The Reapers

July 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Trid stood, listening to the world around him. He took a deep breath, scanning the area.
“Hetro, do you hear that,” he asked. Hetro stood beside him, leaving their prey unfinished. Trid glanced at her, his heart skipping a beat. He woke up to Hetro every day but he was still amazed at how beautiful she was. Her long black hair curled at her shoulder blades. She had bright purple eyes that he always got lost in. Her features were gentle, although she had a deep scar on her forehead. Her bangs could usually cover it fairly well, but it was still noticeable.
“I don’t hear a thing,” she said, giving him a strange look. “Now can we finish and get back to the base. I feel so unsafe out in the open. You never know what’s watching us.” Trid nodded as they both bent down to finish there meal.
Today they had caught a small fox. It was young and didn’t have much blood, but it would suffice. Feeric had brought a buffalo home yesterday. Hetro and Trid had eaten last, so there wasn’t much blood left. Trid had decided to go out today to quench the last of their thirst. They finished and threw the foxes body into the river.
“You ready to head back,” Hetro asked, already walking toward home.


Contrary to common beliefs, vampires aren’t very fast. None of us become magnificently beautiful when we’re turned. Nor do we die from garlic and holy water; not that I don’t believe in God but that’s beside the point. We can go into houses whether or not we are invited in. Also, we are not changed when bitten. First of all, humans have the most disgusting blood that makes even the most tolerant of us gag. In fact, human blood is so repulsive that no vampire has gotten past a few mouthfuls. So, if humans were changed through our biting them then we would have some serious overpopulation. Because, even though their blood is repulsive almost every vampire has tried it out of pure curiosity. Humans are changed when injected with the bone mallow of a vampire. That’s why there are so few of us. Who would want to go through the trouble of getting bone marrow just to change the pathetic humans? No one would, unless they were desperate, or were trying to create an army.
“Sir, Feeric has expanded by about ten,” said a husky voice. My jaw tightened, and I could hear Gerin inching towards the door. “Also, during a patrol, well; there were two of his vampires in our territory.” I jumped up, flinging my desk aside. Gerin ducked as it flew over his head and slammed into the door.
“How dare they,” I bellowed. “We established rules long before he started his army. How dare he let his foolish jecraz into our territory?” Gerin looked small as he shrunk to the ground in fear. He was my second in command but he didn’t want to be my first victim.
“That’s just it, Sev,” he murmured. “They’re only stupid jecraz, they don’t know any better. If Feeric hasn’t taught them anything than they certainly won’t know what the borders are. It’s not like they were spying, they were feeding actually. They had a small fox. The male heard us at first, but the female dismissed our noise.” He looked up at me with dark red eyes; praying that he not be punished for his report. I took a deep breath and turned to the window.
“Um, Sev,” Gerin started, but trailed off.
“You can go now Gerin, just send in Dana.” I heard the door close behind Gerin. He had moved my desk to the side of the door. I walked across my office and moved it back to the window. The windows made up the back wall of my office and gave me a beautiful view of the mountains. I sat down at my desk, lost in thought. A half hour past before Dana finally knocked on my door. I called him in and he stepped inside cautiously. Gerin must have told him that I was angry.
“Dana, come in,” I said as he crouched half way through the door. “I’m not mad anymore, I swear. Listen, I need you to arrange a meeting with Feeric, that army of his is way too big.” Dana came in and sat down in a seat in front of my desk. He was what you might call an ambassador. He had established the terms of our little treaty, in which the territories had been established.
“Sure thing boss,” he said, his face brightening. “Just tell me what I have to do.”

The author's comments:
This is just another vampire story, though I tried to give it some twists.

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