what does God think of me?

July 13, 2010
By AmberNrichard SILVER, Mesquite, Texas
AmberNrichard SILVER, Mesquite, Texas
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"if you love somebody let them go, if they love you they will come back, if not then it was never meant to be"

God has really been speaking to me a lot here lately. there was a question that i heard not too long ago at church camp. it was asked by brother silas, a missionary from austraila. the question that he asked was "what does God really think of me?". that is a question that i had never really asked myself before. many people go through life thinking that they never sin. noone is perfect, we all sin. people also have the wrong outlook on who God really is.i am very thankful to be a child of God. having God in my life has changed me for the better.when i have any problems in life i always try to turn to God, because i know that he will help me through it all.i have a lot of trust in God and whatever direction he has planned for my life to go in.i accepted God into my life june 20th 2009. i was really amazed of all of the thoughts and feelings i was expeirencing. i had a feeling of relief go through me that i was now safe and that i no longer had to worry. i had no more hurt in my heart.i am now looking forward to spreading Gods word to all the people that surround me. i have learned a lot about my realtionship with God. it is so easy for people to just pass up the awesome oppertunity of accepting God into their lives.there are several distractions in this world today that is keeping us away from God.so i look back at the question, "what does God really think about me?", and i now find my answer i just had to look back on all of the things that i have accomplished in life as well as all the things that i have not accomplished.

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i believe in my heart that if you just go through life worrying all the time then that means that you truely do not have God in your heart. when you have God in your heart and you truely believe in him then you will have no worry in your life because he will solve all of your problems.you just have to believe in him.

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