Nightmare in the Woods

June 30, 2010
By Shelbs13 GOLD, White Plains, New York
Shelbs13 GOLD, White Plains, New York
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I wake up to the darkness and the chill of the woods around me. I must have been hit hard by… someone unknown. My head throbs from the never ending pain and my ears ring filled with a high-pitched, piercing noise that refused to stop. All of a sudden I’m back and I finally realize who I had been missing for these short moments that contained my misery. I began to have an urge to look and see if I was really alone as I assumed, but I was afraid. Hoping that last night wasn’t real, I pack up enough courage to turn around and search for the three people who I need most; the three people I left behind. Franticly searching and calling out to them, I come to the conclusion that they are gone. No one is there and last night, my nightmare was real. James, Mara, Allyson! All gone because of me…. I’m alone in this world…finally.
But no! I don’t want it this way anymore! Why me?
“Why was I “chosen”? Why was I so called blessed yet cursed with this “enchanted burden”? If it’s so special, take it away! Do it, I dare you! I’ll tell you why you don’t want it. No one wanted this d***ed thing; this power! Take it I said. TAKE IT!” I find myself yelling out at the top of my lungs for all who can’t hear me. I’m yelling to the trees and I don’t seem to care. All that matters is that I’m…afraid. I’m crazy with grief and disappear of the knowledge of finally being alone… like I wanted all along. I am…insane. My world that we were bound to save is doomed now. It deserves a better savior than just me; a 16 year old girl who can’t even save herself.
Useless and helpless, I wander through the woods; cutting myself on sticks and stones, but I don’t care. I’m in search of anything familiar. Signs to help me home like Mara’s scarf, Allyson’s yellow hair band, or maybe even James’ shell necklace from his mother. Anything at all that will guide me through my own personal bit of hell.
I push past bushes and branches; step over twigs and rocks to try and find my way to home. Maybe then will I pack up enough courage to actually start finding my friends who probably would go to find me right away if they were in my position right now. What kind of monster am I to let fear ensnare me in its trap; send me heading home when the going got rough?
I keep going until I see a bright light. It shines brighter than anything I have ever seen. It sparkles like diamonds are hidden deep within and it invites me closer and closer, but I don’t know why. Afraid, but curious, I let it take me in its grasp. As I get closer to the source, I hear people screaming and calling my name. My head snaps at the realization of the voice. I begin to run in. Maybe I can save them! Suddenly, the light stops and so did the screaming and I find myself deeper into the woods than I planned. As soon as I stop running, it turns pitch black and I hear one last scream; a scream of someone that died; a single scream of death. Wait, I know the voice!

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You can use your imagination to what happens next.

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