Peridot (chapter 3 Part 2)

June 29, 2010
By sofastyoucantsee SILVER, Amherst, New Hampshire
sofastyoucantsee SILVER, Amherst, New Hampshire
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When we woke up the next morning we got up and went out to the horse in the stable. We packed him up, got our stuff out of the Inn and went to the market to sell the rest of our goods. Once we were done selling our things we packed up our things and set out to go to Carnage Town. We didn't even want to eat breakfast we felt so sick of what had happened over the past couple days. We set off thinking we could forget by leaving. Oh how wrong we were. We took the main road with our horse, who's name was Freckles because he's white with little brown specs all over him that look like freckles, carrying all the stuff we couldn't carry in the packs on our backs. The main road is usually fairly busy, not too crowded but with a couple people now and then. It was the choice road to take because it was sleek and had smooth dirt so was easier to travel on. Also because robbers and highwayman wouldn't usually stick around there because it's so crowded and they'd have more chance of being overrun and beaten.
The place we lived before, Gilgaly, wasn't big enough to be a town so it wasn't classified as one. It had the basic needs to help itself, but it didn't interact with other towns or cities much, unlike Carnage Town which has a city right next to it. The city's called Ghost City and it interacts with Carnage Town all the time. Some people have even heard that Carnage Town and Ghost City will merge. Although that's very hard to do because both Carnage Town and Ghost City have mayors which would have to come to a compromise where only one would govern the city. Also, they're both very historical places, I didn't really know how, I just knew.
We kept on going, through the wide forest that separated Carnage Town and the plantation I lived before. The main road went right through the middle of the forest and almost takes a whole day to travel through, that's why you always have to leave early in the morning. The forest is one big problem with traveling like we are; because we don't have any protection from animals. Vensch got her powers from her gem already, but none of her powers are protective or offensive, all she can do is heal anyone/thing by just touching it, she can shape shift, and she can turn invisible. Those are just the powers she got from the gem, she can also read minds, that power is the power that the gem has. The gem gives you three or more powers, then the gem has a special power that uses itself to do.
Nothing really interesting happened until we were walking for about three hours. We thought we'd take a little break by the road. We saw tons of people pass us by without a word. Then we saw one carriage charging by as fast as the poor horses could stand. I saw a glimpse of it passing, but I could've sworn that I saw a couple goblins climbing inside, and I didn't think it was for good reasons. Since I couldn't really do anything about it because I didn't have any fighting skills at all. I saw Vensch look concerned but there wasn't really anything she could do either. While we were sitting we had a couple sandwiches. We saw tons of people give us weird stares and I didn't really blame them, it's not all the time that you see three grown adults sitting on the side of the road with their horse eating sandwiches. Finally someone stopped, but I wasn't surprised at who or why. It was a little boy around the age of ten or eleven who stopped and sat next to me staring at me eat my food. The boy had rags on and was muddy and coughing a bit, but I could tell the coughing was a bit exaggerated. He just kept on staring at me. Staring at my mouth then my food, then my eyes. I finally turned to him and offered the rest of my sandwich. He squealed with delight and ran off into the woods with my sandwich in his grubby paws. I thought that was kind of strange that a little boy like that could survive in those dangerous woods. I quickly forgot about it while getting ready to get going again.
While on the road, we stopped again just to take a quick breather and rest our feet. Once again I saw that same little boy come up to me and stare at me while I was drinking. Once again I offered some of my water to him and he drank it with enthusiasm. You then said thank you but didn't run away. He instead, sat down next to me and looked at the ground. I thought it kind of peculiar, but I ignored him. Once we got up to leave the boy got up too. He followed us for about a mile until I finally turned around and asked him.

“Why are you following me?” He looked at me with those black eyes. He looked at me until I started getting nervous, so I went on ignoring him. After a little bit of ignoring him again he asked me what my name was.

“Aamyst, what's your's?”

“I don't know, I don't know anything about me really. Except that I can do weird stuff.”

“what kind of weird stuff?” He looked at me, then looked at the ground. He shut his eyes tight, stopped walking, and started flexing. I stopped walking to look at this little kid that couldn’t be any older than eleven start flexing really hard so that I could see his little muscles. Suddenly he started changing his color. Vensch and Backleon turned around to see where I was, then started staring at this little boy also. Suddenly the little boy turned silvery and started changing his texture. He started changing his face characteristics. Then he stopped squinting. He was now made of something I hadn't seen very much. He looked at me, then at Vensch and Backleon.

“Do you see what I mean?” He asked quizzically.

