I hear their cry for help…their despair. Yet, I feel nothing. I gripped to the side of the tree- as to ease the pain, but it’s no use. I feel like ripping every single human apart! I could see blood dripping from my mouth unto my black satin shirt. At least the shirt is black and the stain won’t be to easily noticed. Living among the mortal was tiring. I did not know how much longer I could withstand without feeding. It was about three a.m. and there should be no one outside roaming around-except for the occasional homeless person. The pain within my head became too great, and I buckled, feeling my knees and hands clawing themselves deep throughout the dirt. Blood came spilling out as I coughed. Then in the corner of my mind I could picture a young girl- no more than five miles away walking to what seemed to be her car. God she smelled delicious and I had to feed soon or else …. my body suddenly tensed up and I could not make myself think about the horrific thought. In what seemed to be less than a minute I was already less than ten feet away from her standing over the building above her, hovering like a dangerous animal. I was repulsive-the pulse …her pulse drew me in and I jumped off the ledge and had her within my grasp. My left hand was around her waist and my right hand was under her chin… lifting it up ever so slightly so that I could see the moon light shine upon her translucent skin. The young girl stood no chance, and I knew that she would not even have the slightest time to give out a single cry. I whispered, “deamantukon, my child-sleep,” and the fair girl lay limp upon my arms. My fangs exerted and I bit her right below the neck line. Her body jerked, but I just held her tighter. A jolt of unfamiliarity, burning desire, and bewilderment shot through my body. The young girl’s blood was like no other …it did not taste human- it tasted powerful and then my heart felt like it might have stopped (or at least what seemed to be left of my humanity),and then I realized what she was. Well, at least a sense of what she was. She felt indescribably pure, yet tainted by something more evil than I. I tried to process the information through my mind…but….but I just stood there holding her in my arms, and tried not to drain her dry. I knew I had to stop, but the need to drink her empty was too demanding. Then with all my might my fangs receded and I stumbled back, leaving the young girl to fall down upon the stealth of the graveled floor. I anxiously tried to back from her unconscious body, kicking and panting. I saw her blood gloriously and beautifully spill upon the gravel, my eyes fixated on her enticing neck. The urge to end her life right there and then was too immense. Then the pain that was there before, returned tenfold. I jerked back screaming with pain, panting with agony. Then I felt something moving within my body, so I desperately and rapidly ripped of my shirt. My body was convulsing, but the thing that was moving within me was not in my chest or stomach. I slowly and cautiously moved my right had to my right shoulder and froze the second I felt the two slits growing on the back of my two shoulder blades. “No!” I screamed. How can this be! I had fallen! There should be nothing there! I felt frustration and anger grow within me. I had to get away before someone saw me. So I swiftly got up and looked around to make sure no eyes were lurking in the night that had witnessed the event. Then in what would be invisible to the naked eye of a human, I picked up the girl and opened her car leaving her in it. Then I closed her door and got my blood soaked shirt…or what was left of it after I ripped it off me. I disappeared…all along dwelling on the fact that this beautiful stranger actually gave me the will or motivation to not take her life.
