Rays of Dark or Light?

July 13, 2010
Okay, whoever is reading this my name is Ray. I live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, with no adult supervision, no civilization, just 4 other kids like me. Well technically we’re not kids. We’re… freaks, yeah, that’s the word, but more on that later. I am writing this letter to let you know that, this is a story about me and my family, (If that’s what you want to call us)and that if you choose to read on, you will become personally involved with our mission.
You have been warned.

Chapter 1
I’m Ray, (in case you haven’t already noticed) the oldest and considered the leader, I’m 18. My right hand man (or woman in this case) is Shirl. She is only two months younger than I am, and she’s about 5 or 6 inches shorter.
Okay, after her the next in line is Blake. He is only 16. Then there’s Hailey. She just turned 13 so she is sort of a drama queen. God save her soul. And last but not least, there is Ali. She is the youngest at age eight, so she is considered the baby of the “family”.
Actually none of us are biological siblings. But we all grew up in the same place. We don’t have parents; we were created by scientists in a special lab. Remember when I said that they were like me? We all have different and unique powers. We’re similar because of our powers. Because of that I think that we were created for one purpose.
I think we were created to save the world.
“Do you really think we really were made to save the world?” asked Ali. Ah, Ali. I pulled her up onto my lap. “Well do you?” She persisted.
“I guess so. Do I?”
She concentrated for a moment. “Yeah, you do.”
“Well then, there’s your answer.” She smiled, hopped off of my lap and hurried over to Shirl, who was kneeling nearby collecting some blackberries and setting them in a basket.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you about our, umm, special abilities.
First of all we are all stronger than your average body builder. We can all (yes even Ali) over turn a mustang without breaking a sweat, no joke. And we are all fast. Like faster than 50 or 60 miles per hour. I’m not sure, we don’t really keep track. Now onto personal powers:
I have the uncanny and weird ability to kind of predict what someone or something is going to do, also I am just a tad stronger than the other guys in my troop.(that’s what I call my family)
Shirl is faster than the rest of us, nimble, and can heal us really quickly using an ointment that she made herself. And that is really helpful in a battle zone or after a fight, yeah, creepy, I know.
Then there’s Blake. He can move things by looking at them. Oh and he can find clues that we had overlooked. Like when we’re looking for something.
Now Hailey, I guess you could call her gifts, well, dangerous, if you look at it a certain way. She can influence people. Yes as in control their brain. Also she can speak just about any language in the modern world. And seeing how she is a teenager now, her abilities can get kind of scary. I mean she can convince me or Shirl to let her stay up till midnight. Or if she is in one of her dramatic sweeps and she is mad at you, she could swear at you in (let’s say) Swedish and you wouldn’t know it. But it can still come in handy.
And last but not least, there’s Ali. Of us all she is the one who really hit the “jackpot”. She can calm the emotions of both animals and humans. She can also read minds and talk to animals. So if you happen to see a group of wild horses marching in a straight line toward the nearest watering hole, you know whose fault it is.
Like I said, we live in a secluded forest in the middle of freaking nowhere.
So next time you go on a hike feel free to-

Chapter 2
One minute I was sitting on a rock telling you about my life, and the next second I was flat on my stomach, dust and debris flying around me. Then I hopped up and was in a fighting stance.
There was a shriek behind me as a tree plummeted to the ground just 6 inches from Shirl and Ali’s feet. I raced to where they were, but Shirl had already leaped off the ground and whistled to the rest of the troop (wow, she knows me really well. That’s exactly what I would do). Within the second Hailey, Blake, Shirl, and I had all surrounded Ali in a protective fighting formation.
A crash told me that the demons of hell were ripping through the trees to their claws on us. With their muscles twitching from the smell of our blood and flesh the Famines (large catlike creatures who are extremely strong and flexible, we’re not sure whether they are male or female.) charged.
“Go!!” I yelled. The troop didn’t need telling twice.
Shirl immediately sprang foreword and was locked in a catfight (get it? Never mind.) with the nearest Famine. Blake was already battling one side by side with Hailey. Ali was being Ali. She must have been doing her calming thing because one of the 200 pound Famines stopped (which is totally unlike them) and fell face foreword onto the ground with a satisfying crunch as its nose broke under it.
I heard a fist whistle by my ear as a missed punch to my head, and I sprang into action. I quickly dropped to the ground and kicked the ugly beast’s legs out from under it. The Famine gave a shriek of pain as its butt landed on a sharp rock. While it was still registering the pain, I kicked it under the chin and its head snapped back. I saw the eyes roll back in its head as the thing slipped out of consciousness.
Strong arms wrapped around me and started to squeeze. I did the only thing I could do. I shoved my heel into the foot of the creep behind me. It screeched and let me go. I was about to turn and bring my wrath down on it, when another one came and raked its filthy claws across my face. I punched it in the stomach and watched as it crumpled. The Famines have glass guts!
“Troop,” I called. “Get them in the gut!”
I turned around and kicked the one behind me in its very delicate middle. As the Famine doubled over, clutching its stomach a moan from somewhere beside me reached my ears.
I started to turn, but then I saw where the sound came from. Shirl was lying on the ground surrounded by 4 of the hideous, snarling brutes. I rushed over to her beaten, limp body.
I grabbed a collar and flung my arm back as hard as I could. The Famine gave a squeal of surprise and pain as its head knocked hard against a solid tree trunk. Then I started punching and kicking my way through the clawing finks. When the last of them was knocked cold we all gathered where Shirl was sitting up carefully and pulling out her ointment.
As they were coming I looked over the troop. Blake had scratches on his arms, a split lip and some bruises, Hailey had some cuts on her face and a black eye, but Ali had barely a mark. Shirl got the sharp end of the stick so to speak. She had bruises all over her arms and face. Her shirt was practically shredded, and underneath were long gashes where one of the Famines had raked its clawed at her side. And she was practically doubled over where one of them had punched her in the gut, and she was wheezing.
Every one sat down in front of her. Panting, she unscrewed the cap on the ointment bottle, and dipped 3 fingers into the container and brought out a generous amount of ointment. Then she motioned for Blake to come forward. He crawled up in front of her and Shirl started to spread the ointment onto the sensitive and bruised skin. Blake winced a little bit but toughed it out.
Shirl did the same for everyone else. Then it was my turn.
I slid carefully up to her, and she inspected my face and arms. She looked startled, but her face cleared in an instant. Her delicate fingers dipped carefully into the mixture. I stared at her face evenly while her hand came up and touched my cheek. For a moment all I could feel was her soft hands and the cool ointment against my face, then…..

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Ellawind said...
Aug. 6, 2010 at 12:09 am
I like the story line, but if you haven't already read this you might want to read the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. It's veeery similar. 
Lindsay replied...
Aug. 12, 2010 at 3:19 pm

I already have. That is where I got the inspiration. Please tell your friends about it if you havenn't already, if enough  people like it, I'll see if I can get it published.

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