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July 17, 2010
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I stared at her, dumbfounded. I just stared at her, what a woman! So elegant, so petite, so desirable. Her charms lure everyone in, and I am one of the victims. Lord Almighty, I can’t resist the urge any longer. I stiffly got up and strode her way arrogantly. She looked up at me form her sitting position with laughing eyes.
“Eshell?” I spit through my teeth.
“Yes?” she asked, genially curious. Her broad lips were in a faint grimace.
“Will you change me?” I grunted, I did not want this, but I went against my better judgment. She grinned and her startlingly white teeth glistened. She took my hand in a caress and led me to a bedroom. Everyone laughed, some even chanted. I looked around innocently. We got to the room and she shut the door gently. I got on the bed. She sat next to me. She patted my soft brown hair and stared at me neck. Her pale white hands stroked my arm. I started to sweat, she wiped it away. She looked up at me with haunting eyes.
“Ready?” she purred.
I nodded. She closed her eyes and smiled slightly. Her white teeth were glistening with venom, she gently pressed her teeth to my neck, and I changed. I was now part of another world. I was now a vampire…

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moonpetal said...
Aug. 6, 2010 at 9:24 am
Hm... Interesting. :D I like it, personally I would add some other pieces as her looking at her (or him whatever) life in the past as a vamp. just me though. off-with-your-head has some nice Twilight pieces to btw. I like it! Nice opening and cliffhanger.
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