I got home around five a.m., and I was completely exhausted. Living in Greece had its perks. The ocean always surrounded you and the moon was the most beautiful on this side of the world. The air carried with it the smell of salt and the feeling of peace. I felt at home here, well at least more at home than anywhere else. I knew I had to get some sleep before I would have to go attend classes tomorrow, but I hated to sleep. I had horrible dreams, dreams about death, pain, and perdition. Every time I slept I felt like I was somebody else. Like the me now, was not the real me…I felt like I had a life that was completely different from the life I have now (a poor excuse for a life). I felt utterly and desperately alone and lost, but then again I deserved it. As I looked out my bedroom’s window I started to undress myself. I took off my shirt then I walked over to the vintage battered full view mirror. I stared at myself…I looked monstrous. My eyes were still dilated and were completely engulfed in the color of a crimson gray, no white visible. My chin down to my abdominal section was covered with the dry flaky blood of the girl I had bitten. Her blood still called to me, it engulfed me with every sweet, salty whiff I took of breath. Get a grip! I thought to myself. Noticing that my breath had gotten rapid and deep, I resumed undressing myself, when I froze again. Slowly I turned my back to the mirror to see if the slits on my back were still there. They were, and I just kept staring at them in disbelief. They were anything but appealing. They looked like if someone had gotten a dagger and recklessly stabbed me on my two shoulder blades. The two cuts were deep and messy, leaving the area surrounding the cuts completely pink and purple with swelling, just staring at them made my hands tremble with pain. As I looked deeper into the two slits I realized that something was growing in them and whatever that was, was fighting to protrude itself outward. “Great!” I snarled, throwing my hands upward on my head and shaking my spiky pitch black hair everywhere in frustration. Sometimes I still managed to amaze myself at how forgetful and naïve I could be. I knew exactly what they were, and let me say…god can be a sick jerk sometimes. I walked over to the bathroom and laid in the hot tub, and then I just completely submerged myself under water. The scorching hot water felt good upon my skin. Then I opened my eyes and saw as the water went from clear to a red foggy color. My eyes started to get heavy, and the next thing I knew my mind went blank.
It was night, and I could see a huge and beautiful mansion no more than half a mile away. The mansion looked like if it had endured years and years of history and time, it was completely situated in the blackness of nowhere. I turned as to try to see anything recognizable. Nothing came to me; all I could see for miles and miles on was open meadow. “Where was I?” I tried to reason within my head. The moon above me was completely full and beautiful, surrounded by countless transparent clouds making it appear dreamlike and overpowering. “That’s it! I must be dreaming!” I thought desperately. “But, where was I?” I decided to walk towards the mansion to see if something would give me a clue as to where I was. The closer I got to it, the more the pain within my heart grew, and also the bizarre sense of familiarity of home I felt. But, the hurt and sadness within my heart grew with every step I took closer to the mansion. Then an impulsive and impeding urge to turn around pulled inside me, and then I saw her…the girl from the parking lot that I had bitten, and my stomach felt like it lifted up and fell to the ground, leaving with it a feeling of nervousness and anxiety. She appeared powerful, graceful and ever so beautiful. She was walking through a long hallway that was surrounded by windows, and therefore, visible for all to see outside and inside of the building itself. Her hair was down to just above her waist. It was wavy and the color of a soft red brown. She was curvaceous, but had the smallest waist I had ever encountered myself with. Everything about her body screamed beautiful! Down to her thick and long graceful legs, and up to her full chest. I could not really see her face all that clear, but what I did see was and will always be memorable. When I had bitten her I knew that she was beautiful, but I did not really notice how stunning she was until now, and for that I had the need for her blood to thank for, I suppose my need for her blurred my vision to see her in detail. Ironic I thought. Usually I dreamt about war and death, and pain. However, today I saw myself staring at this beautiful creature. For some reason that I could not fathom…my heart felt like it knew this stranger. My heart called to her, it felt warm and happy, yet saddened beyond belief. These were feelings I had not felt for a very, very long time. So I just stood there with my right hand up to my heart, grasping it as to desperately trying to console it…catching a last glimpse of the girl, I woke up.

