New Soul Chap. 1

July 16, 2010
By huskiebaseball101 BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
huskiebaseball101 BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
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I'm an average, ordinary, everyday twelve year old and boy does it suck. I get treated like a child by my cousins and teachers and even worse my sister. My sister Katie does everything to make me feel small and young. I am small and young but that's no excuse.I live with my cousins that absolutely hate me. I'm treated like scum to them, their own personal waiter. And I'm tired of that. The reason I live with these no good rotten people I call family is because my parents were murdered earlier this year. What happend was I spent the night with my friend Alec that lives across the street from my old house. We saw the flames from his family room where we were sleeping. He screamed at me and locked me in the room. I caught a glimpse of his long knife as he closed the door.
"This is for your own protection Cacey, dont leave this room until I come get you!"He had a different edge in his voice that night that I wont ever forget. He almost scared me. That night I heard screams and clashes of steel and a horn. The horn had a sort of eerie call but instantaneously after the call more screams flooded the streets. I couldnt stand not to kniow what was going on outside, so I rammed the door with renewed power. I'd never felt as strong as this and it felt.............amazing. Adrenaline rush? Maybe but it was brand new to me. So after breaking loose of the splinters and ruble from the door I scrambled to my feet and sprinted out of Alec's house. Looking around in amazement I screamed.............because I saw the hooded group of men with bows and quivers of arrows, others with swords and knives, the huge wolves chasing them with their bloodthirsty determinatiion, and my best friend, Alec in a one on one battle with a woman in a red and grey cloak.I screamed when he fell at her sword. She turned and saw me. AS she was walking closer to me with a certain gracefullness, I felt fear climb over my mind. Alec got up and shot an arrow with his bloodwood bow straight at her back, but she twisted and dodged it.........but it hit me right in the gut. I screamed as the fiery pain crept over my whole body. She dropped her sword and laughed triumphently as Alec sprinted to my side. I saw teh oppertunity as she turned her back from me. I picked up her sword awkwardly and felt immediate power run through my body , and suddenly the pain from the arrow was gone. I don't know why I did it but I felt that rush again as I did in the family room of Alec's house. The dark woman turned at me and laughed as I plunged the sword through her stomach. She fell almost to the ground but then hovered above the ground ,still laughing, then....she was gone. Materialized into nothing. Dark red whisps of smoke crept along the ground. Her laugh still echoing among the trees of...........Central Park, I fainted then with Alec yelling my name over me staring at me with a new boy. A little older than me a yew bow in his hand I caught these last words as I lost consciousness "...she dead?"asked the boy curiously. Alec shot him a outraged look."Of course not you can only kill a vampire by plunging it through her heeart!".They bickered for more than a an hour it felt like but I knew was only a minute. Then they both looked at me as I lost consciousness catching the last word Alec said "He's the one!"

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1st chapter of New Soul

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