“Well, I kind of have no choice but to see.” I said.
By now there were at least twelve or thirteen people gathered around staring at this little boy. Backleon looked over his shoulder and turned around.

“Okay, this isn't a peep show, let's get moving!” Most all the people left. One person stayed who looked like he was a fairly wealthy person considering that he had people caring him on a chair. He stared at this little boy with great interest. Then he asked the little boy a question.

“Hey boy, are these your siblings or parents?”

“No sir.” I was kind of impressed, a little boy in rags could, and would, still be polite to people with obviously high authority.

“Where are your parents?” He asked.

“I don't know sir, I think th...”

“But we were just about to take him to Carnage Town and take care of him ourselves, while looking for his parents.” I said. I probably shouldn't have though, because he then turned to me with a high-and-mighty look on his face.

“Well, are you going to buy him clothes?”

“Of course.”

“And are you going to be able to sustain him with food and a roof over his head?”

“Of course.”

“Well, you take good care of him. I have sources. If you mistreat him you will pay the consequences. Carry on.” The last bit he said was to the people carrying him. After he said to carry on, they started moving again, in the opposite direction we were headed. I knew as well as Vensch and Backleon that we had to take care of the little kid. not only because he might be taken by that man, but the places where they took homeless children were wretched, no matter what region you were in.

“So what's your name kid?” Backleon asked.

“I already told your friend, I don't know.” He looked at the ground a little shyly.
It was then that I noticed what he had turned into, it was metal! The only time I'd seen metal was when I went to the blacksmith, which wasn't very often, swords and shields were made out of metal. I suddenly noticed that his muscles were a lot bigger than they were before. I was amazed. And he doesn’t have a gem in that I can see! How is that possible? I thought.

“I can do something else, want to see?” The boy said turning into his normal self again. The whole time, Vensch was just staring with her mouth a little bit open.

“Sure, I'd love to see more. But we should probably get out of the road.” I said

“Yeah, let’s go into the woods, this power will be cooler in there anyways.” We walked a little ways, wanting to be able to keep sight of the road.

“Now look carefully.” The boy said with a grin. Then he shut his eyes tight again. This time he started changing into other colors, he started going multicolor. He started turning all sorts of different shades of green with a little bit of black and white. I then noticed that he was turning the same color as the trees around him. Strangely enough, his clothes changed colors with him. After I couldn't see him anymore because he was completely camouflage, I started calling him back.

“Kid, hey kid? Where are you?”

“Right here.” I heard from behind. I quickly spun around to see nothing but trees and air. I instinctively turned around to see if he was behind me then. I then looked at Vensch who had her eyes shut and her red gem on her head was glowing fairly brightly. She then pointed into the trees away from the road. I turned around as she said “He's right there.” After I turned around she pointed a different direction and said “He's over there.” Every time I looked in that direction I didn't see a thing. After a little while of doing that, I turned in the direction Vensch pointed, getting a little tired of this would-be game, and saw the boy standing there staring at Vensch with his eyes wide open and his mouth hanging as far as it could go. I turned around to Vensch with her eyes open looking back at the little boy.

“How did you know?” The little boy asked in amazement.

“Well,” Vensch said, “I can read minds, so it wasn't that hard to tell where you were by those means.” The boy just kept staring at her as if she hadn't given him an answer, then he said.

“Wow, How? Did you just find out that you got it like me?”

“No, I just went to a gigdallion and g...” The boy looked at her with a puzzled expression plastered to his face. “Do you know what a gigdallion is?” The boy shook his head vigorously. “Well, a gigdallion is a magician that puts a magical gem in your body. That gem gives you some powers, and reading minds is one of the powers I got from my gem.”

“You know,” I said, “I think we should make you a name. What do you think?”

“Oh, I don't know. I just always responded to Kid.” He said still staring at Vensch. “I'll try to change my name if you really want to give me a new one, but I'm just fine with Kid y’know.”

“Oh I know, but I thought that we'd give you a name so we don't have to keep on calling you 'kid', how 'bout Seth?”

“No,” The boy said now turning to look at me, “I don't like that name. It reminds me of my late master. I like Rolt, and Jouston. Those were the most famous people that fought the Great Battle in Carnage Town!” He said the words as we got back onto the road heading for Carnage Town. I wonder who his master was. I thought. And what battle is he talking about? I almost asked those questions aloud, but then thought better of it. Instead I asked him in what country he had a master.
“Oh, well... well I don't really know where exactly. I just know it was from the North.” He shuffled his feet a bit as we walked on.

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