Chapter Two

God I have a headache… s**t! I am late to class yet again. Professor Marcus will definitely have my b***s on a platter this time. I rapidly got dressed into a white cotton collar shirt, followed by dark casual blue jeans, and a black leather jacket. Greece this time of year was nothing, but engulfed in ferocious winds, and below fifty degrees Fahrenheit, weather. As I finished putting on my black boots, and finished combing my hair with my fingers; I ran down the stairs. “Ten minutes left….great!” I snarled. I will never make it in time, not even with riding my bike. I guess there is no use might as well get something to eat I thought. I decided to go to the local café three blocks away from the University of Athens. This is no ordinary café…lets just say they serve my kind of drink….blood. When I got there I saw Micah, who motioned me to the corner of the counter. “Morning sunshine. Rough morning? You don’t look so good.” he teased with the emotion of delight upon his face. “Cram it Micah. I am in no mood today. Where’s my usual?” I asked with irritability in my voice. “Allright, Alright princess; here is your usual enjoy. I swear Airell with every century you get meaner and uglier.” he replied.“Ha ha very funny you p***k.” I teased while messing his hair up with my hands, and then giving him a punch on the shoulder. “See you later!” I called out from behind as I exited the busy café.

Chapter Three

I was finally home. I missed the fresh cold mornings of Spain that with it brought the smell of coral from the ocean. I sighed as I took in the sight of the view outside my bedroom window. God was it beautiful. “Acacia? I mean your majesty?” I turn around to find Alexandria my childhood friend standing just outside my door completely paralyzed. “Alexandria!!!!” I run to her and hug her. “I have missed you so much my friend. How have you been? Tell me everything! I insist.” I took a step to take a closer look at her, and she just stood there completely motionless. Why was she acting this way? “Alexandria is everything all right? “ I ask. Then all of sudden she hurls herself towards me and hugs me hard. “I thought you would never come back” she whispered into my ear. “Of course I would be back, it takes a great deal more to get rid of me.” I laugh, while taking a step back to see her face. My god did she change. She was absolutely gorgeous. She had grey blue eyes with a hint of yellow in the iris, while her hair was completely short just above the neckline. Her hair was no longer than five inches, except for the few bangs she had freely laid back, showing off her beautiful face and neckline. Her physic was lean and toned, all shown by her tight black workout pants and black tank top, which were completely wet with sweat. “I can’t believe we have been apart for so many years Alexandria.” I manage to say. “Six years to be exact your majesty.” she said while she wiped sweat from her arms and walked towards the window, looking at it in a manner that was almost painful to witness. I sat down on the side of what used to be my bed and said, “Training can do that to you believe me, and by the way don’t refer to me as majesty. You of all people Alexandria should know that.” I said, while shifting my weight downwards to take off my black suede, slip back heels. “Why not? After all that is what you are Acacia, and I will not disrespect you your highness.” Alexandria’s face tensed up, and for some reason I could have sworn that I saw a tear roll down her right cheek.“I must leave; I have to finish training the new officers.” She bowed and left with a “your highness”, and started to exit the door.” I grabbed her by the wrist, and she stopped.“Look at me Alexandria………look at me please, I beg of you.” I whispered. She turned around and grabbed both my wrists while pinning them both against the bed, which threw my whole body backwards towards the bed. She was fast, way too fast. Next thing I knew her lips touched mine ever so softly. I tried to push her back, but she stopped me, and left me motionless when she said, “Acacia, this…this is what is wrong with me.” She slowly released my wrists, while she lowered her lips to mine for what seemed like another kiss, but I rapidly turned my head to the right. I was in shock; I did not know what to say….I felt completely and utterly out of my element. I felt weak. I could feel the hurt shutter through Alexandria’s body in response to my reaction to the kiss. She lifted herself off me in what seemed to take an eternity. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks for some reason. Then I felt Alexandria’s hand touch my cheek and dry them away. After that she left without another word being said.

It literally took me about an hour of just lying on my bed in the darkness to even try to attempt to understand what had happened between me and Alexandria. I knew that I had to get up and get ready for my welcoming dinner, but I just did not know how I would be able to be around Alexandria. I took a big breath, and stood up, for some reason I felt dizzy, and my head started to hurt immensely. I stood up and started to walk towards the bathroom to take a shower. God did I felt like the walking dead. I undressed myself and took a scorching hot shower. The water felt good, and it seemed to help with my nerves and stress, if only by a bit. Once I was finished with showering I started to dress myself with a burgundy red lacy dress that was long, and simple. My hair was completely down, and I wore no makeup. However, the one thing that I did make sure to wear was the black ruby necklace that Airell had given me for my birthday. It had a cross in the middle of it, but it was not showy, just elegant and beautiful. To own a black ruby was rare, for I owned the only one ever found in the world. No one had ever heard of such a ruby, and when Airell had given it to me, I think that it was the way that it was because of him. I kept walking down the long corridor. “My daughter, you have grown into such a beautiful young woman.” The voice that broke my inner thoughts was my father. He gave me a light hug and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I kissed him back and smiled, while one of the waiters took my chair and motioned me to sit. My stomach sang like a canary, and was churning without rest. It was all really because I was so nervous to finally be in the presence of my father again. He meant everything to me now; for he was the only family I had left. Everything was moving in slow motion, as the eyes of the table looked at me with distrusting eyes. I smiled back, and the façade of my world began yet again.

The author's comments:
This piece is still unfinished. Right now I am only posting chapters 1-3. Thank you.

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