Colors of the Rainbow

July 12, 2010
By KatyMary SILVER, Cross Lanes, West Virginia
KatyMary SILVER, Cross Lanes, West Virginia
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‘Realizing you’re alone is the worst feeling in the universe. Realizing how stupid you were to open up that text that you knew wasn’t going to be pleasant, is even worse. Saying its over is one thing, meaning it is another. Hope… well that’s a different story. Life doesn’t seem worth living without hope, but in my case, I have nothing to lose.’
I shut the journal and slid it under my bed, enough emotional drama for one day. Jonas broke up with me over a text, totally insensitive and uncaring, like he didn’t want me in the first place. I sighed and whimpered. I wonder if he was with someone else. My heart was broken over a text, and I might have to consider not dating for awhile. But see the problem with that is, if your friends with Holly Mae, you don’t even have a chance to pick up the broken pieces before she gets you hooked up with ‘The One’. Yeah, Jonas, Damien, Garrett, and Robert were supposed to be ‘The Ones’. Look where that got me, a chest full of sharp glass that would take months to reassemble.
“Alice, School in fifteen!” My Mom called up the staircase. I knew she knew I was going through another heartbreaker. Mothers always know those things. I slid off my bed and walked downstairs. She took one look at me, and then looked at her watch. “Sit down baby, we’ll talk about it.” My bottom lip puffed out and tears started streaming from my eyes.
“It was so unexpected! He was so sweet to me at the school dance; he even bought me a ring.” I complained into her now soaked work shirt. She put her finger underneath my chin and forced me to look at her. Her eyes were sincere, and I could see the wrinkles forming on her forehead. The grays sprouting out of her beautiful auburn hair were probably caused by me.
“Alice,” She began, “When you meet the boy worth crying over, he won’t make you cry.” I smiled and she kissed my forehead. “Time to go.” I nodded and wiped my eyes. She was totally right, I shouldn’t be this beaten up about Jonas. But another part of me protested. What if she was wrong? Jonas might be the one, and there was a reason for this. I shrugged and grabbed my messenger bag, time to tell Holly not to take her match making service to Entertainment news.
I walked into my first class of the day at Cross Catholic High School. It was Mr. Harvey’s class on survival skills. He may know how to survive, but not socially.
“Heyyyyy.” Holly whispered, drawling out the ‘y’ to show her disappointment in me, I set my books down and took a seat. “My girl is never late for class! What’s up?” I looked at her and bit my lip.
“Jonas…” Holly’s eyes grew large, and her eye brow furrowed.
“I’m gonna get that little wormy son of a-“
“Holly!” I exclaimed clamping my hand over her mouth before she screamed the profanity throughout the class. Cross Catholic was a very ‘Do this you go to heaven, do this you go to hell’ kind of school. Only god knows what would happen to her if Mr. Harvey, of all people, heard her say that. I realized I had drawn attention to myself, and I took my hand off her mouth. There was cherry lip gloss on my hand and I wiped it on her desk. She shot me a try-that-one-more-time look and stuck her tongue out playfully at me.
“Ladies…Are we done?” Mr. Harvey asked looking at us over the brim of his overly large glasses. But as the school motto goes. ‘Cross Catholic does not judge, for we are servers of the lord.’ If it wasn’t for that so called ‘code’ that the entire school functions by, Mr. Harvey would be made fun of. Or as I would like to say, I would make fun of him. Holly smiled and pasted on her innocent face.
“My, whatever do you mean Mr. Harvey?” She asked, blinking her mascara coated eyelashes, and twirling her bleach blond hair. Mr. Harvey blinked and cleared his throat.
“Okay class. Get your text books out.” I could swear that Holly had supernatural powers that gave her an advantage over people. I know the feeling Mr. Harvey was having about her.
About five minutes until class was over someone knocked on the door. Of course everyone looked. Everyone at, as Holly would put it, Cross Catheter, stays in everyone’s business, and stays out of no ones. Mr. Harvey looked through the door’s window and waved… What a dork. As he opened the door I could see a staff member standing there with three gothic looking kids behind her.
“Kids… I’d like you to meet the new transfer students,” She pointed to a girl with a lip ring and jet black hair, “Kara,” Next was a lanky boy with bright, florescent green eyes… that were looking straight at me, “Vladimir,” Then was a girl that looked the part of ‘Goldie Locks’ in a Tim Burton styled Movie, “Tracie.” The name matched the looks.
“Welcome to survival 316.” Mr. Harvey lamely pronounced. I looked over at Holly, who was looking from Vladimir to me as the Goths took their seats. She leaned over and whispered in my ear.
“Oh he’s the One! I can feel it!” I stared at her incredulously. She really thought I was going to believe her after four guys? Wow, this girl never stops.
“Hey there.” Someone said behind me, I gulped at the familiarity in his voice. I thought he was absent! I even hacked into the school files to make sure that he was on vacation this week! I looked to Holly who was too busy flipping him off. I turned around,
“Hi Jonas. Where have you been? The class is almost over.” My heart flopped to the bottom of my stomach as I realized it really was him.
“I had to go to the counselor for some advice. I want you to read this after class.” He said looking as if he wasn’t going to hurt me again, like we were best buds even though he shattered my heart. I sighed and remembered my Mom’s advice. Breathe.
“Alright.” I turned back around to look at Holly, who still had her middle finger waving in the air like the American flag. I gave her a stern look and looked at Mr. Harvey who was turned around writing tomorrows assignments on the board. I coughed loudly and slapped her hand. She winced and flipped him off one more time for her satisfaction, then gathered her books in unison with me. Mr. Harvey gave us the ‘OK’ to leave his class and everyone jumped up as if tacks were in their seats, couldn’t blame them.
Walking into the hallway was the hardest part. Flashbacks of him catching up to me and slipping his hand around mine tickled at the water in my eyes. I felt a rush of heat pass over my hand and I gasped. Vladimir smiled a snow white smile and kept walking down the endless corridor. He looks and seems extremely familiar, in a creepy way. I watched and waved at Holly as she went to her next class.

The author's comments:
This is a Sample out of the actual story I wrote.

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