Moonmaid : A mermaid Novel : Chapter One

June 30, 2010
By JustWriteee SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
JustWriteee SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Never let anyone else's expectations get in the way of who you want to be.

The days seemed to just fly by when ever I was at work at Sea World. I do a lot of stuff here at Sea World, like for example: I feed the dolphins fish. There's one dolphin who's my favorite- Vicious. Vicious just short of her name, but she's not like that around me. She's kind, lovable, laughable around me. But whenever some stranger thinks they can pet her, well, the rest is history.

Wearing my black swimsuit I dive into the water, feeling the freshness and pureness of the water against my skin. Vicious comes forward to greet me (and of course she wants fish too) her rostrum (beak) nudges on my hand. "Hey there girl," I stroke her melon (forehead). Vicious's voice rises into a familiar high-squeaky squeal.

"I knew that you were hear somewhere." David's familiar voice says. David is my best friend/on and off boyfriend (on). He has brownish-blondish short curls (that look really hot). His eyes are sea-green and whenever you stare into them- it's like looking into his soul.

I love David with the every ounce of humanity in me, but right now it got on my nerves that he was here. Why? I don't really know, maybe it's because I have a killer headache from having to clean Ick on the bottom of the whale's tank. A lot of that Ick got in my hair so I had to use the employee shower to take it out. So viola, I'm in a bad mood.

"Oh, hey." I finally say after that long and awkward silence.

"I just wanted to tell you that boss wants you to go home and get some rest, cause' he says you've worked real hard and all." He says, as he ruffles his hair with his hand.

"Oh, thanks." I said, realizing it's the second time I've said "Oh".

"I was wondering I get off in about thirty-minuets, so would you like to catch a movie, you know, with me?" David asks.

It's pretty hard for him to ask out dates, and I know he's at his best. So why don't I say yes and we can go watch some chick flick that he doesn't want to watch but he'll do for me? Reason number one: Homework. Senior year is suffocating me with homework these days. Reason two: Delilah is going to be curious. What am I suppose to tell her? She warned me that eventually he was going to ask me out again. She doesn't want me with him anymore because supposedly he's going to break my heart like last time we hit it off. So am I going to put my heart at risk? (Maybe.) I can't because in the long months it'll be a pain-in-th-a** and I'll be wondering what would happen if I said no.

"I have a lot of homework to do, and Delilah and I were going to, um, have a sleepover tonight." I said. Oh s***! Why in the world did I tell him that? Not only is Delilah going to have to come to my house tonight for the supposed sleepover, but she might not. If she doesn't come over David is my neighbor he'll figure out that I'm avoiding him. I don't want to avoid him! I want to be in his arms and hear him tell me he loves me. But for right now, it's best if we stay apart.

"That's cool, um, I'll catch you around Monday at school. Kay'?" He says, while fumbling with his ring.

"Kay'," I say, as I smile at him and watch him disappear.

"What am I going to do Vicious?" I throw Vicious two more fishes until I leave for the changing room. The changing room's are just right ahead from the main building, so it's not that much of a long walk. Being soaked in water isn't that bad, what is bad is my hair. I know I sound shallow caring for my brown straight hair, but seriously, what would people think? If Delilah could hear my thoughts she'd say "You don't care about what people think about you Anastasia." It's true, usually I don't give a rat's-a** about myself, but lately, things feel different.

So here I am, at Sea World drenched in water and thinking about what-would-Delilah-say, what a freak I am? The changing rooms's are right next to the lockers, and my locker is in the middle of three. I don't keep a lot of stuff in my locker. It's just deodorant, three outfits, tennis shoes and my purse. The outfit I chose was the simplest one, a fall-off-shoulders peach shirt and tight-jeans.

"Anastasia, you off early?" Megan says as I walk out from the changing room wearing the outfit I chose.

"Yeah, boss let my out early."

"Luck you!" Megan says, gesturing at my soaked hair in a ponytail.

"Yeah," I say, smiling at myself.

"Well, see ya' on Monday." She says, as she walks back towards the dolphin area. The Dolphin show is suppose to start in an thirty-minuets (that's why I was feeding the dolphins), so in theory, she's going to get the dolphins ready.

I slide into my red SUV and start the car. It's only Sunday morning and I already have a lot to do. Great, just great. I take a big breath and pull out of this place. Sea World, were sea life lives and breathes, my home. So I'm the kind of girl that loves sea life. I've been interested in everything that lives under the big-blue-abyss since I got a sane brain. My mom wanted me to get a job when I turned fifteen, I didn't want to work in a fast food joint, neither did I like the idea of cleaning after people at the theater, so I chose Sea World. And Viola hence the job at Sea World was born.So through the car ride my mind wandered and I continued to drive past the streets of San Diego.

"Well I don't know If I can." Delilah sighed as she popped herself on her big-fluffy bed.

"So are you coming to sleepover or not? Because if you can't, I can always go with David to the movies." I smirked at how intelligent I was at getting Delilah.

"No!" She practically yelled me across the room.

"Then? Are you coming or not," I said.

"Fine, but I need to do my Full Moon Ritual to cleanse my spirit. Here's the deal, Delilah is big on spiritual
stuff like rituals and spells and whatnot. When she found out that her grandmother was a witch and that she could be the next one in line, she's been obsessed about doing witch stuff. There's nothing wrong with that in my opinion, so yeah, I'd do that ritual thing with her.

"Kay'," I said.

"Then it's settled then sleepover today!" She says. "I need to pack my sleeping bag and get the stuff for the ritual." She pauses and looks at me. "Would you care to help me?"

"Of course," I said as I helped her pack all the stuff for the ritual, some clothes, and the sleeping bag. Delilah is just not a witch in training, but she's gorgeous. She has dark glossy black hair that's not too short but up to her neck. While my hair, brown full hair that's up to my chest. Delilah is truly gorgeous, with her hair and her hazel eyes. I'm not checking her out or anything but I'm just looking at what's in front of me.

Anyway, We just finished packing her stuff and started riding it in my car to my house. She already took care of her parents with a call, so no worries there.

Then it happened to fast to see anything right, the car went spinning crazy. I don't know how it happened. I had control of the wheel second's a go, and now it's hurling towards a tree and all I remember was a hearing a thunder storm raging and it starting to rain. The rest is history cause' I just fainted......

To be Continued in Chapter Two.

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