July 9, 2010
By saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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“Get the hell up soldier! We have an entire army advancing on our position! We need your support!” Major Sanders yelled.
Corporal John Shepard Looked around still dazed by the BFM missile impact on their M23 Scout Helicopter. His team had crashed landed somewhere near Nashville, Tennessee.
Nashville now lies in rubble. Buildings are now mounds of dirt and debris. Fire from burnt down shacks is the only light. Most of the world is now like this after a month of fighting an alien race we have come to know as the Asperdons.


The Asperdons are eight foot tall, muscular aliens who are very violent and who are very aggressive. They have heavily armored suits that have protective shields over them. They are skilled in hand-to-hand combat and they can use a gun. They are the perfect killing machine.
Their first attack on December 21, 2012 was a vicious and catastrophic event. They had over one hundred drop ships and two hundred mother ships. Their first attack was on Washington D.C. where they annihilated the white house. Over ten thousand Asperdons were left there to take out the remaining survivors. After they destroyed Washington D.C. and left it as a pile of dirt and scattered human remains, they marched to Richmond, Virginia.

Virginia was ready for the attack. The militia and the military gathered at a strong hold. As they saw the charging goliaths they opened fire and found out that these creatures are killable. They took down over five hundred Asperdons, but all two hundred mother ships opened fire on the small area leaving a crater one hundred miles wide stretching all the way to Alexandria.

The Asperdons are a cruel race even to their own species. The destruction of Richmond killed all the Asperdons that were on foot. That did not stop the invasion. They simply just brought more troops.

After the extinction of the state of Virginia in only a matter of ten hours, they moved to North Carolina.

On the west side of the United States the Asperdons were doing the same thing. Every country on Earth was becoming extinct slowly.


John stood up realizing the dent in his right shin armor plate. He took the armor off. He walked over the destroyed M23 Scout Helicopter. He found the Weapons crate and opened. He grabbed an OP3 .70 caliber pistol and slid it into his holster. He then picked up a Benelli M1014 shotgun and strapped it to his back. He then grabbed the M4 carbine with a red dot sight and grenade launcher attached. He walked to where Major Sanders was standing.

“Sir, How many are there?”, John asked.

“This is just a small bunch. Maybe one hundred to two hundred. This incoming party is just to kill anybody who was left alive”, He answered.

“One hundred to maybe two hundred. Jesus Christ”, John thought to himself.

He looked around at the crew that had survived the crash. There stood at least ten men who looked scared out of their minds. Each had grabbed the weapons that John had grabbed. They were the only ones available.

The ground started shaking and the team could hear the snarling of the two hundred beasts.

“Every one get to cover! Shepard, you’re with me”, Sanders yelled.

John ran and squatted behind the downed helicopter. He aimed down his sight and waited till he saw the first Asperdon. The creatures face appeared on the red dot. John fired three rounds all hitting the creature and killing it. There was a brief pause. Everyone sat still. No noise.

“What the hell?”, A soldier whispered.


The soldier went flying thirty yards breaking all his ribs that impaled his lungs.

“What the f***!”, A soldier yelled.

John took his shotgun and fired three rounds revealing a cloaked Asperdon that then fell dead.

“They’re cloaked!”, John yelled.

He took his M4 and started spraying his clip everywhere revealing the massive horde of cloaked Asperdon.

A soldier was caught by surprise when an Asperdon was revealed ten feet away from him. The Asperdon charged him and grabbed him picking him up with ease. The creature then grabbed the soldiers head and legs and pulled him apart.

John turned and shot the Asperdon that pulled the soldier apart.

An Asperdon charged John. John sidestepped, pulled out his pistol, and shot the Asperdon in the back of the head.

A plasma charge hit John’s shoulder plate knocking him over. He took his M4 and shot the Asperdon.

Major Sanders was fighting his own fight. He threw grenades into the oncoming crowd. He then took his M4 and sprayed his clip. Twenty Asperdons fell dead from Major Sanders.

John stood up and unstrapped his now ruined shoulder armor. He threw a flash grenade in the crowd. He then took his grenade launcher and launched a grenade into the crowd. It killed thirty Asperdons. Three Asperdons were now charging John.

John had only his pistol left and his commando knife!

John started shooting his pistol as fast as he could. Three bullets went into one of the Asperdons skull. Four more went into the second Asperdons chest armor and then the last shot in his magazine went straight through its thick skull. John then charged at the third one with his ten inch blade. John jumped at the Asperdon. The Asperdon swatted him to the ground. John quickly regained and slashed the Asperdons left knee cap through a slit in its armor. The Asperdon grabbed John’s head and started squeezing. John screamed in pain. He took his knife and stabbed up through the Asperdons arm releasing blood all over his face. The Asperdon screamed in agony letting go of John’s head. John then quickly went to slash the Asperdons neck, but the Asperdon punched John sending him flying ten feet and then crashing on a piece of concrete. The Asperdon got up and walked over to John. John has two broken ribs. John sees the oncoming Asperdon as he sits up.

“Is that all you got?”, John asks courageously.

The Asperdon screams in anger. It charges him.

Boom Boom Boom!

Blood flew onto John’s face. He was surprised. The Asperdon fell in a dead heap onto John smothering him and crushing his rib cage.

Major Sanders rushed over to John and rolled the Asperdon over.

“We did it soldier. They’re retreating”, Major Sanders said.

John looked at him shocked.

“Sir……They never retreat”, John said to the Major.

“S***! Men move now!”, Major Sanders screamed at the remaining team.

The soldiers started sprinting. Sanders grabbed John and started running with him.

The heat came before the light. Sanders, John, and the remaining soldiers had no chance. They disintegrated into ash within three seconds. They have been struck by what is known as the finisher. It’s the Asperdons version of the nuke.

Only a small remainder of humans last on the dying Earth.

The author's comments:
Just something I threw together in a short amount of time. Hope you enjoy!!!!!

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