July 16, 2010
By , Kalamazoo, MI
Do you know those old stories and folktales about vampires and werewolves? Well a while back some scientists decided that they were going to create them, or recreate them like some people thought. They did create an organism that had all the same genetic makeup as the vampires that supposedly existed. Those little organisms could live off of blood, had extraordinary strength, speed, and didn’t seem to age.

The only problems with those cells were that they multiplied; fast. The scientists found that burning violet flowers for the fumes was one way to kill them after an accident in one of the labs. Almost all of the vapiric organisms were killed; almost all of them. A few got out and took humans as host; slowly turning them into vampires. Others were kept in jars and sold to people who wanted to become vampires.

Since the humans were only hosts, there was no difference in their appearance, the only way to tell if they were vampires was to put fresh blood around them and see if they attacked it and to burn violets and see what people became ill or died. Most vampires were still slightly human and could feel emotions like us; people like my mother. My father didn’t know that she was a vampire until after I was born; but he killed her when he found out.

Some of the traits of the vampires were passed down to me in my mother’s womb such as strength but, I still aged and didn’t need blood. It tempted me when it was around but, I could survive without it. A lot of people became vampire hunters after they started killing innocents, like my father. He was head of the vampire hunters and I was supposed to take his place if something happened or he died but, I had other plans.

I didn’t like hunting, didn’t like killing, and didn’t like torture so I didn’t fit in their category. My father took a place as high as king in our organization so that would make me princess. Sometimes I wish I was a vampire, that way I could just escape my life because all of the killing and training was not in my forte. A few of the vampires found a way to protect themselves from the violet fumes, so the only complete way to kill them was to somehow get the violets into their systems through their blood.

I, unlike most people, don’t blame people for wanting to become vampires. To live forever, to never have to worry about getting sick and never getting old; the only price to pay was a little guilt.

I am the daughter of the man who started the vampire hunter’s organization and the one who would take over when he dies. I will tell you my story, if you promise not to tell. My name is Violet.

It was warm night, the sun had just set, the crickets began to chirp, and a fight was brewing on a public street; a fight between the vampires and their hunters. We stood behind our barricades and got out weapons ready. They consisted of dart filled with violet extract or steel bullets covered in the extract from violets. The men and women made their aim and fired. A few of the vampires coming towards us slowly dropped to the ground and writhed in pain.

They aimed again and more vampires fell to the pavement in pain. Since they were in fighting distance, the hunters took out swords and knives covered in violet extract and began fighting with their enemies.

I sat against one of the walls of a local building and covered my ears because the screams were heartbreaking to hear. Tears fell out of my eyes and I wanted to stop the fighting but I knew I would get killed if I did try. The small war was closer to me then I would have liked. A loud thump sounded next to me; a boy laid there, cringing as the violets entered his system. I took what little chance I had and dragged him as far as I could. I rested his head on my legs as I inspected him.

“Who…are…you?” He croaked and looked at me with bloodshot eyes.

“I’m the one who is going to save you,” I told him and lifted my wrist to his mouth. “Drink.”

“No,” He fought and tried to get up.

“It’ll help; I’ve injected the antidote into my veins so that I could help one of you if I had the chance. Now drink or you won’t have a chance,” I pushed my wrist and closed my eyes waiting for the pain. He put his tongue to my wrist trying to find the vein and then bit. I could feel him moving and regaining his strength as I lost mine. He stopped himself when I was dizzy and disoriented.

“Why did you help me?” He asked as he sat me up against the wall.

“I’m not…like those people. I…don’t want to fight you,” I whispered and shrunk into his arm, that was holding me up, as a loud bang rang through the streets.

“You don’t want to be here do you?” He asked and picked me up.

“Where are we going?” I was confused, slightly scared and excited. He used his inhuman speed and took off somewhere with me in his arms. We stopped in a nearby park, sitting on the bench placed in front of the lake. “What’s your name?” I fiddled with my thumbs; I had never really talked to a vampire before.

“Jacob,” He said and studied me, I guess he hadn’t talked to a human in a while. “And yours is?”

“Violet,” I said smugly and gave him a curt nod. He laughed and almost fell off the bench.

“Violet? You know that you are what are killing us right?” He joked and I laughed along with him.

“I didn’t choose my name, my father did.” He looked at me with wonder on his face.

“Who is your father?” I sighed, did he need to know?

“The man who is trying to kill you off,” I looked up at him to see his reaction.

“Your dad is Michael Trubos? The one who is head of the organization, so that means you’re his daughter, the one who is half vampire?” He looked confused. I nodded; he started backing away. “You are the one who started this whole thing,” He growled. “If you were never born, your mother and father would have lived happily and this war would have never started. The only reason your father started that organization was because he knew what we were capable of, but only after you were born. Your little craving for blood set the trigger off in his mind.”

“You think it was my fault,” I stated and felt ashamed.

“I know it was your fault, you craved blood the second you were born and your father knew that it wasn’t from his side of the family,” He roared and walked straight up to my face. “You’re the reason my brother is dead.” All of the sudden, he dropped to the ground and struggled in pain as someone tied his hands in chains.

“Jacob,” I shrieked. Strong arms pulled me back and away from the vampire. “Dad,” I turned to him. “What are you going to do to him?” He let me go and I crumbled on the ground and sobbed.

“We have to kill him honey,” He tried to get me to stop crying but I pushed him away.

“You can’t, please,” I gripped onto his shirt and it tore as he tried to back away. My sobs became halted as a menacing look took place in my father’s eyes.

“I will do what I think is right,” He stated and followed the other men towards the holding cells.

“You always do what you think is right, but do you really know what is right? Do you know for a fact?” I screamed and raised my arms up to the sky in a bigger question than what I asked.

“I know that he will be one less monster roaming the streets,” He retorted and took Jacob by his hands that were tied behind his back. “Do you think that he is good?” Jacob’s eyes were bloodshot once again and his skin had a gray pigment to it. He had cuts all over his body and his canine teeth were pushed out; a low growl came out of his lips.

“If you kill him, you mine as well kill me too, I am a monster,” I smirked knowing he would never do the request.

“You’re not a monster,” My father snarled and pushed Jacob on the ground. “You have half my chromosomes in your body, you’re not all monster,” He said softly.

“You think of mom as a monster, and I think you are one, so I mine as well be just as bad as him,” I sighed and walked forward.

“You really think of me that badly?” He frowned playfully and ran a hand through his hair
“By the time you realize what I really think of you, I’ll be dead,” I grabbed a vile of violet extract from my back pocket and shoved the needle in my arm. My vision blurred as the antidote and poison mixed in my veins.

That was my last stand. My last words. My last breath. My last straw. The first step I took towards death was the first step I took towards my life.

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