Elven War

July 14, 2010
By cheeseburger BRONZE, Iowa City, Iowa
cheeseburger BRONZE, Iowa City, Iowa
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an author can be seen as three things a writer, a teacher, and a magician

It all started when the humans started to cut down the elves forest. The elves were angry about that because you cut down a tree you kill an elf.

"we have to do something about the human infestation cutting our trees" said the elven leader" raise your bows and swords and dispose of this human scum"

"yes"yelled the whole elven council.

The whole elven army including me ,an archer, headed into the outskirts of our forest home and marched to the human encampment. We sent three scouts ahead to see the force we had to fight. Scarly only one scout came back with reports of thousands of humans armed with new weapons called guns. The guns fired tiny projectiles called bullets that go through skin.

We needed more help. Our leader knew that we needed help to. We were the closest city to the outskirts of the forest. Our leader sent a runner to each of major cities for troops. The next day over two thousand elven troopers arrived for the war.

Reports came from our outposts that humans had overun the outposts. The humans slaugtered all the elves they could and only a few humans died. We decided to set up archers camoflauged in the trees. While the swordelves would create a ring around the city. Then all of a sudden you could see them under you and you heard gunfire

The author's comments:
I was laying on the grass thinking about magic then it hit me modern man meets magic.

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