The Whisper/pg.1

July 8, 2010
I never knew till that day I, Sara Michelle Smith, could ever be in a situation this complicated. On Septemeber 23rd, 2010, I was on the road driving my brand new Chevy Camaro that I got for my 16th birthday this year. As I turned onto the highway, I notice a bright light on my left. I turned and saw a huge pick-up truck coming toward me full speed. Before I could even move, it hit me like no tommorrow killing me, but what I remember before I died was that I saw complete darkness except for a tiny bit of light with wings clashing into each other. For some reason, I grabbed up and pulled down a small emulet necklace. It seemed to have a small bottle containing some sort of substance inside it but on the outside in the middle was a tiny ruby that glistened in light. Til that day, I have been wearing it on my neck as my teacher or should i say friend, Sara, told me to wear it all the time.

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